We all know how expensive a trip to the happiest place on earth can be, but when you are trying to add money to your Disney vacation account, it can be hard.

When it comes to a Disney vacation, you could be looking at spending a thousand dollars or more on your trip.

There are a ton of ways to save money ON your vacation, but unless you win an all-expenses paid trip to Disney, you will likely still need to save UP for your big trip.

Disney used to have an official “Disney Vacation Account” for you to set aside money for your trip. But with a lack of participation (probably due to the virtually non-existent perks) they closed the program in 2017. I was never a fan anyway because I felt that you should save the money in your own bank.

I’ve got loads of clever ways you can start saving in your Disney Vacation Account, which doesn’t have to include taking a second job.

Here are some of the most creative ways to save for your Disney vacation so you don’t use a credit card.

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Look For Discounted Or Free Disney Gift Cards

Since you know you’ll be going to Disney for your vacation, why not make your money go farther by getting discounted gift cards. And then using them to fund your Disney vacation account!

For example, you can get a $150 Disney Gift Card for $143 that’s $7 extra dollars of your own money you didn’t have to spend but you can use while on your vacation! I love free money!

Then, you can use these gift cards online at Disney Store websites, Disney Store retail locations, Disney World resorts (or on the phone when reserving your vacation), Disneyland, and even Disney Cruise Lines for shopping and dining locations.


Create A Plan For Your Money

These FREE Budgeting Spreadsheets will help you keep a pulse on your money (from the palm of your hand).

***IMPORTANT** There are two types of cards. The Disney Gift Card and the Disney STORE Gift Card.

Be sure you are purchasing a Disney Gift Card because that is the only one you can use at Disney World parks and at restaurants etc. The Disney Store Gift Card can only be used at the Disney Store (which is usually at a shopping mall, not a Disney Park).

I’ve got loads of tips to help you get yourself some FREE or discounted Disney gift card.

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Make A Disney Savings Account Jar

Starting today, make a pact in your home that no coins will ever be spent!

Then, save your spare pocket change and put it in a jar labeled “Disney Vacation Account”.

Once your jar gets full, take out the coins, have a family “coin rolling party” and add them to your vacation savings.

You will be surprised just how much your change can add up to! If you don’t carry cash, consider using an online service that will round up your daily purchases to the nearest dollar and easily help you save money without really feeling a crunch.

Here are 5 Super Easy (and Fun) Money Saving Challenges.

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Sell Your Clutter

I bet that if you went around your home right now, you could find a box or bag full of items you aren’t even using!

Bless another home with these items by hosting a yard sale, even an online yard sale.  Or sell them on a site such as eBay or Craigslist.

You will earn extra money fast! Put this extra money toward your Disney Vacation Account every time you make a sale.

Right now, go find 5 items you can sell THIS week! Then, set up a reminder to do the same thing next week 🙂 If you sell each item for just $5 each, you’ll end up with $100 in your vacation fund this month. Boom!

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Save Your Rewards

It’s time to dig out those forgotten rewards!

First, log in to each of your credit cards to see if you have any cash rewards you can use! You’d be surprised how much money you have stashed away on these cards!

Then, if you are still using the card, save the rewards towards your Disney vacation account to use for your trip! Even if you are earning just 1% back on your purchases, if you regularly use your card, this could start to add up quickly!

Please remember that you should only use this method if you can pay off your credit card each month! Obviously, if you are just charging expenses to your credit card that you can’t pay, you’ll end up in debt and worse off.

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Start No Spend Days

You may not be aware of how much money you spend each day. And this can help you live a little more frugally! If you have never done a no-spend period, start with weekly no spend days.

First, choose one day of the week, and don’t spend any extra money. I like to start out the day with a reminder on my phone.

Then, I set up a few extra alarms to go off before lunch and dinner so that I remember that today we are not spending any money. It’s amazing how oblivious we are to haphazardly spend money.


Create A Plan For Your Money

These FREE Budgeting Spreadsheets will help you keep a pulse on your money (from the palm of your hand).

By raising internal awareness one day of the week, it makes me more conscious of spending during the other days of the week. Therefore, you create a domino effect to spend less overall!

Then, put your extra money straight into your Disney Vacation Account, so you won’t spend it once the period is up!

If you are feeling ambitious, you can give a no spend week or even a month a try!

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Give Something Up

Ask yourself what you are willing to give up to visit Disney. Would you be willing to give up Hulu or Netflix for a couple of months? Could you do without new clothes for the next six months?

Every little bit will start to add up, and before you know it you’ll have enough for your trip!

Read how we cut our cable to save $604 each year!

Doing without is one of the easiest ways to save towards your Disney vacation account.

Furthermore, you may even find you don’t want them after you return from your trip!

By the end of your saving period, you will be hopping on a plane or driving down to your Disney vacation!

While some sacrificing of either your time or lifestyle may have been the reason you got here, just remember the feeling you will get when you enter the park.

By the end of it all, you will be glad you saved, and probably ready to start the process again so you can repeat the fun next year!

YOUR TURN: How are you going to add to your Disney Vacation Account? Let me know in the comments below!

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Creative Ways To Add Money To Your Disney Vacation Account