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How We Paid Off $15,000 Of Credit Card Debt In 3 Years

In 2009 when the economy took a large downturn, my husband, James, received a large pay cut. We had a couple thousand dollars of credit card debt at the time so things were already tight.

But things came to a head when we ran out of money and were faced with a hard choice to make:

Buy Groceries OR Pay Our Mortgage.

I felt like a complete failure.

Correction: WE felt like complete failures.

How could we let our situation get so bad?

Oh, did I forget to mention that I was an accountant before I was a mom, so I should've known better?

Yep, I have an accounting degree, plus I was a "Senior Financial Analyst" for an International Healthcare Company for 5 years before I was a stay-at-home mom.

I was in charge of millions of dollars, yet I couldn't manage my own money once I was a full-time mommy.

Refusing to allow our story to end with bankrupcy or forclosure, here's what happened:

• I love math (hence my accounting background).
• I learned how to use coupons to pay for our groceries and everyday expenses.
• We then used our own cash to pay off our debt.

It took us 3 years to pay that bad boy off.

$15,000 of credit card debt paid off in 3 years with tiny little $1-$5 increments.

And once we were done, we were FREE to do whatever we wanted.

FREE to spend on things we never imagined before.

In fact, that very Christmas, we decided to surprise our kids and take them to Disney World (we live 1 hour ouside of Orlando FL), and we bought annual passes so that we could go back as many times as we'd like.

We've now had those passes for 5 years.

And I want you to be able to afford them too.

Or maybe your dream is to go to Hawaii? Or rent an RV and go see the Grand Canyon or Niagra Falls.

No matter what your dream is, I can help you get there.

It starts by honing in on the spending you are currently doing. The daily spending habits you probably don't even notice.

Let me help you see those habits in a different light, a light that will magically get you to the other side of the mountain.

The side that leads to fun family vacations at Disney World 🙂

Let me start by showing you how to save $40 in 7 days without selling anything: Click here and I'll email my Money Saving Solutions Guide to you for free.

It's time to start saving BIG money! Strap on your seatbelt friend, you're in for a wild ride!


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