The Best Way To Maximize Your Profit When You Sell Your Stuff at a Yard Sale or a Consignment Shop

Garage Sale 1Once you have decluttered and cleaned out your living space and specified what will be done with each item and you have identified what can be sold online and determined the best way to get rid of your stuff is to hold a good old fashioned Yard Sale or to take your items to a consignment shop.

Here are some solid ways to maximize those profits:

Sell at Consignment Stores:

What to sell at Consignment Stores: gently used clothing, kids toys, household goods, sometimes furniture. Specialized items such sports products, too.

  • Contact The Store – Learn about their policies regarding condition of the items they will sell, length of time they will keep it, what they pay you, and all the other little details. Typical consignment shops will pay you 50%-80% of the selling price. That’s a great margin for simply dropping off an item and not having to find a buyer.
  • Be Flexible with Pricing – Consignment shops have to MOVE product. That means your items will start at a certain price, and then the price could decrease over the following months (when they run sales).
  • Best Products – Typical items that consignment shops sell are clothing (both kids and adults), toys and baby gear, jewelry and accessories, and furniture. You can find Sports consignment stores (Like Play It Again Sports) or baby specific stores (Once Upon a Child). They will usually only take items in relatively good condition. Typically for clothing, they will only will take items that are in season. However, that also means you can take a whole season’s worth in at once and don’t have to worry about shipping anything, which is very convenient.
  • Set a Deadline – Since a consignment shop is available at anytime, that can delay getting rid of items in your house. Decide upon a date to make the delivery and work toward meeting that deadline in the cleaning out process. Several consignment shops in my local area only accept products from people who have made an appointment.
  • Participate in a Super Consignment ShowMassive two day long consignment sales are popping up all over the country. There is a super consignment sale held on the Florida State Fair Grounds in October. It’s so big. Sell your stuff there!

If you still find that you have more to sell after visiting a consignment sale, then think about doing a yard sale:

Successful Selling at a Yard Sale:Make Money selling at a yard sale

  • Join Forces – The best bet to make the most during a Yard Sale is to join forces. If you live in a neighborhood, find out if they have a neighborhood wide sale (if not, maybe you can suggest running one). Otherwise, invite neighbors, family members or friends to join you with their own stuff ~ the more the merrier! Our neighborhood holds a sale twice a year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. They do all the advertising and signs and we just contribute that morning to the advertising fee (usually around $5 per home that participates). We typically make around $300! I think that’s great! But we could make more money if we split up the items, and listed them individually on Craigslist, Facebook or eBay. The best part about a Neighborhood sale is the time it takes. You only give up one day, usually 7/8am to noon and then you’re done! Plus, afterwards, we load all the stuff we didn’t sell in my car and drop it off at our local charity (Lighthouse Ministries).
  • Start Set-Up a Couple Days Ahead – Call on friends to borrow tables! Try to place items in the most attractive, uncluttered manner possible and try to use tables or other surfaces rather than the ground. Lots of people don’t enjoy bending or squatting to shop, especially for super cheap items 🙂
  • Have Cash On Hand – Ensure you have plenty of cash on hand for making change during the sale and discuss with your family who will be responsible for taking and watching over the money during the sale. Your shoppers will also appreciate it if you have plastic grocery bags to put their stuff in so set those bags aside in the weeks before you have the sale.
  • Rearrange During the Sale – Have you ever noticed that an item you saw and liked in a store was relocated or displayed differently the next time you came in? That’s a tactic retailers often use to help sell merchandise that hasn’t moved. Employ this in your yard sale. If something hasn’t sold in what you think is a reasonable amount of time, work on the display or move it. It might just sell!

Donate Everything Else!

Many charitable organizations, churches and shelters offer free pickup. They will plan to arrive at the end of your yard sale and cart away the rest of your stuff, not only for FREE but they can provide a receipt to use as a tax deduction! We strongly recommend making a few calls in your local area to make arrangements for this as it’s a sure-fire way to bless others with your stuff PLUS you have the added benefit of not having to take it somewhere, instant cleanup and the tax advantage. It’s a win-win situation for all involved. You can find some charitable organization resources in our Fox 13 Segment on Giving Gifts that Give Back.

What are some methods or resources you have used to sell your excess and earn extra cash?
Maybe your idea will help someone in ways we didn’t mention!

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