It was her confrontation that led me to the best dryer sheets I could find.

Although I love my mom dearly, she is a natural guru. She loves and uses all things natural and she confronted me about using dryer sheets.

Since there are tons of chemicals in dryer sheets, she hated to see me using them and then putting all those chemicals on her grandchildren. “Those poor babies” was said a couple of times along with a shaking of her head. Making me feel quite guilty…but that was her strategy.

So I needed to find all natural homemade dryer sheets. I had never been a fan of dryer sheets in general since they left residue on my clothes that I could feel, which I never liked.


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But what else was I supposed to use?! Being the lovely mother she is, she walked over to my sink, grabbed the jug of vinegar from underneath and displayed the jug like Vanna White does with the letters. Getting a good laugh out her display, she then told me how to make the these DIY dryer sheets with essential oils.

Would you believe these natural homemade dryer sheets?

Can you believe it is so much cheaper that those chemical laden box sheets?

And did you know you can make it faster than you can find your keys, phone and purse? You can!

I’ll show you how the best dryer sheets right now!

best dryer sheets

Ingredients & Supplies:

  • 2 Cups Vinegar
  • Old Wash Cloths
  • 10-20 Drops Lavender Essential Oil (I use the Young Living brand because of their purity promise)
  • Jar with lid

Yes, that is all you need to make these best dryer sheets!

You can make up any scent combinations you prefer for your natural homemade dryer sheets. I just wanted to show you where you to start!

If you don’t have a jar handy to make these best dryer sheets, this jar I found at my local dollar store for just $1. Now I have several because they come in handy!

If you are heading to your local dollar store, here are 7 More Items to Only Buy At the Dollar Store!

best dryer sheets


To make these best dryer sheets, first, add the vinegar to a mixing bowl or a measuring cup.

Then, add the essential oils and mix very well.

Add the wash cloths to your empty jug, then pour the vinegar mixture over the cloths. And that’s it for these DIY dryer sheets with essential oils!

You’ve made the best dryer sheets! Wait till you see how cheap they end up costing.

best dryer sheets

To Use:

Grab a wash cloth out of the jug and wring most of the liquid out. The wash cloth does not have to dripping wet, just damp for these best dryer sheets to work.

Add the wash cloth to your dryer with your wet clothes.

When the cycle is complete, just add it back to your jug and remove another wet one for the next batch going into the dryer.

After about a week, depending on how many loads of laundry you do, it might seem like it’s time to add more vinegar to the jug again. Instead, wash the wash cloths first and then refill the vinegar to start with a new batch of liquid and for your DIY dryer sheets with essential oils for the next few weeks.

best dryer sheets

Did You Know?

Did you know that you are not supposed to use regular store bought softeners on your towels as the residue prohibits the towels from drying completely? That’s why they always smell moldy & and like mildew!

But with vinegar, it just not only softens the fabric but it leaves no residue so they dry like they should. It is also great at preventing mildew odors.

You are not supposed to use regular store bought softeners on your UV protective clothing and swimwear as it leaves residue which locks in the moisture and breaks down the protective clothing. Moisture causes bacteria and bacteria leads to odor. Gross!

Plus, you are not supposed to use regular store bought softeners as they can also break down the fire retardant in children’s sleep wear. The residue could actually cause the sleepwear to be more flammable! Yikes!

But you won’t have any problems like those when you use these best dryer sheets made with vinegar! #momwin

best dryer sheets

Total Cost

  • 2 Cups Vinegar = 34¢
  • Old Wash Cloths = FREE
  • 10-20 Drops Lavender Essential Oil (I use the Young Living brand because of their purity promise)
  • Jar with lid = FREE if you already have one

Total Cost = 34¢ for a week’s worth of the best dryer sheets Of course that depends on how many loads you do! 😉

Note: This does not cover the cost of the essential oils used in your best dryer sheets.

I can’t believe how easy these natural homemade dryer sheets are to make,  can you?

And the best part is you can customize the smell of your DIY dryer sheets with essential oils to your liking.

Make a lavender oil batch of the best dryer sheets just for your bedding.

Then make another batch with orange and lemon oils for your towels to help you wake up in the morning. The scent possibilities are endless!

So yes, you can make a batch of the best dryer sheets faster than you can find your keys, phone and purse. Well, mine are never in the same place so that’s not hard to do.

But really, the best dryer sheets are so inexpensive. I can’t remember the last time a box of dryer sheets was less than $2! And with all the coupon restrictions these days, it’s nice to know that I can easily and affordably make my clothes soft for less!

And now there are no chemicals softening my kids’ clothes. My mom would be proud! Well, actually…she is!


YOUR TURN: What essential oil combinations would you choose for your best dryer sheets? Let me know in the comments below!

best dryer sheets
How To Make The Best Dryer Sheets For Just Pennies