Mason Jar Gift Idea: Mani-Pedi in a Jar

A thoughtful gift doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Small items and a cute presentation can put a big smile on your recipient’s face as much as (if not more than) a big, expensive gift.

For this gift, we collected several small items needed for a manicure or pedicure.

Many of these items were purchased throughout the year on clearance, with coupons or rewards programs at drug stores.

Check your stockpile and see if some of the items you have on hand might fit together in a theme such as “Bath in a Jar” or “Pamper Yourself.”

You could also pick up small items for a Gift Jar from a dollar store or the clearance section of almost any store.

Mani-Pedi-in-a-Jar_3Mani-Pedi Labels

Supplies Needed:

  • An assortment of small items like buffers, finger and toenail clippers, nail polishes, nail brush, pumice stones, etc.
  • Large Mason jar
  • Gift Labels – Print out these gift labels and glue to your jar for a beautiful presentation
  • Ribbon or decorative twine



  1. Place as much as you can get into the jar.
  2. Put on lid and attach label.
  3. Decorate with ribbon.
Have fun with the size jars and contents, colors and so on!

This is a great gift for anytime of year!


Your Turn: Is there anything else you would include in the jar that I didn’t mention? Share with me below!

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