Did you know that food is the third largest household expense families spend money on?

Even the thriftiest people are still averaging a spending of $568 per month.

Whether your family is big or small, we’re all looking for ways to save money on groceries.

So how do frugal people spend less money on their groceries?

The answer isn’t always so simple.

Frugal people implement some tactics from when they plan their trip all the way to check out.

If you are looking for the hidden secret to saving money on groceries, you’ve found it!

Here is how frugal people save money on groceries.

They Plan Simple Meals

This one may come as a surprise, but frugal people prepare simple meals for their families.

They go for something easy and quick to make that won’t take a lot of ingredients.

This not only helps you save money on groceries, but it also keeps you from hitting the restaurants.


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When cooking at home is just as easy as going out to eat, it’s tough to justify going out.

So how do you plan a simple meal? Just choose only a main meat dish and one side dish of veggies.

Sauteed Chicken with yellow rice. Grilled Skewers of your favorite meat and fried (from frozen) green beans topped with parmesan cheese. Last night we ate grilled chicken breasts with cauliflower bake.

Making a simple meal with just 2 things to cook is easy to plan, prepare and clean up (the best part).

They Make Packaged Items From Scratch

Frugal people aren’t gourmet chefs or professional bakers, but they do know how to make many staples from scratch.

They make their baked desserts, sauces, and many other items right in their kitchen to save money.

These items usually cost more at the grocery store, which means making their food from scratch is saving them money.

Making your own seasonings is another great way to save money on groceries. There are tons of recipes online to make your own taco, fajita, ranch dressing mixes and more. This not only saves you money but will also save you time from having to run back to the store when you forget them for a recipe.

They Don’t Pay For Coupons

While the Sunday paper has tons of coupons available, there are just as many available to you for free!

Frugal people take advantage of these free options and use coupons when it makes sense.

Truthfully, coupons are cash that pay for your groceries (and cleaning supplies and health & beauty products) instead of your own money.

Frugal ways to save using coupons include combining rewards programs, coupons, and sales to find the best deals they can whenever you go to buy something.

They Use Their Smartphone For Rebates

After going to the grocery store, the savings don’t stop for frugal people.

After they get home, they go through their receipts and use smartphone apps to get rebates.

My favorites are IbottaCheckout 51, Fetch (use code BQ1CF to get $1.50 just for signing up).

Frugal people make it a habit to look for ways to continue to save even after they’ve left the grocery store.

Frugal People Dig Through Junk Mail

Despite unsubscribing to mailing lists, there are still stacks of junk mail that hit your mailbox each week.

Frugal people seize this opportunity to look for more great deals!

Sometimes you can find store coupons and restaurant coupons within these flyers and advertisements. Frugal people don’t let them go to waste!

They Shop At Discount Stores

Not all frugal people make all their food from scratch, and sometimes they even splurge a little and buy store bought bread.

But where they differ from the rest of the world is that frugal people aren’t afraid to go to discount bread stores and other places to find the best deal.


Feel Less Stress While Paying Off Debt


Download this FREE Guide to have more peace & less stress while getting out of debt.

They know where to find the lowest price, even if it might be considered a little unorthodox.

Did you know that ALDI discounts their baked goods two days before they expire? Simply looking for the right date on the package could save you up to 50% Off!

They Buy Marked Down Meat

Frugal people learn to stretch their meat by choosing to have it compliment the dish rather than be the main course.

When they do go out to buy meat, they look for great sales. Every store has a markdown schedule, and meat is no exception to this rule. Frugal people buy their meat during this time and save 20% or more on their meat.

This is just one of the ways frugal people save money on meat purchases.

They Are Patient

Frugal people don’t fall victim to impulse buys and the temptations of buying something immediately.

Instead, they wait for the item they’re looking for to hit its rock-bottom stock up price, and then they buy enough to last them until the next time it will go on sale.

This helps reduce the temptation in the store and helps them manage their pantry until the next sale. Plus, it means they never pay full price for anything!

They Shop Sales

Frugal people always know what’s on sale, and plan their meals around them.

Instead of planning haphazardly around what they want to eat, they use the sales ads to find out what meals they can create based on what is currently the best deal.

If you want to shop from the sales ads too, start by finding your favorite store from this list here.

If you’re looking to save money on groceries each week, give the frugal lifestyle a try!

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find how easy it is, and flabbergasted at how much money you’ll save!


YOUR TURN: What frugal buying technique can you implement this week? Let me know in the comments below!

How Frugal People Save Money On Groceries