stinking garbage disposal

How stinky is your stinking garbage disposal? Mine gets pretty stinky.

My kitchen helpers (aka, my kids) often forget to run the stinking garbage disposal when they are on kitchen duty.

They also conveniently forget to actually clean the stinking garbage disposal and the sink after washing dishes too. It happens every week.

And then, it hits you. That wafting smell that arises from the bottom of the stinking garbage disposal as you walk by. Gross!

I was in desperate need of an all natural cleaner that my kitchen helpers could make that was safe for them to use.

Plus, it had to be easy. They already forget to clean the stinking garbage disposal, so making something to clean it couldn’t take forever either.

And boy did I need it to work. There’s nothing worse than that smell in the morning as you just wake up to get a cup of coffee next to the sink.


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After bagging up another garbage bag topped full with citrus rinds from my kids’ latest snack, I was reminded at how great citrus is for deodorizing things. And that I was just throwing them away when I could be using them for some good purposes.

And then it hit me..citrus ice cubes! I could make ice cubes with the used citrus rinds and deodorize my stinking garbage disposal and sharpen the blades at the same time! Genius!

To give it a deep clean, I could just use the standard baking soda scrub and vinegar rinse to make it squeaky clean!

So if your stinking garbage disposal is in need of a deep clean, check out this recipe to rid that disposal of its stench for good…well, at least for a couple of days, right?!

stinking garbage disposal

Ingredients & Supplies:

While most of us have an automatic ice cube maker in our freezer, you can easily find ice cube trays at your local dollar store. I found these for my stinking garbage disposal, a 2 pack for just $1.

stinking garbage disposal


Start by cutting your citrus rinds or whole citrus fruit into small pieces. They need to be small enough to fit into the ice cube tray and will work better to clean your stinking garbage disposal.

Once you have the tray filled with citrus rinds, fill the cavities of the ice cube tray with water.

Freeze until solid, at least a couple of hours.

stinking garbage disposal

Remove the citrus rind ice cubes from the tray, place 4-6 in your stinking garbage disposal.

Turn on the garbage disposal and process the ice until it has been disposed of.

The ice will sharpen the blades and the citrus will freshen up the disposal.

Now to deep clean the stinking garbage disposal.

stinking garbage disposal

Deep Clean

With the old toothbrush, add a little bit of water and some baking soda to the brush and give the rubber gasket, flange, and underside of the stinking garbage disposal a good scrub.

The baking soda will act as a scouring paste and rid the disposal of any leftover food bits and gunk. Add more baking soda to the toothbrush if needed.

Continue scrubbing the stinking garbage disposal until it’s clean.

Give it a rinse with vinegar and then flush with water while the garbage disposal is running.

If you used the long-handled scrub brush, you can add it to your next dishwasher load to get it clean.

stinking garbage disposal

What’s It Cost?

  • Used citrus rinds = FREE
  • Ice cube trays = $1 (if you don’t own any already)
  • 1/4 Cup Baking Soda = 8¢
  • 1 Cup Vinegar = 17¢

Total Cost = 25¢ per use or $1.25 if you need to buy the ice cube trays.

How great is that?

Plus I keep vinegar and baking soda stocked in my pantry at all times. They are my go-to cleaners, especially for my stinking garbage disposal.

I am so excited about how to clean my stinking garbage disposal for just 42¢ each time it needs to be cleaned!

And I know that these products are safe for my kids to use. So I’ve added it to our weekly chore rotation to make sure it actually gets done.

This stinking garbage disposal recipe is so easy, my kids won’t have any problems doing it.


YOUR TURN: Are you excited to use this recipe on your stinking garbage disposal? Let me know in the comments below!

stinking garbage disposal

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If your stinking garbage disposal needs a deep clean, try this easy recipe! It\'s easy, all natural and works to keep your disposal working great! Try it today! #truemoneysaver #diy #householdhacks