The Best Quick & Easy Gifts To Put In Mason Jars This YearMason jars are the biggest part of the “Farmhouse” craze right now. If you love mason jars, then you’ll know they can easily make great gifts.

So pull out your crafting supplies and those empty jar and let’s get busy making gifts!

But as I was writing this article, I had an idea, what if you didn’t have to go anywhere to get your filler gifts to go inside your jar?

What if, you could order the items or get them from local grocery pickup?! You wouldn’t have to wear a mask or anything. Sawheet!

Shopping from your phone or computer is wayyy easier right now, right?!

So let’s get busy making these mason jar gifts so that you’ll be ready to give a gift at a moment’s notice.

And, since there are so many of these DIY mason jar ideas, you’ll have plenty of ideas to choose from for all your gifting this year. Plus, with these homemade mason jar gifts, you’ll be saving money too by making the gifts yourself.

I can’t wait to show you all of these fantastic ideas to use with mason jars. Let’s get started.


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Personalized Drinking Glasses

Having your own glass is something special – but having someone make you a special glass is even more special!

Top off these adorable personalized mason jar glasses with some drink mix packets, iced coffee drink packets, and even some mints!

It’s a great gift that anyone would love!

You’ll Need Order These Supplies:


Planning Is Key During The Holidays


Download these FREE Christmas Prep Cheat Sheets so you get ahead (of the spending) this year.

Get the rest of the supplies for the drinking mason jars. 

Make this drinking glass extra special by adding a Fruit infusion Drink Lid! This is so neat!

If you didn’t have time to make it personal, you could buy one of these Silicone Jar Jackets! They’ll protect the glass and they come in pretty colors too!

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Gel Air Fresheners

The one thing we all have in common is that we love to have our houses smelling clean and fresh…even if they aren’t exactly clean.

That’s why you need to whip up a batch of these gel air fresheners mason jar crafts as gifts! Add them to pretty mason jars and you have a great gift!

Order These Supplies:

  • Unflavored Gelatin
  • Kosher Salt
  • Essential Oils
  • Food coloring
  • Silk flower or other decoration (optional)

Find the directions and other supplies for your gel air freshener.

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Tea Light Holders

From the first time I thought of these, I thought they were So Cute! And super easy – so what’s not to love!

If you can apply tape, then you can make these gifts in mason jars!

You’ll Need To Order These Supplies:

Check out the other supplies to get started!

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Bath Salts

Muscles are the first thing to get sore and a bath is extremely helpful in loosening those muscles.

Whip up a batch of bath salts and put them into mason jars for gifts this year!

Here’s what you’ll need to order for these homemade mason jar gifts:

  • Epsom Salt
  • Baking Soda
  • Natural food or soap coloring
  • Essential Oils
  • Mason Jars

The best part is you can practically whip up any scent combination. Here are 5 scent combinations to try!

Try this Mandarin Orange Bath Salt!

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Mani-Pedi Mason Jars

There’s nothing like a pretty gift that makes you feel pretty!

This mason jar idea is great for any girl, teenager, or woman in your life! Plus, it’s a useful gift.

Order these mani-pedi supplies:

  • An assortment of small items like buffers, finger and toenail clippers, nail polishes, nail brush, pumice stones, etc.
  • Mason Jars

Check out all the details and a FREE printable tag too!

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Coffee-Infused Brown Sugar Scrub

This is not to eat but smells like you could!

The best part about this mason jar gift is you might already have most of the supplies on hand right now!


Planning Is Key During The Holidays


Download these FREE Christmas Prep Cheat Sheets so you get ahead (of the spending) this year.

Here’s what you’ll need to order just in case you don’t have them:
  • Mason jars
  • Ground Coffee
  • Light Brown Sugar
  • Orange Essential Oils (I personally use Young Living Essential Oils because of their organic and therapeutic qualities)

Check your pantry and then check out the recipe for full instructions!

