Spring is approaching which means house cleaning is entering everyone’s mind. We are providing some helpful house cleaning tips and tricks to save time and money during this new season. So, let’s get going and dive right in. It’s time to get excited about cleaning again.

Start With Something Easy

Let’s start our spring house cleaning tips and tricks with something easy.

I’m just going to be honest, the less you have in your home, the less you need to clean.

To clean efficiently, you must have proper space and be organized. Clear out old clothes, toys, furniture, and any other miscellaneous objects before you clean so that it’s easier TO clean!

Start by quickly going into each room and grabbing 10 items you see that you don’t need.

Then take those items and divide those items into three categories: sell, donate and trash.

By doing this, it will give you direction and a starting point. There are several excellent places to donate your possessions such as Goodwill, Salvation Army and many other local non-profit thrift stores (if you are in Brandon FL, we like to donate our items to Lighthouse Ministries).

Use Items You Already Have

Another one of my house cleaning tips and tricks, which will enable you to save money, is utilizing items already in your home to use to clean with, rather than buying expensive cleaning accessories.

For example, using used dryer sheets as dusters; instead of typical dust rags, they can attract dust just as well and even leave a lovely aroma. Don’t miss this article on 40 other ways to use dryer sheets too!

Another item commonly used are pillowcases for dusting ceiling fans. Pillowcases work great because you can easily pull them over the fan blades trapping the dust within the pillowcase.

Olive Oil is excellent for polishing Stainless Steel which can add a shine to faucets and steel appliances.

If you are really doing a deep clean in your house,  you can unscrew the air vents to clean them by soaking them in warm water and adding a little bit of dish soap. Easy Peasy and they’ll end up looking like new!

Repurpose Items

When you have items you just do not want to part with for one reason or another, instead of selling or donating them, breathe new life into these sentimental possessions by repurposing them.

It is not as difficult as you may think.

A fresh coat of paint, some simple repairs, or even refinishing the items will do the trick.

It’s a great way to save money while giving you an extreme sense of self-accomplishment as well as a fresh look!

Sell Unwanted Items

Organizing a neighborhood yard sale to sell the items that you chose not to utilize or repurpose will help you earn a little side money plus give you a relieved feeling to clear out your excess.

Yard sales can also give you a chance to reconnect with your neighbors while enjoying the spring weather.

You can make a weekend of it and have fun knowing that you are freshening the atmosphere in your home. It’s a freeing feeling as well as an easy way to fill your savings account!

Get Everyone Involved

Ever heard the saying “many hands make light work?” You’d hear it said often if you came to my house!

Because another one of my favorite spring house cleaning tips and tricks is to include everyone in the family.

This can be a fun experience for children because they are helping with a significant project that benefits the whole family.

Make a list of all that needs to be done, then assign each member a specific task. You will be amazed how quickly the process can be when everyone is participating.

Once again, have fun with the spring cleaning by playing music the entire time and having a family reward once you are finished. We like to offer incentives and for whoever gets their assignments done first gets a special prize.

A great reward for our family is to go to the Drive-In Theater the next day! It’s less expensive than going to the movie theatre, and it sure is fun!

Create A Cleaning Plan

One way to save time is to tackle each room one by one and prevent starting too many projects at the same time.

Develop a list for each room and go down the list checking off each accomplished task.

Set a time limit to keep yourself accountable and prevent spending too much time in one area.

Don’t forget to get everyone involved. You can either have everyone work in the same room which will make it move faster or assign a space to each person. Print this Free Spring Cleaning Checklist to get started!

By following these simple house cleaning tips and tricks, the warmth of spring will flow throughout your home, and the rays of sunshine will light up everyone’s life. Spring is a time of beauty and renewal. Let’s put the fun back into this prestigious event.

I know you are looking forward to rolling up your sleeves and getting this massive, but fun, project going. After all, summer is right around the corner, and it’s always nice to have a clean house ready for action!

YOUR TURN: Have you ever repurposed something? Comment below and tell me what you repurposed! I’d love to hear about it!

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