free kids bowling

2018 FREE Kids Bowling

Bowling: A Great Indoor Summer Activity! (Especially when it’s super cheap!)

Every summer, parents have the challenge of balancing work, home and the boredom that sets in if kids become overly inactive.

We’ve done the work for you to help add some activity AND family fun!

Kids can Bowl FREE all summer long!

All Summer long (from the first week in May to the first week in September), your children 15 and under can bowl FREE at local participating bowling alleys with coupons emailed to you every week! Sound too good to be true? It’s not! This program is worth over $500 for EACH CHILD you have (assuming you bowl each week of the summer).

Just register your children and you’ll receive your first coupons via email within 24 hours for 2 FREE games per child per day. Then, every Sunday you’ll receive weekly coupons via email ALL summer long.

Here’s how to get your kids FREE Bowling Passes:

  1. Select Your Bowling Center from their list
  2. Sign up your children
  3. Decide if you would like to include the rest of the Family in a Pass too
    • Up to 4 adults can bowl along with the kids, all summer!
    • Great for parents, grandparents, and even older siblings!
    • It’s just a one-time payment! You get to bowl with the kids ALL Summer Long!

What about the Parents, Adults or Siblings over 15 years old?

For a one time, one low price, up to four adults can bowl all summer along with the kids! You get to designate the adults (or older siblings that are over 15), so it can be a parent, Grandparents, or even babysitter. Cool, right?! The extra family pass only costs around $30 for 4 Adults (the best part is that it can be any 4 adults/babysitters/grandparents and can change each week).

**Remember to Print and bring your coupons with you to redeem (the Adult and Kids coupons will both be emailed to you weekly).

**NOTE: Shoe rental is not included. Some bowling alley’s have a summer pass for this too! Otherwise, you might want to visit a Play It Again Sports in your area to get a good pair for cheap!

AMF Bowling For One Low Price

AMF Bowling Alleys also offer their own Kids Summer Bowling Program for children 15 and under. It’s not free, but for one low price each Summer Game pass entitles you to 3 Games of Bowling per day from May through September. When you enter your zip code it will show you participating locations and see what the cost is. My kids would cost around $26 each and the adults cost around $30.

If you bowl just two times throughout the ENTIRE SUMMER then you’ve made your money back for the 6 games!

~Happy Summer Family Fun Bowling! Now, if only those bowling shoes were more stylish!

Fun Bowling Facts:

• Did you know there are child and youth leagues available too?! If a serious bowler emerges in your herd, you can get them involved during the rest of the year, once summer is over by joining a bowling leagues?

• Did you know there are college scholarships available for youth bowlers?! How cool would that be… yes, I went to college on a bowling scholarship!

• Like any sport, bowling not only helps kids stay physically healthy, but they learn the spirit of healthy competition in the process? Winning and losing with the right attitude is important in every aspect of life for people of all ages.

~ Happy Free Bowling All Summer!