how to deodorize carpet

For the last three years I’ve asked for one thing for Christmas: a new kitchen sink.

My husband thought that was a horrible gift to buy me, but they are expensive, so we’ve limped along with our rusting-out-of-the counter sink.

Until this Christmas, for Black Friday, I did some deal hunting and James and I decided it was time to go for it!

And I love it.

An extra-large stainless steel sink can make a grown woman so happy!

But our rusty sink was porcelain and the last time I needed to know how to clean stainless steel sinks was when we first got married 20 years ago and lived in an apartment.

I’ll tell you, many things have changed in the kitchen sink industry in 20 years.

And since I waited three long years to get the kitchen sink, I want to make sure it is sparkly clean every night before I go to bed.


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Honest to God, there is just something magical about making coffee and looking at a clean kitchen sink first thing in the morning.

I’d even dare to say it has the power to start your whole day off in a positive direction.

We have a large family, and feeding that size family requires a lot of kitchen sink use. So it was time to learn how to clean stainless steel sinks and make them sparkle.

And let me qualify the fact that I knew right away I was not gonna pay premium pricing for a fancy stainless steel cleaner when I knew I’d be able to make one on my own.

In my research, I found that you didn’t want to use anything super abrasive, such as steel wool.

And I’m a germaphobe, so anything I used needed to properly disinfect every nook and cranny.

Without further ado, let me teach you how to clean stainless steel sinks without spending a fortune. (And the neat thing is that this recipe will work on porcelain sinks too, who knew!)

how to deodorize carpet

Ingredients & Supplies:

Here are the supplies and ingredients you’ll need to learn how to clean stainless steel sinks:

  • 1 & 1/2 Cups Baking Soda (mixed in 3/4 of a cup at a time)
  • 10 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil (price varies) (I use the Young Living brand because of their purity promise)
  • 10 Drops Lemon Essential Oil (price varies) (I use the Young Living brand because of their purity promise)
  • Several squirts of Dish Soap (NOT combined with the Baking soda beforehand)
  • 1 Cup Vinegar to rinse and disinfect your sink

You might notice that these ingredients start out as the same ingredients used to deodorize carpet and rugs… and that’s because they are one in the same (you smart lady you!). They just have a few less drops of Essential Oils and then the later addition of dish soap as well as Vinegar to disinfect. So you can easily just use the Carpet Deodorizer mix if you’ve already got it on hand!

You’ll want to mix the baking soda and essential oils inside a glass jar, and if you have an empty Parmesan shaker lid, it would work great for this recipe making it easy to shake the mixture inside your sink.

how to deodorize carpet


First, grab your jar and add half the baking soda in to your jar (that’s 3/4 cup).

Add 5 drops lavender oil and 5 drops of the lemon (or any oil flavor of your choice). While these help to disinfect the sink, they are really just making everything smell nice while you are doing the cleaning-a-yucky-sink process.

I like to use a fork to combine the baking soda and oils together in the jar. They mix together in seconds and you just want to make sure the oils are incorporated all the way through all the powdery baking soda.

Then, add the other 3/4 cup of the baking soda to the jar.

Finally, add the last 5 drops lavender oil, 5 drops of the lemon and combine thoroughly.

See? Learning how to clean stainless steel sinks is not too hard, right?

Let’s put it all together now, and clean that sink!

how to deodorize carpet

I suggest you first pour 1 Cup of Vinegar in a jar or measuring cup so that it’s ready to use, at that step. You won’t want to wash your hands off.

Now, give your sink a quick rinse to make sure you don’t have any food bits in there.

Sprinkle the entire sink with your baking soda & essential oils mixture.

Then drop/squirt some Dish Soap on top of the baking soda mixture (if you look closely, you can see drops of Dawn in the baking soda mixture in my sink).

how to deodorize carpet

Using a scratch-free sponge (I got mine at the Dollar Tree when I also got my secret-weapon Shower Cleaning Brush) scrub the sink thoroughly getting every nook and cranny.

Baking soda is a non-scratching cleaner so it cleans softly without scratching stainless steel as well as porcelain.

how to deodorize carpet

Add the Vinegar to the sink (it will fizz and bubble and sound like beautiful disinfecting music!).

Vinegar naturally disinfects things while removing the grimy hard water you might have on your sink too. Bonus!

I like to lightly rub the sink again with my scrubber just for good measure and to make sure the vinegar has disinfected every square inch of my sink.

how to deodorize carpet

Now rinse the sink with water to rinse away all the yuck.

You’re almost done! Isn’t this fun?

how to deodorize carpet

Don’t forget to clean your stinking garbage disposal by dropping some ice cubes inside. That’s a bonus you’ll be happy to have checked off your list tomorrow.

Finish by drying the sink with a clean dish towel, microfiber towel or paper towels. If you really want to make your stainless steel shine, put a couple drops of olive oil on your towel and buff it.

Your sink will actually stay shiny for a few days, but I read a book called “sink reflections” when I first became a Mom, about keeping your whole house clean and it starts by cleaning your sink every night before you go to bed.

It was a life changing book. And now I have a kitchen sink I can be proud of showing pictures of on the internet!

how to deodorize carpet

What Does It Cost?

Total Cost = 68¢ Total (But you should have extra baking soda mixture left over to use next time. I use about 1/4 of the mixture each time I do this process.)

Note: This does not cover the cost of the essentials oils.

I like to keep some of the essential oil infused Baking Soda, mixed and ready to use, underneath my sink so that I can do this process most nights.

One really nice silver lining about your kids growing up (while it’s still sad that they are not little any more) is that they can learn to do this process for you each night! They love helping to mix the baking soda and choosing their favorite Essential Oil flavors to use during their week of Kitchen Duty.

Nothing can quite compare to the love I feel when I stand staring at my clean, new, Christmas sink, first thing in the morning as I smell the brewing coffee and prepare to start the day.


YOUR TURN: Do you feel like you learned how to clean stainless steel sinks and disinfect them too? I’d love to hear your thoughts with a comment below.

how to deodorize carpet

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Your kitchen sink just might be the dirtiest place in your entire house. (Yes, even including the toilet 😳) I\'ve got a super simple recipe to clean and disinfect that bad boy in minutes. #diy #savingmoney #truemoneysaver