Saving money keeps getting harder these days but turning those printed receipts into money has never been easier!

You may have seen some information about the Fetch app before, but never really thought that much about it or were willing to try it.

Well, it’s the easiest money saving app yet!

No need to quickly head to the store to grab a deal before it expires and no jumping through hoops either!

You basically scan your printed receipts after you purchase something and you get points! Easy-peasy!

Yes, it’s truly that simple.

If you know how to take a picture with the camera on your phone, then you can use this app.

Oh, and you get the rewards within about 2 minutes of submitting your receipt. Score!

Plus you have opportunities to earn even more points by buying the name brand items you already purchase! And bonus points on top of that! I’ll explain more details about this below.

So let’s start making those printed receipts profitable for you!

printed receipts

How It Works

The Fetch Rewards app makes it easy to save!

Once you have shopped, simply open the app and snap a picture of your printed receipts.

Here’s more details to walk you through it step-by-step:

  1. Shop at your local grocery store and get a printed receipt
  2. Open your Fetch App (sign up using code BQ1CF to get a bonus $2)
  3. Click the middle button at the bottom of the screen “Scan”
  4. Click the Orange “Camera” Button to activate your camera
    OR click the Blue “e” Button to scan for eReceipts from Amazon
  5. Take a photo of your receipt making sure to line up the edges of the receipt with the camera guides shown on your phone screen (the guides will turn green when you are within them).
  6. Click the plus (+) sign if your receipt is longer than the first picture. This will add another section to your receipt.
  7. Once you’ve captured your entire receipt, click the “Submit” button and watch your points calculate!

You automatically get 25 base points just for uploading a receipt.

The Fetch rewards app works for any printed receipts for select stores including grocery stores. Check out the list of stores here (and don’t forget to use code BQ1CF when you sign up to get a $2 bonus!).

They accept receipts from grocery retailers, supermarkets, club wholesalers, home improvement/hardware stores, pet stores, and convenience stores. Yay! We already shop at those stores!

printed receipts

How To Earn Points

Earning points is easy when you upload all of your printed receipts! Here is how you earn points and make those printed receipts profitable.

Base Points: The Fetch app has partnered with specific brands to bring you points. Each dollar amount that you spend on that brand name item will give you base points.

Bonus Points: Receive bonus points for the specific brand item when the price you paid for that item exceeds their target price.

Cracker Barrel Cheese in on sale for $3
Base Points: +30 (determined by price spent)
Bonus Points: +75 (determined by specified bonus points or algorithm)
Total Points: 105 (that’s equivalent to $1… for just scanning your receipt!)

Receipt Scan Bonus: Earn points just for uploading your printed receipts even if you did not purchase any specific brands.

Special Offer Bonus: Special bonus offers are displayed in the app. Some are valued by points and some are percentage based.

Referral Bonus: Each Fetch app user has a specific referral code. You and your friend can earn 2,000 points after their first printed receipts have been approved and accepted when they use your referral code during sign up.

printed receipts

Earn Points For Your E-Receipts

Earning points is easy when you connect your Amazon or email account and your receipts will give you points!

To earn point with Amazon, simply connect your Amazon account by logging in to Amazon from inside the Fetch App, then instead of clicking the orange button to scan a grocery receipt, you’ll click the blue “eReceipt” button and it will automatically look at your shopping history and award you points.

It cannot get any easier to earn rewards. With just a couple taps, you’ve got free money!

printed receipts

Cashing Out

The Fetch app makes it easy to cash out. Once you have hit 3,000 points, you can cash out your points into a gift card.

And 3,000 points = $3

Unfortunately, you cannot cash out into real hard cash, but gift cards spend just like cash! I usually cash out for Walmart and Amazon gift cards. But they have lots of other options you could get and use towards purchasing gifts.

Here’s how to cash out:

  1. Click on the “Rewards” button at the bottom bar of the app.
  2. At the top of the app you’ll see an option to look for rewards by “Category” or “Points” (I always search by points)
  3. You’ll also notice near the top of the app are your “Points Available” (see photo below)
  4. Find the gift card you want to redeem your points to get and click on it.
  5. Then click the “Get This Reward” button to confirm your selection.
  6. They will text you a security code to your phone so that you can validate the reward with the code.
  7. Your gift card is available immediately and you simply follow the instructions to activate it.

There are some more details on the Fetch website to learn more on how you can cash out.

There is a limit to how many receipts you can submit though! You can only submit 14 receipts in a 7 day period. Yes… I’ve pushed that limit before. You just wait 24 hours and start scanning again.

printed receipts

More Information

  • Only printed receipts are available to use at this time unless you use the e-receipt feature.
  • You have up to 14 days to submit your receipts for potential points.
  • You can submit up to 14 receipts in a seven day period for points.
  • Only stores located within the United States and Puerto Rico are eligible.
  • Points will only expire if your account has been inactive for 90 days. An email will be sent to notify you before they expire.
  • If a participating brand was missed on your receipt, you have the ability to correct it. The receipt will be reviewed and the points will be added.
  • Click here for more information about Fetch.

The Fetch app is so simple to use. If you can take a picture using your phone, you can make your printed receipts profitable!

And earning points is fast! I love that I can see how many points I earned within minutes!

I scan every receipt that I can find and it earns me money! And I love using the gift cards towards things I need and use every day!



YOUR TURN: Are you excited about turning those printed receipts into money? Let me know what you like about the Fetch App in the comments below!

printed receipts

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