I hope you are loving all these DIY mason jar ideas!

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Peppermint Sugar Scrub Cubes

There’s nothing like peppermint waking you up so that’s why these sugar scrub cubes make such a great gift!

And you can make them into a silicone mold making them even cuter!

Here’s what you’ll need to order:

  • Bar of Soap – Grated (Ivory will work)
  • Coconut Oil
  • Peppermint Essential Oils
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Mason Jars

You’ll need these directions too!

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The Scent Of Christmas (Simmering Potpourri)

There’s nothing like the smell of Christmas like a pot of potpourri on the stove.

Package up these items in a cute way to gift in a mason jar.

You’ll need to order:

  • Oranges
  • Lemons
  • Cinnamon Sticks
  • Whole Cloves
  • Bay Leaves
  • Mason Jars

Grab the instructions for this easy gift! 

This has to be one of the easiest mason jar crafts you can make this year!

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Other Mason Jar Gift Goodies

If you know of someone who loves office supplies, little trinkets and goodies, then a mason jar filled with goodies is just the easy kind of gift you can give this year!

Here are some items that you can fit into those mason jars

I’ve seen “teacher survival kits” at stores (and Amazon) costing around $24.99… and they are not even thoughtful because they’re bascially filled with candy. You can bet your gift will be cheaper (and more meaningful) when you DIY!

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Car In A Jar Gift Goodies

It seemed until recently that we lived in our cars. But if you know of anyone that still travels to work or is constantly on the go, then these ideas are perfect for them!

Here are some items that you can fit into those mason jars

You can see that all thee little items can make one big great gift!

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Mason Jar Candles

The holidays just seem cozier with candles lit. I love getting candles as gifts, don’t you?!

Make up a batch of mason jar candles as gifts this year!


Planning Is Key During The Holidays


Download these FREE Christmas Prep Cheat Sheets so you get ahead (of the spending) this year.

I found this great kit on Amazon in which you can make up to 46 4 oz candles or 23 8 oz candles with just one kit! That’s cool, right?!

Then, if you wanted to spruce up the jar itself, you can try this DIY Snow method on the jar!

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Mason Jar Terrarium

If you have a plant lover or succulent lover in your family, then of course they want a new plant as a gift!

Check out how to make this Mason Jar Terrarium!

Here are some things you’ll need to order:

  • Cactus soil or African Violet Mix soil
  • Moss
  • Succulents
  • Small pebbles or gravel for drainage
  • Optional: figurines or small animal figures like dinosaurs – just for fun!
  1. Add about a half-inch of pebbles to the bottom of the jar. This will help the soil drain well.
  2. Then fill with soil 1/2 up to 2/3 of the way up the jar with soil. The amount of soil depends on where you want the plant to sit in the jar.
  3. Add your succulent and fill around the plant with soil.
  4. Top with moss, some larger pebbles, and your figurines.

And voila! Your mason jar terrarium was born! Now you can give it as a great gift!

This has to be one of my favorite homemade mason jar gifts so far!

mason jars

Mason Jar Flower Arrangement

If you need a quick gift as a hostess or birthday gift, flowers will always do the trick!

You only need a couple of things to pull off this sweet looking gift!

  • Mason Jar
  • Flowers
  • Sheers or pruner
  • Fruit mesh or netting bag that fruit comes in from the grocery store
    OR a mason jar flower frog
  • Ribbon, twine, etc. for giving

First, fill the jar halfway with water. Then, cut a circle out of the netting just slightly larger than the jar opening.

Add the netting and the jar screw top lid, but not the seal part of the lid. Next, cut the flowers to size so that they will not topple the jar.

Arrange, the flowers to your liking. Add the ribbon or twine to the jar neck with a bow. Then gift!

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Personal Piggy Bank

What better way to get a kid to start learning the value of saving, but with a personal piggy bank! So cute, right?!

