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Keep These Things In Mind When Shopping For Walmart Deals: 

Walmart WILL NOT accept the following Competitor Coupons:

  • Percentage Off or Dollars Off at a specific retailer (like $1/1 SQ’s or Winn Dixie $5/$30 or Publix $5/$50)
  • Buy one, get one free (BOGO) coupons without a specified price (it must say BOGO up to $_ noting a specific dollar amount)
  • Make sure you read my explanation of the Walmart Coupon Policy so you know exactly how to use coupons to get the Walmart deals before you get to the checkout counter.

Note: Walmart prices, sizes and availability vary greatly among Walmart stores, even just across town. All items are not available at all locations.

Items in this shopping list that are at stockpile prices have a True Couponing Shopping Cart!
 Freebies and Money Makers are even cheaper than stockpile prices and marked as a True Deal.

Manufacturers coupons are colored RED in the shopping list below.
Rebate offers are colored BLUE in the shopping list below.


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