Nine Ways to Get FREE Coupons Without a Newspaper!

Coupons Without Newspaper

You have heard me discuss strategic ways to shop without using a newspaper, and the ONLY FLAW in that system is that you will not really ever get items entirely for free.

In order to get items for FREE, you will have to add in the use of coupons. But what if you forget to get your newspaper? Or your paper costs an exorbitant dollar amount (around $4 each like I have seen around Washington DC)?

Let me share my secrets for where to find those fun coupons without even buying a weekly newspaper!

Watch the video replay when I spoke about this topic on my Fox TV Segment:

1. Print {13 Different Sources!}

The most obvious way to obtain coupons without a newspaper is to print them yourself. There are several companies that offer great coupons for items you use every single day. I print regularly from these 13 sources:

And if you are looking for a certain coupon, you can search and print directly from my Coupon Database!

2. Look for FREE Community Newspapers

Does your community distribute a free weekday or neighborhood edition of your local newspaper? For years, I was receiving on in my driveway every Wednesday or Thursday morning. I didn’t realize it has VALUABLE coupons inside (the same manufacturer’s coupons found in that week’s Sunday newspaper), as well as store advertisements! I see loads of my neighbors leaving it there for several days until it is sopping wet with rain and ruined. Ask if your children can save them the hassle of throwing it away and YOU can have the coupons inside!

NOTE: For the Tampa Bay Area this newspaper is called the “GO!” Paper, outside of the Tampa Bay Area your free paper might be called the “YES! Your Essential Shopper” newspaper.

3. Download Store Mobile Apps

Several stores now have their own mobile apps and not only do those tell you about their promotions, but you can select and use digital coupons as well! A few stores that have mobile apps with manufacturer or store coupons are:

Winn Dixie
CVS {Don’t forget to stop by the “Coupon Center” red box price-checker-looking-thing when you visit the store to print out bonus store coupons!}

Looking for a coupon for your favorite clothing store? Then you might want to see if the store offers Text Alerts! I’ve gotten free clothing at the Banana Republic, Lane Bryant and Old Navy because of the offers they had for signing up for Text Alerts!

Natural-and-Organic-square4. Check Your Favorite Company Websites

One common complaint I hear is that the Coupon Inserts that come in the Sunday Newspaper are not a good resource for coupons on organic or natural foods. So I started to check company websites of my favorite products and found that many coupons were located right there ready to print. For others, I signed up for their email list and found they sent more coupons right to my inbox!

I published that list of organic and natural food companies so you could reach out to them too.

5. Look While You Are Shopping

This sounds like a “no-brainer”, right?! Yet, when you are shopping, I bet you are missing several coupons in plain view. On your next grocery shopping trip, keep an eye out for extra coupons. It’s like a “treasure hunt”. They might be on separate cardboard display or look like a pad of paper hanging on the shelf near complementary products (such as a coupon for tabasco on a display near the eggs).

And don’t forget to make sure your cashier hands you any extra coupons that print out as a bonus at the register. So many times they give me extras that the person in front of me failed to notice!

6. Don’t Throw Away Your Register Receipt!

Have you ever run up to Fresh Market, Winn Dixie or Dollar General during the week to find a coupon at the bottom of your receipt that will be good that coming Saturday?

It might even be worth buying something trivial during the week to get a golden ticket to use later! Often, I find that Fresh Market prints a $5 off coupon at the bottom of every receipt. If I don’t want to use it there, I can also take that coupon to Publix or Winn Dixie to use it there instead.

Fast Food Restaurants often offer extra discounts for filling out surveys about your store experience. McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy’s all offer customer surveys that you can enter online (typically within usually 24 -48 hours) and receive a code to bring back your receipt for free food! Other restaurants offer $5 Off your next purchase!

7. Use Your Connections

Don’t underestimate the power of your circle of influence! Especially with Social Media nowadays. Let others know you want coupons. Especially if you attend a bible study at your church! That is a great place to find an older generation that still reads the paper but might not have the use for all the coupons because they have a smaller family now that their kids are grown. I know for a while I was bringing coupons to friends because mine were no longer in diapers. My Mom brings me her RedPlum coupons each week because they arrive in her mailbox and I don’t get any. I will gladly rescue them from going in the recycle bin!

We taught a workshop at a church in Tampa that had a “coupon swap bin” in the main hall to the sanctuary. You could simply either trade coupons and put some in that you didn’t want, or you could just take the ones you needed. Couponers are very generous (its because we get so much for FREE!), so we want others to use the coupons we aren’t going too.

USPS8. Stop By The Post Office

You know that “junk mail” that you get on Tuesdays or Wednesdays? That goes out to the Post Offices Boxes too… and most of the time they don’t want them. However, lots of people will leave those coupons on a counter at the Post Office or a common area if you apartment or share a common mailroom. Grab those unwanted coupons your neighbors left behind!

9. Try the Library 

Did you know you can check your local library for coupon inserts?! Several libraries receive mulitple newspapers from all over the country which come packed with coupons! They put all the inserts in a box near the periodicals and make them free for the taking.

What other ways to get coupons do you know?
Share them in the comments below!

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