Kitchens get used a lot and can get very messy in the cracks and crevices. Spring cleaning is a must, and it’s helpful to do it then because you can open windows and let everything air out. Begin by gathering your supplies. Make sure you have cleaners of your choice, rubber gloves, oven cleaner if needed, step stool and items for cleaning the floor. This can be a mop and bucket or Swiffer type mop.  Now the fun begins!

Getting Started

You will need three boxes – one for things to donate, one for trash and one for things that go in other rooms in the house. Now clear out your sink. If you have dirty dishes, wash them or load the dishwasher. You will need your sink to work in and set things in as you go along.

Next, do a quick room sweep. Remove anything that doesn’t belong in the kitchen and put it in the appropriate box. Remove clutter and clear out any obvious trash. If you have food items or canisters on the counters, consider moving those to the middle of your table until you get to them. Do the same with small appliances, so you have as much clear space as possible.

Curtains & Fans

Begin by removing any curtains in the kitchen. Get them started in the washer so they will be done when you are done. Start with the ceiling fans. A simple dusting may not be enough. You may need to spray them with an all-purpose cleaner to remove any grease and grime that has accumulated. You can also grab an old tablecloth or sheet to throw over the things on the table before working on the ceiling fans. Remove light fixtures such as globes attached to the fan and wash those.

Work From Top To Bottom

Remove any pictures or decorative items from the wall. Begin working your way around the room. Some areas may need simply dusting, and some may need to be wiped down with a damp cloth and cleaner. Begin by dusting the ceiling with your long-handled duster.

Dust, or wipe down, tops of shelves and tops of window frames. Then start in one corner and work your way around the room dusting, or wiping down, walls, window frames, your cupboard doors and finally the baseboard.

Dust the picture frames you took down, clean any decorative items that need it and rehang. Clean all the light fixtures, windows and any glass cupboard doors with the window cleaner. If cupboards don’t go clear to the ceiling now is the time to de-grease those and wipe them down.

Clean Out Drawers & Cupboards

Start with one drawer or cupboard and remove everything. Wipe down the inside, replace drawer liners and wipe off shelves. As you put things back toss expired products. If you have kitchen gadgets you haven’t used in forever put them in the donation box. Be ruthless. Once everything is put back wipe down the outside if you haven’t already done so. Don’t forget to clean the handles, knobs, and hinges.

Cleaning The Counters

If you didn’t remove small appliances and canisters from the counter now is the time to do that. Get a dishpan of hot soapy water going in the sink and clean all countertop surfaces. As you put each item back on the counter give it a thorough wipe down or cleaning too. Next clean your microwave inside and out. You can place a boiling cup of water in the microwave, shut the door, let it sit for a minute and then clean. Makes it easier to clean.

The Big Stuff

Get your oven cleaning started and it can work while you are doing the rest. If you are going to be using chemicals with a strong smell, you may need to do this last. Clean your stove from top to bottom. Wipe down all appliance fronts, doors, and fixtures. Empty out the fridge and remove and clean drawers and shelves. If you have wood furniture, dust, then polish all of that. Don’t forget to dust the table and chair legs. Wash your baseboards.

Finishing Up

Empty and scrub trash cans. Sweep and mop, or vacuum, the floors. Hang your freshly laundered curtains.  Put on a new tablecloth and add some fresh flowers. You are ready for spring!

Here’s your plan. Now break it up into manageable days if need be. Take action and your kitchen will be in tip-top shape before you know it!

YOUR TURN: Where would you start cleaning in your kitchen? Let me know in the comments below!

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