While we all want to go a little greener these days, finding a natural fabric softener that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg is quite difficult.

Not only are the name brand bottles of softener so expensive, but all of the laundry products are so pricey!

I have been on a mission lately to go as natural as possible including the worst chore of all…the laundry.

That’s why I’ve come up with this homemade natural fabric softener recipe!


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It’s a natural product that’s so easy to make.

It is very cheap to make too since I would rather put my money towards good for you food, not laundry supplies.

I bet that you’ll even have all of the ingredients to make this DIY natural fabric softener recipe right now!

natural fabric softener

Ingredients & Supplies:

  • 6 Cups White Vinegar
  • 1/2 Cup Baking Soda

You will also need a large mixing bowl, spoon, and an empty container such as milk or juice jug.

A funnel will also be handy when you are transferring the best vinegar fabric softener from the bowl to the gallon container.

If you have an extra 1/2 cup measuring cup handy, keep it near the jug of your DIY natural fabric softener for easier measuring. This also ensures that the laundry helpers don’t use more than is needed.

Don’t have an extra measuring cup for your DIY natural fabric softener? Then head to the dollar store! I recently purchased a measuring cup and spoon set all for a $1. Both sets for just $1 total. Just one more reason I love the dollar store!

Check out the other items I suggest to ONLY Buy at the Dollar Store!

natural fabric softener


This homemade natural fabric softener is so easy and fast to make. Grab a spoon and a deep bowl or a large (8 cup) Mason Jar.

In a LARGE mixing bowl, add half the Vinegar (3 cups) and then slowly (approx 1 teaspoon at a time) add the Baking Soda.

It will fizz up more at first and less as the baking soda dissolves into the vinegar.

You may also want to mix this directly in the bottle you’re going to use near your laundry, which is what I did, but I wanted to show you how it fizzes in these photos.

NOTE: This mixing bowl was not nearly large enough to handle all the fizz. What a mess it made and I had to transfer what was left over into a larger bowl. Oops!

natural fabric softener

Once the fizz settles, pour the rest of the vinegar (the other 3 cups) into the other half of your mixture.

You might need to mix it with a spoon to make sure it is thoroughly dissolved.

Once all the fizzing is done, pour the DIY natural fabric softener into your bottle to keep near the washer.

Yes, this recipe is that fast to make!

natural fabric softener

Adding Scent

Notice that this DIY natural fabric softener doesn’t use any fragrances. That’s why this best vinegar fabric softener is great for those with fragrance sensitivities and allergies.

For added fragrance, you can add several drops of essential oils to Wool Dryer Balls then add them to your dryer.

My favorite right now is Lemongrass Essential Oil. (I use Young Living Essential Oils)

For just a couple of drops, it sure makes my clothes smell lemony great! And since Lemongrass Oil is a natural bug deterrent, I’m hoping we can use less bug spray when the mosquitos come back out to bite!

natural fabric softener

How Much Does It Cost?

  • 6 Cups White Vinegar = $1.02
  • 1/2 Cup Baking Soda = 16¢

Makes 6 Cups total (some fizzes out when the ingredients are mixed together) = $1.18 Total Cost

Using 1/2 Cup/Load = 10¢ Per Load

Just think how much money you’ll save with this one best vinegar fabric softener recipe in your home. Especially when you consider other softeners on the market costing 14¢ per load (almost double the cost).

As you can easily see, the cost for making the homemade natural fabric softener is definitely cheaper than many other softeners in the stores. Plus it is perfect for those with fragrance sensitivities and allergies.

This usually takes me less than 5 minutes to make which is super fast and easy compared to a trip to the store.

And the result, the vinegar, and baking soda really work well on all our clothes.

Finding natural products that are cheap are very hard to find.

That’s one reason why I wanted to make the best vinegar fabric softener recipe.

This DIY natural fabric softener is super fast and so cheap to make, that I just can’t pass it up and I hope you don’t either.


YOUR TURN: Did you make the natural fabric softener? What natural oils do you like to use in your laundry? Let me know in the comments below!

natural fabric softener
How To Make A Natural Fabric Softener Right Now