Trying to be an organized mom?

Maybe you’ve started looking on Pinterest for easy solutions. Then, the next thing I do is go to Amazon (or Target) to find the perfect little boxes and bins to help me STAY organized. The only problem is that I find out it’s gonna cost me an arm and a leg for all those fun items to organize.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can be organized AND not spend a small fortune to get there.

I’ll share with your my easy organization ideas for your home clutter so you can get clutter free for good!

Plus, I’ll share with you how to be an organized mom too, so you can start feeling more accomplished and better about your home.

And, I’ve got the best clean and organized home tips to get your home organized once and for all for really cheap, or better than thatt, for free!

Let me show you a few ways you can organize your house on the cheap.

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1. Identify Your Clutter Problem Areas

When you’ve got clutter, it can be easy to overlook if you are a procrastinator or just got too much to deal with that day.

It can help to look at it with fresh eyes, maybe after a vacation or when you’re stuck at home and you see it everyday… like a looming mass of junk just staring at you.

You know it’s a problem when it never gets any better, never gets cleaned and probably gets worse before you recognize it has become a real problem.


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To be an organized mom is start and recognize that there IS a problem!

First, go around your house and identify those problem areas. The areas that get piled with mail, shoes, backpacks, jackets, those bedroom chairs or treadmills that are only good for holding clothes, etc.

Identifying those problem areas will help you figure out what needs to be done, and then, how to fix them.

How to be an organized mom doesn’t happen magically, so let’s take it step by step.

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2. Identify The Causes Of The Clutter

Clutter just doesn’t “happen” overnight. There is always a cause as to why it happens.

Do you have a process for where mail goes once it’s been brought in from the mail box?

What about putting groceries away? Or school backpacks?

Does your family have a bad habit of not putting things away? Are there processes for those things? What about consequences?

Once you have identified the causes of the clutter, you can be an organized mom by finding solutions to fix them and creating new habits so the clutter doesn’t come back.

You’ll need these clean and organized home tips to get your home into shape.

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3. Identify What You Are Okay With –
Clutter Free Or Clutter Contained?

Let me explain. There are some people who are okay with things being out on the counter, like a coffee pot, dish soap, and sponges. There are other people that want everything put away once they are done with it. Yes, even the coffee pot. My problem is I’m never done with the coffee pot…ever. So that wouldn’t work for me.

You need to identify what makes you happy to be an organized mom – some clutter or clutter-free? It all depends on what you feel is acceptable and doable for your family.

Do you mind seeing items like shoes as long as they are stacked on a shoe rack, or do you not want to see them at all?
Is open shelving or closed storage better for you?

Knowing these things will help you understand how you would like for things to look, instead of what they are now or settling for less. If you prefer closed storage over open storage will help you accomplish your goals of things being less cluttered, and therefore, less stressful on you.

Do you like having easy access to writing utensils like pens and notepads on your counters or nightstands? Or do you not want to see it at all and those items being in a drawer are fine?

Once you know these little nuances of how you prefer things to be will help you move forward as to what creative solutions you need to do to clear the clutter and make the new habits happen.

It’s these easy organization ideas for your home clutter that you need to figure out next.

4. Create Solutions For Clutter Problems Areas

Now that you have identified you clutter problem areas, and have discovered why it happens, you can now find solutions that will not only help you feel better about your home but also help you feel better about yourself and less stressed too.

Let’s dive into some examples so you can be an organized mom.

A. Backpack Rack

We homeschool our boys, but they still go to some homeschooling classes outside of the home. They still need a backpack with books, paper, and pens. The problem was they were dumping the backpacks with the shoes and of course, the backpacks were falling in the way of the walkway into the house and we were constantly tripping over them. I needed to find a solution.

I came up with this easy backpack rack! For under $15 I made my own backpack rack that cleared the problem of the backpacks in the walkway.

But the most important thing we created was a habit to put the backpack on the rack and not the floor. When you’ve been doing something for so long one way, it can be hard to remember to make a new habit. So once the backpack rack was done and hung, I created a “No Backpack” sign that hung near the shoe rack. Yes, I had to remind the boys a couple of times where their backpack should go now, but we got the habit created within a few weeks.

B. Family Command Center

Keys…we have a lot of them. With four drivers now and now four cars, we needed to make sure those bad boys did not get lost.

I know this may seem like a no brainer, but when the kids were little, we didn’t have to worry about our keys getting lost. But now that we have drivers, and the cars need moving around and so forth, keys kept getting lost or misplaced. That’s the problem, so to be an organized mom, I found the solution.


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After having a long talk with our drivers about how expensive it is to replace keys and they would have to start paying for them if they lost them, they got the picture of just how important replacing keys should be.

I helped them remember by making a Command Center and adding cup hooks to hold keys and such. It’s been such a great tool to help remind the kids where the keys should go after they’ve used them.

