There are so many things that can be made from scratch that'll save you money. But... listen... I'm not talking about baking your own bread...or making your own mascara (yes that's a thing) or even making our own ice cream (it's more expensive to make it, than to buy it!) Nope. The recipes you'll find here are all:
1. Quicker to make than running up to the store to buy it (so you won't boil anything to make liquid laundry soap)
2. Cheaper to make than to buy.
Leave me a comment under the posts you try so I know how you like them!

How To Make Natural Cleaning Solutions & Personal Care Products

Grocery stores, department stores, and even pharmacies have entire aisles dedicated to cleaning solutions. Even the Dollar Tree carries them! There are so many reasons why you may want to start making your cleaning solutions, even if you don’t live off the grid away...

How To Make A Football Trophy For Guaranteed Party Triumph

Are you wanting to make your next football party a party worth remembering? Making your own party decor can be the best way to make your party memorable. This trophy is simple to make and a fun prize for any Super Bowl, Football party or even a family get...

How To Make Super Cheap Laundry Scent Boosters

  My husband thinks one of the best modern laundry inventions are laundry scent boosters. He loves getting a shirt out of his drawer several weeks after it's been sitting in there, putting it on, and breathing in that clean, freshly washed scent. But those fresh...

Easy DIY Football Goal Post You Need To Make

Making your own party decor can be an inexpensive way to make your party memorable. And this Field Goal is definitely hard to forget, right? Plus, it makes a wonderful statement as part of your decorations for a Super Bowl or Football party. There was a...

How to Host A Frugal Football Party That's Actually Fun

Football is one of my favorite sports! And even more fun is all the team T-Shirts, chicken wings, and die-hard spirit. I think it's no surprise that 70% of Americans watch NFL Football. And there’s one commonality among all fans: they love to throw killer...


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