So all you have to do is purchase a mason jar, a slot lid insert, or a coin slot lid.

Add some stickers with their name, fill it up with some coins and dollars and gift!

Or, you can purchase this Piggy Bank Set! Add stickers and fill with coins and dollars. Whoever gets these gifts are going to love you!


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Custom Flavored Salts

If you have a family member who loves to grill, smoke, or even griddle, then you can easily make them some large mason jars of flavored salts!

Find 6 flavored salt recipes to get you started on your gifts to put into mason jars!

Order These Supplies:

Find the rest of the directions and supply list. 

mason jars

Candy Filled Mason Jars

Of course, the easiest thing to fill a mason jar with is CANDY! But, what if there was something special hidden inside? Like a gift card or (clean) $20 bill!

Order these supplies:

  • Mason Jars
  • Candy
  • Gift Cards


Planning Is Key During The Holidays


Download these FREE Christmas Prep Cheat Sheets so you get ahead (of the spending) this year.

You can also add a knob to the lids of the mason jars to make them look fancier!

Think of how you can decorate the jar. Add ribbon, a piece of fabric under the lid, or a big bow on top!

Want to jazz this gift up even more? Add the jar to a painted wood candleholder! It will look so cute and fancy!

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Vanilla Extracts & Other Flavored Extracts

There’s nothing better for a baker than vanilla extract! But did you know that you can make your own extracts right at home and for less money!

Don’t miss the opportunity of making a batch and adding them to mason jars for your next gift!

You’ll Need Order These Supplies:

  • Vodka (Don’t get the cheapest variety, nor any flavored variety. You can find a cheaper vodka for around $14.99 for a 1.75 L bottle and that will work fine)
  • Organic Oranges, Lemons, & Limes
  • Vanilla Beans (I bought mine at Sprouts Grocery Store, 2 beans for $10)

Get the rest of the supplies and directions for the extracts.

mason jars

Layered Hot Cocoa Mix

If it’s fall…I’m already drinking hot cocoa and dreaming of a white Christmas!

Whip up a batch of these hot cocoa mixes for your neighbors and friends!

Order these supplies to make about 4-5 mason jars:

  • Sugar 4 lb bag
  • Unsweetened Cocoa Powder (at least 4-5 small canisters)
  • Powdered Milk (at least a 40 oz bag or box)
  • Salt
  • bag of Mini Chocolate Chips
  • bag of Peppermint Candies
  • bag of Mini Marshmallows
  • 4-5 Pint glass jars like Mason Jars (cleaned)

Just make sure to grab the directions and make them before your family eats all the supplies!

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Pancake Mix

Weekends are for large breakfasts at our house and it’s no lie that our family can devour a ginormous stack of pancakes.

Your friends and family will love that you spent the time to make them something so special as sitting down to a meal together as a family.

Check your pantry and see if you have these items already so you won’t have to order them:

  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Baking Powder
  • Baking Soda
  • powdered Buttermilk
  • powdered Egg Replacer
  • Quart Sized Mason Jars

Grab the directions and get mixing!

mason jars

Snow Globe Cupcake

This idea caused a real ruckus in my diet a couple of years ago. It led to a spiral of ordering and devouring these decadent cupcakes for several weeks. Thank goodness I stopped going into the store.

But, the good thing is you can now order your cupcakes and make these super cute fancy Snow Globe Cupcakes!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Deluxe Cupcakes
  • 1/2 pint Glass Mason jars

I would plan to get the cupcakes and deliver these gifts in the same day so they don’t get eaten…I would at least plan to. 😉

Get all the detailed instructions and decorating ideas. 

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Snack Mix Jars

Who wouldn’t love a large jar of snack mix just for themselves! YUMMY!

Here are two of my favorite snack mixes:

mason jars

Cookie Filled Jars

I don’t think there is anyone that can resist cookies during the holidays. So make a batch of cookies and stuff them into pretty mason jars!

