Here’s how to get coupons that you actually need and will want to use right now!

There are hundreds of places to get coupons, and after tons of work, some of the coupons rarely seem worth it!

Between store websites, newspaper advertisements, and online databases, it can seem like you spend more time looking for the coupons than you do actually using them!

I love the savings, I just don’t have hours of time to spend clipping coupons only to get rid of them a few weeks later!

I know how you choose to organize them can make a big difference, but where you find them also impacts it as well. To avoid you wasting your precious time, here are the best places to find coupons you’ll actually use.


Newspapers are a great way to find high-value coupons to use. The inserts are in every copy, and you can get them sent straight to your front door!

I recommend looking up what will be in the Sunday inserts in advance to help you decide if there are any you want before you run out and grab a few extra papers.

You can find the list of coupons in my Coupon Insert Preview published on Wednesdays. You can also check the Coupon Insert Schedule to see which specific coupon inserts should be in the papers on Sunday.

So newspapers are my first place how to get coupons!


Coupons.com is a great place to find coupons you’ll use. There’s even a categories tab you can use to search specifically for the coupons you’re looking for!

I scroll through Coupons.com a few times a week to check and see if there are any coupons I want and print them right away so I don’t miss them.

Printable coupons only have a certain number of prints that the manufacturer allows. Once it hits that number then the coupon disappears. I print the ones I will use or would use if a good deal comes around.

When the first of the month comes around they usually publish the new coupons. I print all the ones that I want and keep them stacked in a folder in with my coupon inserts. I don’t cut them unless I am going to use them.

So Coupons.com is a perfect place how to get coupons that you specifically want.

Sign Up For Freebies

One of the best places how to get coupons is at new sign up time. There are a number of coupons you can get just for signing up. Kohl’s is a great example, as you can get a 15% coupon just for signing up to their email list.

This helps you better control the types of coupons you’re getting, and you know you’ll use them since they’re from a store you shop at.

All the coupon or company accounts that I sign up for I send them to an alternate email account I made just for promotions. This helps cut down the clutter of my personal email. I go into that separate gmail email account a couple of times a week to look for coupons and deals and bypass any spammy looking junk emails.

Remember, you can always simply unsubscribe once you use the coupon if you don’t want the emails.

Did you know when you sign up for this FREE sample of Truvia you’ll get a $2 off coupon as a bonus? And most of the FREE Magazine subscriptions I sign up for are delivered in a package with a little booklet of coupons! That’s a free magazine AND free money (coupons)… double bonus!

eNewsletters Are Awesome

No newspaper or website can compare to the great deals I find in my inbox. If there is a store I frequent or a restaurant I love, you can bet I’m on their email list.

Sure, you do have to wade through all of the promo emails, but so many times I’ve gotten BOGO pizza coupons or a random 50% off coupon. This is a great way how to get coupons that you choose.

This is also a great way to see what’s going to be on sale before you head to the store to shop.

I never, ever, EVER, go shopping at Ulta without checking for their 20% off your total purchase coupon. They send it out via email approximately once a quarter. Why shop any other time?

This is another reason why I have a junk email account. I only have to wade through the emails when I want to!

Finding coupons isn’t the hard part. Finding the ones you actually want… that’s a whole other story. So how to get coupons you want is as easy as looking in these four places without all the stuff you don’t!


YOUR TURN: Anywhere you were pleasantly surprised to find coupons? Let me know in the comments below so I can get them too!

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