And of course, there’s always the reminder as they walk in the door.

C. Glass Cake Stands

Now I know what you’re thinking…how in the heck could a cake stand keep my house organized?! Well, let me tell you it can and it works great for being an organized mom!

What is on your bathroom counter now? Probably some toothpaste, toothbrushes, towels, Q-tips, and probably a bunch more.

Well, with a designated cake stand you can declare that only these certain things that fit on a cake stand can stay out on the bathroom counter. So keep a candle, a jar with Q-tips and another jar with cotton balls and that’s it. Everything else has to be put away.

It then becomes clear what should go and what should stay. And every day, you’ve set apart what should be put away by having only the cake stand items stay out.

Somehow things set apart from one another help our brain to differentiate that things need to be cleaned up. It works in our household.

I have one near the sink with just the kitchen sink tools I want out and used. It helps to keep the sink area organized. And since you can make one for under $6 each, you can make one for every bathroom and one for the kitchen sink to keep your home organized.

It’s smile tips like these clean and organized home tips, that help your house stay organized.

D. Thrift Store Baskets

Baskets, baskets, everywhere!

Yes, I love baskets! I especially love thrift store baskets! Why? Because they’re so cheap!

If you need to do some organizing, head to your local thrift store and pick up some baskets. I love the rectangular ones as they are so great for organizing especially if you need them to stay out. You can even paint them or even stain them to whatever color you like to help them match your decor.

Baskets are great for corralling items that you need to stay together. I have this one for mail – all the mail goes in the basket. Not on the counters, not on the table, and not on the coffee table.

I now have one that contains all of the vitamins that we take every day. We kept forgetting them in the cabinet, so now we have a basket right by the water filter to help us remember to take them.

It’s these organized mom tips, that help you get to the point where your clutter is contained to a manageable point.

E. Re-purposing Boxes To Organize Clutter

Use these easy organization ideas for your home clutter in your problem areas, like in your kitchen, bath, and office drawers.

Cereal Boxes: Take cereal boxes and cut them up and cover them with cheap wrapping paper to make pretty containers to organize magazines… or use some pretty scrapbook paper to cover your empty box and then get that junk drawer finally organized!

Ziploc Boxes: My third child, Cam, helped me organize one of our kitchen drawers by covering an empty ziplock box with wrapping paper. We use it to organize straws inside one of my kitchen drawers.

You can also use Ziploc boxes to organize spice packets, Kool-Aid packets, spice bottles, and extracts.

Add some Command Strips or Hooks and stick them to the side wall of your pantry or cabinet. They are great at holding granola bars, single packages of snacks like raisins and chips.

The best part about using small boxes like these is that they are FREE! It’s how to be an organized mom without spending a dime!

Warning: If you are slightly OCD, then having your kids help with this might not be the best idea. And you will want to use a Xacto knife to cut nice neat corners. Just say’in.

F. Reorganize The Chaos

I want you to think of an area of your house that you just can’t keep organized… for us, it has been a cord charging area.

We all have electronic devices and they all have cords and then they need plugs.

So I took some boxes that were shipped to us this past Christmas and covered them with fancy paper and labeled the bins in order for everyone to know which cord belongs to them.


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Download this FREE sheet of 10 DIY Cleaning Supply Recipes to make your own cleaners in just a few minutes, with ingredients you probably already have on hand.

Then, I added two dedicated power strips and they pull the cord out, plug it in to charge at night. In the morning, unplug and wrap it back in its bin. Ahhhh a sanity saver!

I also color coordinated the cords and plugs to keep things together with washi tape. I’ve also used washi tape to label cords to who they belong to and what it goes with.

G. Reuse To Contain Clutter

Did you get some new shoes for Christmas or another Amazon box? Then take that box and make something useful out of it.

This is an office supply caddie that helps keep track of pens/pencils and office supplies. Or it could also be used for napkins, salt, and pepper on your kitchen table!

Start with an empty box, cut two triangles at the middle point of the box, then fold backward. Cover with pretty paper to match your area!

Yay to being a organized mom!

organized mom

5. Create New Habits To Keep Clutter Areas Contained

Even with all the best organizing in the world and the most expensive and pretty containers won’t work unless you create those new habits.

So along with the cleaning and organizing, talk to your family about the clutter and what the new habits will be. Define certain behaviors and expectations so they know what is acceptable and what is not.

You can make a friendly game out of a new habit or even a family treat once they’ve mastered that new habit.

But remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is the perfect organized home.

Take each clutter problem and master one at a time. It will be less stressful and easier to accomplish.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my easy organization ideas for your home clutter so you can get your home clutter-free for good!

Plus, these tips on how to be an organized mom can help you start feeling more accomplished and better about your home.

And, these best clean and organized home tips can help your home get organized once and for all for really cheap, or better than that, for free!


Your Turn: What FREE ways to organize items have you tried? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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