Here are a couple of my favorites that will shine through those jars:


Planning Is Key During The Holidays


Download these FREE Christmas Prep Cheat Sheets so you get ahead (of the spending) this year.

There are a couple of things I need to mention about stacking cookies though.
  1. You’ll need to purchase wide mouth mason jars for this gift, and you’ll need to make sure your cookies are just slightly smaller than the opening to get them inside.
  2. Make sure they are fully cooled before stacking them into the jar.
  3. Place a cupcake liner or a small circle of parchment paper in between each cookie so they don’t stick together.
mason jars

Spot Of Tea & Warmth

Do you know of a tea lover? Then you need to make them a spot of tea!

Fill a mason jar with some goodies they’ll love to make a hot or iced cup of tea!

You could also fill the jar with loose leaf tea and a tea ball!

For an extra bit of warmth, wrap a homemade Heating Pad around the jar with ribbon or twine!

I’ll be requesting one of these homemade mason jar gifts this year! Won’t you?!

mason jars

Pop Down For A Good Movie Night

Our family LOVES popcorn! It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t.

Grab a large jar and fill it with a bag of popcorn kernels, or even loose kernels. Then, you could add some popcorn salt and some popcorn flavorings too.

You can wrap some paper bags around the jar or make one of these homemade reusable microwave bags and put the jar inside! How adorable would that be?!

If you get a large mason jar, you could also add in some candy too.

Don’t forget to add the directions to microwave popcorn!

mason jars

Pumpkin Pie Spice Granola

I love granola…as a snack, as a topping, even as a cereal! It’s just so yummy. So why can’t you gift a large jar of granola as a gift to your granola loving friends? You can!

Head on over to get the recipe and make a batch today!

Add these colorful Shaker & Pour Caps to your mason jar gifts for easy snacking!


mason jars

Coffee Scoop & Mason Jar Holder

Gifting a bag or canister of coffee isn’t that exciting. But add it to a pretty glass mason jar and you have a neat gift!

Then you can add one of these neat coffee spoon clips to the jar! It clips right onto the jar neck and holds the spoon! Then it’s always handy when you need it.

mason jars

Cold Brew Coffee Filter

Raise your hand if you love cold brew! Me too! If you have coffee lovers on your gift list this year, then you’ll need to get them this awesome Stainless Steel Mesh Filter Cold Brew Coffee Maker!


Planning Is Key During The Holidays


Download these FREE Christmas Prep Cheat Sheets so you get ahead (of the spending) this year.

They can make a large jar of cold brew and they’ll think of you every time!
mason jars

Mason Jar Protein Shaker

Busy moms need quick things and sometimes that’s just a protein shake on the go!

Make a personalized Protein Shaker with these supplies!

Purchase a large mouth 24 oz mason jar, a shaker whisk ball, and then an easy-drinking lid!

Spruce it up by adding their name in stickers or with a Cricut!

mason jars

Honey Lid For Mason Jars

What’s better than something sweet?! And honey is so good for you too!

Find a deal on those gallon honey jugs and give out these mason jars filled with honey and these pretty honey dipper lids!

They are so cute and your gift recipients will love them! I know I would love to get one of these homemade mason jar gifts this year!

mason jars

Olive Oil & Salad Dressing Dispensers

If you’re heading to your next party and need a hostess gift? These spout dispensers for mason jars would be it! But first, fill the jars with some homemade infused olive oil and homemade dressing!

Your hostess will love such a pretty and thoughtful gift!

So let’s get busy making these mason jar crafts so you’ll be ready for Christmas early!

And, since there are so many of these DIY mason jar ideas, you’ll have plenty of ideas to choose from for all your gifting this year!

Plus, with these homemade mason jar gifts, you’ll be saving money too by making them yourself!


YOUR TURN: What ideas do you have for using mason jars for gifts this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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The Best Quick & Easy Gifts To Put In Mason Jars This Year