A spending freeze challenge is always a good idea if you’re looking to save money. However, you might be thinking that it also sounds like no fun at all.

After all, what can you do when you can’t spend any money? As it turns out, there are a ton of free activities that you take part in while participating in a no spend challenge.

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Read my tips below on my favorite free activities to take advantage of during your no-spend challenge.

Go On A Free Date Night

Last weekend James and I were really stir crazy. The kids wanted to go to the movies or mini-golfing, or anywhere BUT stay home.

But because we are on a spending freeze, that made it kinda difficult to do anything that costs money.


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And we’ve already beautified our front garden, walkway, and mailbox, so we really had to get creative and come up with some things we could do to entertain the kids yet still have fun. So we whipped out a couple decks of cards and started a “Family Spades Tournament.” It got ruthless and we laughed so hard I almost peed my pants.

While that is not an exclusive “date night” with only your spouse, there are plenty of date night things that you can do with (or without) your kids along.

I have a post of over 100 different date night ideas you can do without spending a dime!

Get A Free RedBox Movie

Redbox is one of my favorite ways to rent movies.

You can find a Redbox kiosk on nearly every street corner. There are over 38,000 kiosks across the US offering lower prices and more convenience than other rental competitors. We are able to get Redbox movies for FREE. Yes, I said FREE. I am going to show you how you can get yours free too.

There are a number of ways to get Redbox codes which will get you FREE DVD rentals. Redbox and their partners create these codes to attract people into their stores and use their services.

Check out this post with several ways to get RedBox Codes for Free Movies!

Eat Out (At Home)

I’ll be honest, since I’ve been cleaning out my freezer for this Spending Freeze, I’ve switched up my normal Meal Plans and I’m getting really sick of the frozen veggies.

I could totally go for some Outback Ranch right about now.

Instead of going to Outback to ruin our no-spend month, I’m digging deep to make some special kitchen creations that came straight from some of our favorite restaurants.

Tonight I’m planning to make Outback Ranch to each on our salad and see if it doesn’t ward off the cravings to help us finish off the rest of our no-spend month!

Pamper Yourself With A DIY Manicures And Pedicures

There is nothing quite like freshly painted nails!

Grab your daughter, pull out all your polishes, put on a chick flick and paint each other’s nails!

It will feel just like a slumber party, only you’ll be spending quality time with your sweet baby girl.

You can take your DIY manicure and pedicure to the next level by making your foot soaks and hand creams to make it feel like salon quality.

I have a secret formula I use to get the dry cracked dead skin off my feet… LISTERINE!

I simply add 1 cup of (clear colored) Listerine as well as 1 cup of vinegar to a bucket of warm water and soak my feet for about 10 mins. I still “file” them to scrub off the dead skin. Game.Changer.

I spoke about this topic on my Savings Segment on Fox on 9/9/18 also. Watch the replay video from here:



Attend Free Local Events

Did you know that Facebook has an entire area dedicated to “events”? You can find suggested events where your friends are going to be, nearby events, and more!

You can find tons of free events this way and even try something new!

Get the kids involved with choosing a location too! You may never know what might peek their interests.

Don’t forget that each event can be a learning tool too! From history to science and even math, you can incorporate learning into your outing. Even if you don’t homeschool, you can enjoy learning new things together as a family.

Look At Your Community Calendar

And if you are not on Facebook, or don’t see anything that peaks your interest, there are likely many other events going on around you in your very own town!

All you have to do is google “your city community calendar”. The calendar will show you any and all free events that are coming up in your area.

Why not spend the day at a free concert in the park or visit a local art exhibit with free appetizers? The choice is yours!

Community Sports

Most towns have leagues for all different kinds of sports if you just do some searching around.

If you’re into baseball, check and see if there is a team you can join and invite some of your friends along to watch you or play as well.


Feel Less Stress While Paying Off Debt


Download this FREE Guide to have more peace & less stress while getting out of debt.

You don’t even have to play to have fun! Go take in a game or volunteer to help the team in some way.

You can also sign your little ones up so they can get in on the fun and you can be the proud parent!

Listen To Podcasts

Podcasts are one of the best free forms of entertainment out there.

If you visit the “podcasts” section in the iTunes store, you’re bound to find something that will peak your interest.

Use this time to listen to something that takes you away from all the stress you have in your life.

Some great podcasts to listen to are:

And check out this outstanding list of 27 Kid-Friendly Podcasts too!

Start A Blog

There’s no better way to express yourself than to start a blog of your own. Make sure to pick a topic that interests you so that you can talk about it for a while.

WordPress is what this website uses to make things “run” and Blue Host is the server company I used to start my Mom’s and Daughter’s websites (I can’t recommend the company I started with because I was hacked even though I bought their security protection, and now I’ve grown too big to currently use Blue Host).

Write your heart out, gain followers, make new friends, and express yourself in a way you never have before!

Dig Into Your Game Closet (Or Whip Out The Home Movies)

Your own home might just have the gold mine of activities you’ve been looking for!

Break out the board games and have a game night, learn to play a video game with your kids, or watch old home movies together.

When was the last time you watched your wedding video? I bet the kids would LOVE to see at least a little bit of it! You can reminisce and tell some stories about your special day also.

DIY For Free

Pinterest is a remarkable resource for finding fun DIY things you can make for FREE using things you find around your home.

Find the glitter and decoupage some folders, or staplers. Use a sharpie to DIY a coffee mug.

Essentially you want to create something out of the materials you already have on hand.

Simple crafts using yarn, fabric and embroidery floss can create beautiful masterpieces, and, who knows, you might even end up with an item you can give as gifts for Christmas or potentially sell to make some money!

Re-Decorate Your Outdoor Space

You’ll have to be careful with this project so that you don’t spend money, but it’s easy to get creative with things to repaint like birdhouses, bird baths, flower pots, and outside benches.

Dig in your craft bin and garage for paintbrushes and paints and see what you can find to make new yard art or just clean up outside.

We have a white mailbox that can always use a nice, clean, fresh, coat of paint.

The possibilities are endless when you get creative and use what you have to have fun.

Not only is it free and fun, but it’s also a fantastic way to see new sites and get some exercise in at the same time!

“X” marks the spot, right? Learn more at the official Geocaching website.


Feel Less Stress While Paying Off Debt


Download this FREE Guide to have more peace & less stress while getting out of debt.

Not only is it free and fun, but it’s also a fantastic way to see new sites and get some exercise in at the same time!

“X” marks the spot, right? Learn more at the official Geocaching website.

Make A Time Capsule

Wouldn’t it be fun to spend some time putting together a time capsule? One of my favorite kinds of time capsules is for your kids!

Take pictures, old toys, and anything else creative that you can think of that speaks to your kid’s childhood.

Have your children participate in putting everything together and bury it in the backyard.

When they turn eighteen, unearth the time capsule and enjoy reliving all the memories together!

As you can see, there are plenty of free activities that are available to you while you’re on a no spend challenge. And please don’t overlook the fact that your local library is another perfect place to go when you’re looking for something free and entertaining.

Not only do they have a wide variety of books you may want to read, but they also have things like CD’s and DVD’s that you can listen to and watch while you’re there.

If the kids are bored, many libraries have story time just for the little ones which is also a fun free time for sure.

If you just get a little creative, there are wonders all around you that will get you out of the house and having a ton of fun!


YOUR TURN: Can you think of any other free activities you might like to do during a no spend challenge? Let me know in the comments below!

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