Less than half of all households don’t have at least three month’s worth of savings. Out of all the homes that don’t, 89% are employed, and 25% make incomes between $56,000 to $91,000 each year! Is it time for living simply?

I can tell you there is never a bad time to be saving money, and if you don’t have money set aside, now is the perfect time to start!

In this article, I’m going to show you how you can simplify your month to save you money! These are easy tips anyone can do that have a significant payoff!

Pare Down Some Of Your Possessions

How many times have you purchased something only to find later out you already had one?

This happens more often than we’d like to admit. While having certain possessions can make your life easier and bring you joy, many will serve as a source of stress as well. Start by living simply with less!

Every possession in your home requires storage and upkeep to maintain them in your home.

Instead of holding on to some of these items, pare down your possessions to only the things you genuinely love and use each day.

Living simply may just give you more time to enjoy what is really important to you.

If you are holding onto something seasonal, ask yourself if you really need to keep it, or if it’s something you can borrow from someone else when you need it.

If you can part with just 10 items a week, and you sell each item for only $1, by the end of one year, you’ll have $500!

That’s a significant amount for only getting rid of 10 items a week, don’t cha think?!

Consider Canceling Memberships And Subscriptions

Simplifying your month should extend to all parts of your life and not just the items in your home.

Consider your memberships and subscription services as well when you are paring down your expenses, just like you are paring down your possessions.

How often do you use Netflix and is it enough to justify the cost? Is there something you could be using that is just as easy but costs less such as getting an antenna for a one-time $50 cost?

The gym is a common membership cost friends usually get rid of. There are so many easy ways to exercise at home. The key is to make an appointment with yourself and get a friend to hold you accountable.

Canceling these kinds of things doesn’t have to be forever. Just do it for 3 months until you can decide if you want to continue for the longer term.

Not only will canceling some of your memberships help you free up extra money in the bank, but encourage you to use the resources around you for less money.

Make Your Savings Automatic

I have talked about this before, and will continue to do it because it is one of the most effective EASY ways you can save money!

I use a smartphone app called Qapital to automatically save money for my family, but you could also see if your bank has an automatic transfer option to automatically transfer a certain dollar amount each month.

Depending on your payday schedule, have your bank account automatically transfer money into your savings account each week.

Or, with Qapital, decide what motivates you to save and set up fun “rules” for the app to save for you. We set up a “rule” to round up every purchase we make by $1. We’ve done it for months and our average savings is around $14 per week.

The best part is that we don’t even “feel” it at all!

This will guarantee that you save money each month by making saving money effortlessly.

Cut Things Out Of Your Schedule

The busier you become, the more tempted you will be to spend money. Why? Because you will become short on time!

As you are busy and your energy starts to deplete, you may rely on that daily venti coffee with the extra shot of espresso, maid services to clean your home, eating out for a quick dinner, and a yard service to get your lawn taken care of.

Pretty soon you are spending more money than you want on things you can easily do yourself!

When planning your schedule, take these busy luxuries into account and clear some room in your schedule to give you time to take care of yourself and your home. You’ll be living simply in no time!

Pool Your Plastic

Don’t keep a million different credit cards on hand for you to deal with each month.

The chances of you remembering to pay them all are slim (even when you set up automatic payments, the less you have to juggle the better off you’ll be), and chances are you will forget to pay one and accrue a balance by accident.

If you must use a credit card, stick with one that brings you the greatest rewards and a low APR. Get rid of the rest, and consider a balance transfer if you need to combine your cards into one single payment.

Unplug And Turn Things Off

Unplugging your TV can help you save money in so many ways! You won’t need cable or streaming services as often, and you won’t be paying for the electricity. This doesn’t just go for the TV, turn off your Xbox and even your cell phone from time to time.

When you’re out, turn off your data so you can save some money on your cell phone bill.

Evaluate your current expenses and ask yourself if any of these areas could use some improvement. You may not need to get rid of them entirely, but turning off or unplugging something now and then could have significant benefits for your family.

Do you see how living simply with less can save you money? Simplifying your life doesn’t have to be hard, in fact, it’s something you can do in just a few simple steps. By living simply, you will find that you’ll not only save money but time as well.


YOUR TURN: How many credit cards are in your wallet? Do you really need them all? Let me know in the comments below!

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