A lot has happened in the world of couponing over the last 10 years since I started blogging about the topic… if you’ve been with me for that long, then you may remember back in 2010 when we were regularly getting FREE Marcal Toilet Paper… or maybe you remember getting paid (overage) to “buy” SO many things, from BIC Grill Lighters to freezers full of High Road Luxury Ice Cream.

You also might remember the weekly Publix produce coupon or the Winn Dixie “Enjoy The City” coupons that certainly helped us maximize our money.

It was an unreal period in time, almost too-good-to-be-true.

In a season when my family needed extra money to make ends meet, couponing was our saving grace.

But it was the concept behind the coupons, the strategic shopping strategy, where you use marketing tactics to spend less on the things you want to buy, that opened up my eyes to the larger potential savings that could happen on every purchase… savings that extended way beyond the grocery store shopping cart.

As the couponing landscape has changed over the last few years, so has my ability to serve you. What started out as a way to share deals I was shopping for with coupons, “TrueCouponing” shifted to utilizing my background in accounting to teach you a wider variety of personal finance topics such as managing money and conquering debt and “TrueMoneySaver” emerged in December 2018.

Unfortunately, COVID has changed the online world also. And that has impacted the couponing world as well. Rainchecks and refunds are not being honored for the short term. The Publix purple and green flyers are not currently happening because there is no need to promote products that everyone is already buying.

In recent years, couponing has become more stringent for a large family like mine to do. Many times the savings are based on using rebate apps such as Fetch and Ibotta. And while that strategy is fun also, my love for couponing does not have the potential impact that it could have on your entire financial picture.

After all, groceries are only one portion of your overall spending.

So what does this mean?

Okay, let’s get into the nitty-gritty with regard to the Publix and CVS coupon matchups you’ve come to find here each week on TrueMoneySaver.

The blogging/website world seems like it would be relatively lonely… you’re working on your own website, behind a computer screen. But it’s FAR from that in reality.

I’ve got so many blogging buddies. In fact, to save time, many of us share the coupon matchups with each other because it’s such a massive undertaking weekly. That’s why it’s easy for me to point you in the right direction for Publix and CVS coupon matchups to use each week from dear blogger friends of mine.

The last Publix Coupon Matchup Weekly Ad will be the 6/25-7/1 sale. Don’t worry, there are still lots of other bloggers who are dedicated to Publix Weekly Matchups and deals. Here are a few for you to check out:

The CVS matchups published here will stop when next week’s sale ends on 6/27. Don’t worry, I’m not leaving you empty-handed, I have several friends who do a great job posting CVS Matchups each week as well as highlighting the deals.

While I feel bad, as if I’m abandoning you by not providing the coupon matchups for these stores anymore, the amount of work that goes into publishing these weekly sales lists is beyond the work that I can handle right now. Since I love numbers, I had to dig deep to see how many people this change could potentially impact (especially because I feel so bad not providing this service any longer) I found that 12% of my overall readers were using the matchups, which means the majority of my audience (88%) is reading non-couponing related articles on my website, and that reassured my heart that I really can serve you in many other ways.

I hope you’ll stick around and explore the other non-coupon areas of my website and give me the opportunity to help you with your finances in the future. CLICK HERE and I’ll send you my How To Conquer Overspending Guide for FREE ($20 Value).