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Have you experienced a time when you had no income coming in, and no savings to fall back on, yet you still have bills to pay?

The problem is that when you have no income, you can’t turn around and tell your creditors and bills that you can’t pay them.

Compound that with a bad credit score and you are almost on the verge of hopelessness.

So what do you do?

The need might arise for things such as paying rent, especially if you have young children, paying school fees or paying for a medical treatment. A bad credit rating can also hinder your attempts to get insurance, rent a home and sometimes get a job.

I’ll be honest with you, sometimes you need a ladder to get outta a deep hole. This is an immediate solution to help alleviate the pressure of paying bills when you have no income.

The Easiest Bad Credit Loan To Get

If you are looking for a loan but have a history of bad credit then there really is only one type that you should apply for unless you want to be turned down, there are lenders who specialize in bad credit loans and this is where your best options lie.

Getting credit if you have a poor credit rating can be next to impossible and by applying for one of the high street loans with excellent low rates of interest the chances of you being turned down are enormous.

By far the best way to save you time is to shop online for your loan, lenders specialize in giving loans to those with poor credit ratings and while you certainly won’t get the best interest rate compared to other loans, at least you will get a loan.


Feel Less Stress While Paying Off Debt

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A bad credit loan can also help you to rebuild your credit rating providing that you keep up the loan repayments on time.

One of the easiest of bad credit loans to get is the secured loan; this means that you will be asked to secure something of great value such as your home against the lender taking a chance on you.

All lenders when deciding whether to give you the loan or not will look at your credit score and regardless of how long in the past or why you got a bad credit rating in the first place, you will still be classed as a risk, if you need a loan then a bad credit loan is your best option.

You Gotta Shop Around

While the rate of interest attached to a bad credit loan will be a lot higher than any other, it is essential to get some quotes and not just go with the first offer you see.

All lenders do offer slightly different rates and incentives to get you to take the loan with them, so when it comes to loans for a bad credit loan don’t give up, look around and go with a specialist lender.

Utilize The FACT Act

In December 2003, Congress passed the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACT Act), which included the right to a free annual credit report on request and a number of provisions designed to improve the accuracy of credit reports.

Consumer organizations have proved that sloppy credit reporting agency practices are at fault for errors in consumer credit reports.

That means it’s important to get your FREE credit report from Credit Karma or Credit Sesame and look it over for errors.

Inaccurate credit reports could damage 1 in 4 consumer’s ability to buy a home, rent an apartment, obtain credit, open a bank account, or even get a job.

The Associates Home Loan of Florida has several options to help direct you for the best bad credit loan options. Hopefully, getting a bad credit loan is a short-term solution. I’ve got a bunch of creative ways to build your savings so that you won’t experience this scary situation again.


How To Pay Your Bills When You Have No Income