If you have a small space to begin with, then your own food storage ideas are probably already maxed out.

If you don’t think you have room for more, think again! Even if you’re tight on space, there are still some ways you can have a significant stockpile with these food storage ideas.

If the opportunity presents itself for you to grab items at their rock-bottom prices through using coupons, clearance deals, or another reason, it is always a good idea to stock up while they’re cheap.

While those savings are a no-brainer, it can usually be followed with the question of “where you are going to put all of this stuff?”

Here are a few tips for storing those bargain deals and some food storage ideas for people who don’t think they have any room.


Food Storage Ideas

food storage ideas

Take Things Out Of Their Packaging

Sometimes packaging can take up more room then the item that’s inside.

To save on space, remove items from their packaging and add them in their appropriate storage container.

Instead of having two small boxes of granola you know you’ll eat this week, take them both out of their boxes and load them into a lidded glass container (like in the photo above) that will keep bugs out too!

I used to always take my long pasta out of the box once I got home and load it into a separate container to use over the coming weeks ahead. I didn’t have room for all those separate boxes, and I could get three boxes of pasta into a plastic container that takes up the same space.


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Taking things out of their package is especially helpful to save space in the freezer and for bathroom items such as razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste. Those boxes are just wasting space!

Let me just mention that if you are worried about not being able to see the expiration date by getting rid of the packaging, just take a sharpie and write directly on the individual package. With any directions I want to save, such as how long to cook the frozen pizza, I will cut the instructions off the box and then lay it right on top of the frozen item inside my freezer. That way when I go to use it, I still have the instructions there with the item.

food storage ideas

Put Boxed Items On Their Side

Instead of stacking them side by side lay them on their side and stack them on top of each other.

You’ll be able to fit more of them in your storage area and be able to read each item.

Pasta, cake mixes, cereals other boxed things that you don’t want to open because you aren’t going to use them up quickly should be stored using this method.

These food storage ideas help you use all the space on your shelf, instead of missing out on that valuable space above the shorter boxes. Smart, right?!

food storage ideas

Repurpose Over The Door Shoe Organizers

Shoe organizers are great for storing bottles, packets, and other household items.

You can find them at the Dollar Store, and simply hang them over your doors to save space.

I use them in my pantry to store cans of cat food or afternoon snacks for the kids. I swear it almost doubled my pantry! (See photo above when it was back to school time and I filled them with snacks.) This is one food storage idea that I personally use and love!

Don’t let all that door space go to waste and give this method of storage a try.

food storage ideas

Label, Label, Label!

If you are trying to create a stockpile in your home, you need to label your things so you know what you have and where to find it later.

Stockpiles might feel a little bit cluttered, so creating labels for your bins or bags will help you find things easier.

That means before you put your items in their permanent homes, throw a label on the container to help you see things quickly, yes, even if it is in a clear container.

This bin is on the shelf in my master closet (where you can see we also keep the a/c filters and random fabric), I love that I can read at a glance what is inside because it’s up too high for me to actually see inside the bin.

Save your brain from having to remember, and justify your buying that label maker with that little word sticker!

food storage ideas

Use Vertical Space

Don’t forget about using vertical area when looking for places to store your stockpile.

Stacking bins or even shelves can help you store items properly without making your floors cluttered.

I stack 2 bins underneath my hanging shirts in my closet to store extra shaving creams and nail polish removers.

You can find these containers at Target, Walmart or just have them delivered to your door from Amazon.

They need to be stackable (and clear) so you can store them vertically yet still see what is inside the bin. Don’t forget to do your due diligence and still label what’s being stored inside, on the outside, so you can easily find it later.

food storage ideas

Utilize Under The Bed Space

When was the last time you took a look under your bed? I bet there are some things underneath there that you could remove in order to get better use out of that space!

If you have some space under your bed, consider storing packages of extra paper products, such as toilet paper or paper towels.

You could also use flat bins that fit under your bed to keep smaller items corralled and neat.

Oh, if you need a couple extra inches under your bed to fit things… I’ve used these bed risers before to make the bed slightly higher so that I could fit my bins perfectly underneath.

I kept a wrapping paper station in a plastic bin under my bed for years. I’d just slide it out, wrap the present on the bed, and then put it all back away immediately. I kept scissors, tape and the wrap all in the one bin so it was always ready to use.

Storing canned goods under the bed is another great food storage idea. Since canned goods don’t expire right away, you can store them for a while without cluttering up your pantry.

food storage ideas

Use Overhead Space

The most famous and probably most common unused overhead space is above the kitchen cabinets or on “plant shelves” throughout your home.

These areas are great for hiding stockpile items!

Put baskets or bins on top of your kitchen cabinets for extra spices or other small items and especially for storing canned goods until the dangerous weather season passes.

As hurricane season approaches, use these food storage ideas to create an emergency stockpile full of food and necessities without it cluttering your home.


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See those baskets? They look like they are only there for decoration, right? Would you ever know that we store canned beans and tuna in them throughout the hurricane season? I didn’t think so!

Just make a note somewhere if these spaces are difficult to get to so you can keep track of what you have in there.

food storage ideas

Use The Wall Space

Wall space is probably the last place you would look for extra space in your home. The truth is that this is perhaps where a lot of your additional space lies!

You can add a shelf with decorative baskets or bins on it to your bathroom to hold extra supplies of toilet paper or other bathroom items.

The picture above is from my bathroom (our toilet is in this tiny separated “room”). I added that shelving/cabinet above the toilet so that I could hide things in there without it looking messy. I can fit a LOT in there (especially when you take everything out of their boxes).

Use this same method in the kitchen to hold produce or for extra spices or sauces to use later.

We had a rack we hung in the kitchen where we kept our cat food, it was perfect because it kept everything off the floor and all the kids could reach it to take turns feeding our kitties.

food storage ideas

Put Your Furniture To Work

If you are short on space, a great place to gain a few square feet is actually inside your furniture!

Look for pieces that can work double duty as a piece of furniture as well as a place for storage.

In my home, we use benches that have folding seats so we can store stuff underneath. And I use a ton of trunks to keep lamps on in the bedrooms, yet store other not-so-frequently used items inside.

There are tons of coffee tables or ottomans that work great for storage as well as decorative furniture.

You don’t need an entire dedicated room just to hold your stockpile. If you follow these food storage ideas, you’ll find plenty of room to keep your stockpile items, and still be able to stock up on all the things you love.

YOUR TURN: With the items mentioned above, which place are you going to find extra space in your home, first? Do you have any more food storage ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

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