It may seem like an impossible task to organize a home and keep it organized. Though it would be ideal to invest in the perfect “Pinterest worthy” organizational contraption, it is not always financially reasonable. I’m looking for cheap storage.

Luckily many things around the home can be utilized to help keep things organized and not break the bank.

Here are some of my top cheap storage tips.


When I was a kid, I remember going to my grandparent’s house and I’d find cans filled with coins, or screws, or loose little odds and ends. They reused the cans coffee came in because it had a lid. Then they’d simply write a label and stick it on the outside (and top) of the can so that they knew what was inside. The ultimate of cheap storage!

You can use glass jars and cans to store almost anything that will fit in the container.

Clear your kitchen cabinets of bulky bags or boxes and store your grains and powders in easily accessible jars.

For a more uniformed look you could invest in a set of mason jars, or, a super frugal option is to reuse mason jars that spaghetti sauce comes inside.

Are you overwhelmed with art supplies? Dress up some already used cans and use them to store pencils, paintbrushes, and markers. They also make great tins for cleaning brushes in between uses.

Baby food jars are the perfect size to store buttons and safety pins and they can be easily tucked inside a shallow drawer further helping to keep things organized.


Many household items that you would probably throw away, can be repurposed to help with your organizational needs.

You might even be able to simply go to your recycle bin to find many of these items.

Yes, in the photo above, that is a salad container that I recently used while cleaning up the garage and my husband’s tool chest. I needed something to keep all the little items together and the salad container was the perfect size and about to go in the trash. Score!

Instead of throwing out the endless supply of toilet paper rolls, place them standing up in a box and use them as individual compartments to sort cords, earbuds, or pens.

Use a tissue box to easily store plastic grocery bags that have taken over your pantry closet.

Repurpose an ice cube or muffin tray as the perfect organizer to place within a drawer for items such as pins, paper clips, nails, beads and rubber bands.

If you find an item that you no longer use, think of a way you could repurpose it somewhere else within your home. It will reduce your trash and your spending! Cheap storage. Double Win!

Utilize Every Space

When there might appear to be no more space to fit anything else within your house, I assure you there is always more. If there is wall space, dress it up with a shelf or standing bookshelf.

The back of closet doors and cabinets are the perfect space to hang organizers.

Every drawer is a potential area to be transformed into an organized haven.

Space underneath and behind furniture can also be explored.

Just by thinking outside of the box, you may discover spaces you didn’t know were possible.

Hide it

Remember when you were a kid and you were told to clean your room? The grand idea that crossed your mind was to store everything under the bed and hidden within the closet.

Though this may seem like a great temporary solution, that is not what I mean by “hide it.”

I am talking about hiding things in plain view! Use storage boxes and baskets to store items that may be an eyesore in your living area.

Instead of having a shelf, displaying multiple types of books or movies, your guests will only view decorative boxes and cozy looking baskets.

You can use this solution for anything that you don’t want visible, such as; charging wires & cords, children’s toys, accumulated mail, pet supplies, and shoes.

When your eyes have less to look at, because it is all tucked away in bins and baskets, it reduces the stress in your mind. I know it sounds odd, but give it a try and see if you don’t feel less stress when someone says they are “just stopping by”!

Hook And Hang It

Cheap storage is also accomplished by adding hooks anywhere to add more organization. In the bathroom attach hooks to the inside of cabinet doors to hang hair curlers or blow dryers. Include a container onto the hook to hold hair ties and clips.

Drape towels and robes on a hook on the back of doors.

Use hooks in the kitchen to keep oven mittens and dishcloths out of the way. Hang pots and pans on the inside of cabinets instead of stacking them for easy access.

There are so many possibilities that everyone can explore. Use your imagination and discover the many opportunities to add hooks or bars inside cabinets and closets and increase your organization.

Label It

Labeling containers is essential when discussing organizing.

Labels make it possible for everyone in the household to be on the same page and know precisely where everything belongs.

You can decide what type of tags you would like to use depending on your style and how much effort you would want to put forth.

I found these labels at the dollar store so they were worth the dollar to get my canisters organized with a coordinating look.

You can save money by printing labels for free onto label stickers (found at the office supply store). And do you know when it is the best time to buy a label maker? At the office supply store on Black Friday!

These tips can help almost anyone use items within their space to begin organizing today. Select a section of your home and decide how you can incorporate cheap storage to use the area to its best potential. Have fun trying out some of these listed suggestions and develop your own organizational ideas.

YOUR TURN: What area of your home needs to be organized? I recently tackled our office and it was so freeing! Let me know what area you’re going to organize next, in the comments below!

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