It's Time To Defeat That Debt

I’ve been in and outta debt so many times, I’ve lost count. At one point, my husband James and I had a first mortgage, second mortgage, credit cards loans, a hospital loan (you might not even know those exist) AND two car payments.

It was a mountain to climb. Especially when James got a huge pay cut (20%). But we made it to the other side and now we are only paying off our mortgage (only one now). The articles below are the creative ways we paid off our debt and lived to tell about it. 

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6 Productive Things To Do Instead Of Spending Money

6 Productive Things To Do Instead Of Spending Money

One of the main reasons people spend money is not out of necessity or even want, but boredom! If you are working with a tight budget this month (or maybe every month), then spending money “for fun” is just not in the cards right now. Spending money without a legitimate reason is not only bad for your wallet, but also your time!

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