When you think of the cost of being healthy, some things that might come to mind are gym memberships, organic foods, vitamins, and other expensive workout programs.

While these are in fact ways to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into your everyday life, they are not the only way! You may be shocked to find that living a healthy lifestyle can save you money!

I’m sharing with you some of the top ways living a healthy life can save you money.

Eliminates Expensive Bad Habits

The first bad habit that comes to mind is smoking, but unhealthy habits extend beyond a cigarette. Soda and junk food offer little (if any) nutritional value to your diet, and they are horrible for your waistline.

Bad habits will not only cost you money in the short term, but these habits could lead to future health-related costs.

People who live a healthy lifestyle tend to buy less snack food, don’t buy items such as cigarettes, and usually stick to water as their drink of choice. This simple change can save them over $1,000 a year!

Reduced Medical Costs

While living a healthy lifestyle make your body look better, it will also help make it feel better. Those who live a healthy lifestyle will pay less in over the counter prescriptions as well as doctor’s visits.

Losing weight could help reduce your cholesterol, stress, and blood pressure and help improve your energy levels and sleep.

A healthier lifestyle means less money spent on copays and prescriptions in the long term.

Lower Food Bills

Those who are trying to live a healthier life will stay away from processed and pre-packed food and instead go for homemade meals at home.

When they are shopping for groceries, they are looking for ingredients, not just food. While pre-packaged soup is a great way to grab a quick lunch for a few days, the ingredients for soup might last you five.

Healthy people will try to avoid restaurants and takeout whenever possible saving them even more money!

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Working Out Is An Inexpensive Hobby

Whether healthy people are hiking, biking, walking, or running, whatever activity of choice they make will likely be less than unhealthy people.

A trip to the movies for two can cost you $30 or more, while a bike around your neighborhood costs you nothing!

Healthy people will look for ways to exercise every single day. This doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy TV time, but they don’t enjoy those things in excess.

Physical activities tend to be less expensive and will help you slim your waistline.

They Need Less Food

This one might not be entirely true, as there are athletes who need to consume more than our typical diet recommends. However, for the most part, healthy people don’t require snacks throughout the day.

Since they are fueling their bodies with nutritious and healthy options, they stay full longer and don’t need junk food to make it through the day.

They also tend to use fewer add-ons to their drinks, meals, and other places we consider normal. Healthy people might stick to black coffee instead of adding cream and sugar for example.

Their Kids Are Healthier

If parents are living a healthy lifestyle, it is tough for their kids to live an unhealthy life. As kids, we eat what our parents provide for us, and learn activities through them.

Having healthy parents will not only encourage kids to be healthier but allow them to start early. Kids who are healthy will not just grow up to be healthy adults, but they will have a better diet and need less trips to the doctor.

Healthy People Spend Differently

Healthy people tend to focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This means that when they are making spending decisions, they are looking at what is going to help them in the long term.

Healthy people still make impulse purchases, but they are smart with their money. Instead of spending all their money on food, they may focus on saving for a new bike or new equipment for their gym.

Living a healthy lifestyle has so many health benefits! On top of all the benefits a healthy life can give you physically and emotionally, it can also help you financially. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact, it can even save you money!

YOUR TURN: What choices for healthy living are you currently making? What choices would you consider making in the future? Share your comments below!

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