Being in debt can make it feel like you are pushing along without the means to help others or giving to the poor.

And it becomes even more apparent when the holidays come around because that’s when it feels like every organization and person you meet is looking for donations or help for others.

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It can be difficult not to feel guilty about your financial situation and be challenging to be giving to the poor when you feel like you can’t.

The truth is that even when you are drowning in debt, you can still give back!

In fact, giving has the ability to help you get out of debt even quicker! Let me show you how.


Giving Changes Your Mindset

Whether it’s donating canned foods to your local food pantry or donating your time to volunteer at an animal shelter, giving to the poor will change your mindset forever.

During the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, we can sometimes forget about those in need. We are so focused on our terrible situation that we forget about all the people who are struggling to make ends meet themselves.



Feel Less Stress While Paying Off Debt


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You may have thousands in credit card debt, but if you can put a hot meal on your table, I promise, you are doing much better than many others.

When you decide to give back, it will change your outlook on your own life and help you stay motivated and upbeat during your debt payoff years.

Giving Puts Things Into Perspective

It’s easy to compare yourself to the Jones’ next door and feel like you’re the one who has nothing. However, you probably aren’t realizing that the truth could be that the Jones’ could be in the same situation you are: drowning in debt!

When you’re giving to the poor, whether it be during the holidays or throughout the year, it puts things into perspective for you. Sure you may not be able to afford a new car right now, but some families can’t afford to turn on the heat during the winter. Or to get new shoes when their toes are protruding through the top.

Giving back teaches you to be more grateful for the things you own and allows you to be more content with what you already have, even if you are in debt. your life too.

Giving Helps You Not Want To Spend Money

Sometimes it takes being around those who have less, to make us realize we need to spend less.

When you donate time to helping others or give back to those in need, you will be less likely to spend money.

Giving to the poor helps you value every dollar a little more, and makes you think twice about spending it on non-necessities.

You’ll begin to question impulse purchases and ask yourself whether or not you really want to spend that money. Could you do with less? too.

Giving Teaches You About Your True Needs

Sometimes we take the things we need to survive for granted.

While a TV can make time spent at home more enjoyable, in all honestly, it is not a necessary need.

We’ve had friends over the past couple years who broke their home Air Conditioner and didn’t have the funds to fix it. We live in FL, so it is HOT over the summer, and they lived without the A/C because they couldn’t afford to get it repaired. You might think A/C is a necessity, but when you truly think about it, it is a luxury and can be an expensive one if it’s not working.

Those who give back have a better sense of wants versus needs and tend to make adjustments in their own lives to better help those in need.

By giving to the poor, you learn about what is indeed unnecessary and which things are a genuine need.

Giving Helps You Prioritize Your Debt

Being around people who are in a worse situation than you can help prioritize what’s important to you, and maybe even encourage you to get out of debt sooner so you will have the ability to give more to those less fortunate than you.

Think about volunteering during the holidays so you will see other families who are in more need than you are. That might encourage you to keep Christmas simple.


Feel Less Stress While Paying Off Debt


Download this FREE Guide to have more peace & less stress while getting out of debt.

Just like seeing and helping the homeless could make your small house feel like a home of luxury.

When you see first hand what is happening in your own area, and the need that exists, you want to push yourself to get out of debt so you can help others less fortunate.

Giving Is FREE

While giving back is obviously not a mandatory practice, don’t save the act of giving back for when you are out of debt.

Because the truth is that giving back does not require money and it is a life-changing experience.

Helping those in need, giving to the poor, is something you can’t buy from a store.

It could make the difference in the entire course of someone else’s life, and quite possibly may even change the way you live your life too.

Even though you may be in debt, there are others who have it worse than you.

Giving more can not only help change your lifestyle but also pay off your debt quicker.

Once you start giving, you might find that you can’t find a way to stop helping others.

Giving back is not just about helping those in need, but helping to change your mind and perspective on life to help keep you content with your own life too.


YOUR TURN: How does your family give back while living on a budget? What was the one thing that really helped your family start saving so you could give back even more? Let me know in the comments below!


How Giving More Can Help You Get Out Of Debt Quicker