Don’t you just love wind chimes? I sure do!

Every time I hear the soft clanking noise my mind drifts off to a relaxing day at the beach. Because, not only do they look great but they sound wonderful too!

You see, these easy DIY wind chimes not only make great gifts, but they help your budget out too, If you’re like me, you always seem to come home with a handful or two of shells from the beach, and that will make these easy DIY wind chimes so affordable.

Plus, seashells are always a popular gift since so many people love the ocean and the water.

Of course, DIY Wind Chimes don’t have to be made with shells, they can be made with so many things. If you don’t have shells, scrounge around your house and look for things that would have a nice dangle, and sound pretty when clanked together. Small wood sticks, keys, and even silverware would sound nice and look fun.

This post is part of our 30 Days Of Homemade Gifts Series. 30 gifts that are easy (and cheap) to make, but also something you’ll be proud to give.

Each Homemade Gift has to meet 5 stipulations in order to maximize your money and make it easy for a busy mom to do:

  1. Easy to obtain supplies –  Supplies are things you might already have on hand or are easy to find at Walmart or a craft store so you can get them in the same day you want to make it.
  2. Easy to make –  Supplies are easy to work with or use so that anyone could do it… not caustic… so you could do the craft with your kids.
  3. Quick to make –  It can be made in 30 minutes or less so it’s possible to make this gift in the middle of the night with products most likely already have on hand. (Note: It takes extra dry time and baking time for this project.)
  4. Cheap to make – You should be able to make the project without spending more than $10.
  5. Substantial – Each gift is “big” enough that you’ll feel confident giving it alone and not having to add a gift card to it.
    Multiple uses –
      Multiple gifts can be made out of the same supplies giving you options to use up all the supplies you buy.
    Saving Money Double Bonus: Try to think about what you already have on hand to upcycled and save more money.

Excited to learn how to make these DIY Wind Chimes? I can’t wait to show you!

DIY Wind Chimes

DIY Wind Chimes Supplies:

Note: If you made the custom wire wrapped bracelets, then you should have tons of the smaller beads left from that project to do this project too (bonus!).

If you decide to head to beach for your seashells grab the ones that already have holes in them. While most people pass these up because they are “not perfect”, they are perfect for making wind chimes because you don’t have to drill the holes! Yay!


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DIY Wind Chimes


Step 1: Paint The Metal Wreath Form

Since the wreath form only comes in green, you’ll want to paint it so that it will blend in with the shells, and so it doesn’t look like it’s meant to be used inside a green wreath.

Let dry before starting on your wind chimes.

DIY Wind Chimes

Step 2: Make Sure You’ve Got Holes In All Your Shells

You might need to drill holes in your shells. I borrowed my husbands electric drill and used the smallest drill bit I could find and just barely pressed through the top of the shell.

You could also use anything pointy (ice pick) to press a small hole in the shell. They puncture really easily so you don’t want anything too large or they’ll shatter.

DIY Wind Chimes

Step 3: Start Making The Chimes

Cut a piece of heavy duty fishing line about  3 – 4′ (feet!) long. Decide how you want your shells and beads to hang on your wind chimes.

Once you’ve made your pattern, you want to secure your fishing line to the table with a piece of tape to hold it steady while you bead and tie knots along the strand to hold everything in place.

I suggest using a surgeons knot to keep everything from moving once it’s tied to the fishing line.

This is a fun project to get your kids to help with. I enlisted mine and his friends:

Make sure when you add your shell to the line to thread the line back through the hole wrapping the line around itself twice, then pulling tight. Do this process again so that the shell stays in place.

Make sure that the last shell or bead has the locking surgeons knot. You can always fish the line back up through the shell or beads so that you don’t see the end of the line. Then snip the ends off of the fishing line.

Doesn’t this get you excited to make some more DIY seashell wind chimes crafts? Me too!

DIY Wind Chimes

Step 4: Add Chimes All Around The Wreath Form

While you are making chimes, it may be beneficial to hang the chimes on something like a cabinet hook or on the back of a door with a wreath hanger (side note: you can find those at the dollar store too). This way you can see how long you are making the chimes and know when to stop when you want to.

You can make all of the chimes the same length or you can make them cascading too. It all depends on how you want the chimes to look.

Use your imagination to make the best looking DIY Wind Chimes gifl. Clip any excess fishing line ends to make the wind chimes look tidy.

Now you’re ready to tie the metal wire to the top to use as a hanger. That’s as good as done!

DIY Wind Chimes

Other Easy DIY Creative Gift Ideas:

Here are a few other fun wind chime ideas you can make instead of using shells.

And here’s some seashell gift ideas (in case you have been collecting shells for a while and need some other projects to use the up).


Save Money On Your Craft Supplies

Download this FREE Guide to find 25 Ways to save money when you buy craft supplies so that your beautiful creations cost less.

Total Cost

  • Assorted Seashells – $0
  • Fishing Line 20-80 lb line – $0 (make sure it’s heavy duty; or $3.76 @ Walmart)
  • Scissors – $0
  • White Rustolem Spray Paint – $3.96 (@ Walmart)
  • Floral Garden Metal Wreath Forms 2 ct – $1 (@ Dollar Tree)
  • Metal Wire or Regular Wire – $1 (@ Dollar Tree)
  • Pliers – $0 (or $1 @ Dollar Tree)
  • Large Washer or Split Key Ring (for hanging) – $0 (or $1.99 for a 10 pk @ Hobby Lobby)
  • Beads – sizes medium to large. Here is what I bought: Blue & Green Acrylic Bead MixPink Acrylic Bead MixWhite & Clear Acrylic Bead Mix (approx. 26 large beads per pkg.) @ $7.99 (these go 50% off @ Hobby Lobby) = $4
  • Wreath Door Hanger (optional – so you can hang it while you are working on it)
  • Dremel Tool or small hand drill – $0 (Wood Hand Drill $2.99 @ Hobby Lobby)

Total Cost: Only $2 to buy the wreath form & metal wire, if you have the paint, beads & shells (or other thing to hang). If not it’ll cost you $6.96 for the wreath form, metal wire, paint & a bag of dollar store shells)

As you can see, these easy DIY wind chimes make great gifts! Now you can finally use up those shells from the beach and make great gifts too. I love that these easy DIY creative gift ideas are so affordable.

These DIY seashell wind chimes are always a favorite since so many people love the ocean and the water.

Of course, you don’t have to use shells, but they sure do look spectacular! I hope that this easy DIY wind chimes tutorial helps you to get creative this year and save some money too.

YOUR TURN: What else would you add to thse DIY Wind Chimes to make them extra special? Let me know in the comments below!

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