Did you know there are over 40 uses for dryer sheets? There are!

And let me tell you, I’ve got the best ideas on how to use them fresh out of the box and used!

Yes, Used!

Because if you can reuse something you’ve already used, now there are some uses for dryer sheets ideas that I love! It’s like getting a second purpose out of something for FREE! And who doesn’t love a good freebie?!

Plus, when you’ve used your dryer sheets uses for cleaning, you’ll see just how convenient and affordable they really are to use!

Since you’ll be saving so much money on all these tips, you’ll want to save those used dryer sheets!

Are you ready to see just how many uses for dryer sheets there really are?! Let’s get busy!

uses for dryer sheets

What To Do First With Your New Box Of Dryer Sheets

First, as soon as you open the box of dryer sheets…cut them in half and put them right back in the box.

Using half a sheet at a time will make the box last twice as long and double your money.

Using a full dryer sheet does not work any better and could actually harm your dryer by coating the drum and inner workings with film.

Then, as they come out of the dryer with the clothes, stuff them inside an old mailbox to make it easy to re-use them AGAIN! Talk about stretching your investment!

Look how they turned this literature holder into the cutest lint holder!


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Or how this hanging mailbox was used into one of the cutest farmhouse style lint holders for your laundry room!

Because who wants a boring laundry room anyway! Since you’ll be saving so much on your dryer sheets and reusing them, go ahead an splurge on this dryer sheet dispenser. It has a magnet on it so you can add it to the side of the dryer or it can hang on the wall to get it out of the way. Love that!

And, great news! No special brand works better than another. They all seem to work equally well to me. So just get the cheapest for all these uses.

uses for dryer sheets

Uses For NEW Sheets (Half-Sheet At Full Strength):

  1. Scrub Dirty Pots: Clean stubborn messes off dirty pots and pans by placing a dryer sheet on the bottom and letting it soak in water overnight. The next morning, the pot will be easier to clean. Grab this scrubber kit if you need the big guns to get that pot clean.
  2. Deep Clean Toilets: Take half a sheet and throw it in the bowl to get wet. Let sit for 10 minutes. Use the toilet bowl scrubber (or a gloved hand) to scrub the bowl.
  3. Scrub Your Shower: Wet a dryer sheet and use it to wipe away soap scum from your shower.
  4. Bug “Goo Gone: When you have bug splatters on your windshield (especially the “Love Bugs” in FL), simply wet the sheet and scrub area with a dryer sheet to remove the gunk.
  5. Kitchen Pan Clean-Up: Pans that have caked on foods are easy to clean after being soaked in warm water with a sheet or two. The food will come right off! After they have soaked, use a pot scraper to help get those stubborn bits off.
  6. Bounce Save The Day To Keep Bugs Away! Just rip the sheet in half and place several around your body to keep the mosquitoes away. Place sheets in pockets, hanging out of your shirt, and tuck half in your socks. We’ve only tried the Bounce sheets for this so you’ll have to let us know if any other brand works!
  7. Crayon Removal: Rub a new dryer sheet on fresh crayon marks on the wall and the crayon will come off.
  8. Freshen Scissors: Got some scissors that just seem to be stay stuck? While dryer sheets won’t sharpen or ungumify any scissors, they can help lubricate the cutting action making cutting go much smoother.
  9. Drawer Sachet: Add a new sheet to your clothes drawers. It will help you clothes smell cleaner for longer.
  10. Smell Fresh Vaccuming: Add a dryer sheet to your vaccum canister or bag. As the air circulates through, it will release a fresh scent.
uses for dryer sheets

Uses For Used Dryer Sheets:

  1. Clean Paint Brushes: Simply place the paintbrushes into a container with warm water and then place in a used dryer sheet. What can be a difficult time getting latex paint off of the brushes becomes amazingly simple, and the brushes should be clean within a few minutes. Use a painter’s comb to get all the rest of the bits of paint out of the brush.
  2. Wipe Up Small Particle Messes: The sheet will help attract the small particles for spills such as flour and powder making clean-up super easy. They can also be used out at Dad’s workbench to clean up excess sawdust. Use a lint roller to get the rest if there is any.
  3. Computer Screen / Keyboard Cleaner: **Do NOT use on non-glass screens as they could damage them.** Used dryer sheets are also good to use to clean the dust and fingerprints off computer screens and keyboards. It will clean out any tiny hairs and particles that have settled around the keys. For a deep down clean in your keyboard, use a duster spray.
  4. Clean Glass Lenses: **ONLY GLASS LENSES** If you wear glasses and you have glass lenses, you can use the dryer sheet to clean smudges off them. An added benefit is that the dryer sheets will help repel dust so that the glasses remain clean longer than if you simply wipe them off with a paper towel or other cloth. For plastic lenses, use a lens cleaner wipe.
  5. Window Blinds: Due to their anti-static properties, not only do you get the blinds clean, but also will help to prevent them from getting as dirty in the future. Continue to wipe down periodically to keep clean.
  6. Furniture Dusting: Dryer sheets make wonderful dusters on wood furniture. They can be used with or without dusting spray. Because of all the nooks and crannies that the dryer sheets have, they are wonderful for picking up dust and other particles that gather on wood furniture.
  7. Keep Your Washer & Dryer Clean: Grab the dryer sheet immediately upon emptying the dryer of your clean clothes. Take the used dryer sheet to wipe out any hard-to-get lint that remains trapped inside the lint trap. You can also dust off the top of your dryer with your dryer sheet.
  8. Freshen Sleeping Bags & Tents: Place a few used dryer sheets into the sleeping bags and tents each time you pack them away to keep your tents & sleeping bags smelling fresh, and not like campfire smoke. This is especially effective when there is no time to wash them before storing them away.
  9. Bathroom Freshener: Take the used dryer sheet and place it inside the toilet paper roll tube. Every time that you pull sheets of toilet paper off the role, the roll will spin sending out some of the dryer sheet fresh scent into the bathroom.
  10. Fabric Applique: If you are sewing and need to make an applique with clean finished lines, sew the dryer sheet to the right side of the applique fabric along the design lines. Cut a small line in the dryer sheet to give enough room so you can turn it inside out. Use a blunt point stick to smooth out the sewn sides and press with an iron. You will end up with an applique that has the edges finished and you can either hand sew it to your project or attach with a sewing machine.
uses for dryer sheets
  1. Remove Static Electricity: Wipe a dryer sheet over hair or clothing to quickly eliminate frustrating static. If that doesn’t work, use this spray. I use it all the time.
  2. Get Rid of Old Book Smell: To keep old books from smelling musty, place a dryer sheet in between the pages.
  3. Remove Pet Hair: Instead of using expensive sticky lint rollers. Wipe dryer sheets over rugs, furniture, clothing, or anywhere pet hair accumulates to quickly remove it.
  4. Freshen Shoes: To make shoes smell better, place a dryer sheet in the sole and let it sit overnight.
  5. Clean Chrome: Remove water spots from chrome faucets by scrubbing them with a dryer sheet.
  6. Keep Garbage Cans Fresh: Line them at the bottom of garbage cans. They’ll help absorb leaks and odors when you switch bags. If you tend to have especially stinky trash (or are a homeschool family like me, who generates more trash than the average) you can sprinkle a little Baking Soda in the bottom too.
  7. All-Purpose Deodorizer: Instead of purchasing air fresheners, keep your home smelling nice by stashing dryer sheets anywhere you want odors absorbed. Think sports baskets. We have baskets of sports products, knee-pads, soccer shoes etc… throw a couple of used sheets in the bottom and it will fend off those potential odors.
  8. Mask Stinky Diapers: Throw some in your diaper bag to wrap around a dirty diaper to keep it from smelling until you can throw it away.
  9. Fresh Car: Place sheets under the seats of your car to help keep a fresh smell.
  10. Travel Bags: Keep your clothes smelling fresh while you travel by throwing a sheet or two in your luggage. Plus, you’ll have some dryer sheets if you need to laundry while you’re away.
uses for dryer sheets
  1. Clean Dust off TV’s: Use one to wipe down the dust and particles from your glass tv screen. This will also help repel dust in the future.
  2. Freshen Laundry Hampers: Dirty clothing in the hamper might not smell the greatest, so place a dryer sheet in the bottom to help mask some of those odors.
  3. Gym Bags: Keep your gym bag smelling fresh by throwing one sheet inside to help hide those bad smells.
  4. Sewing: After threading a needle, quickly run it through a dryer sheet to help keep the thread from tangling.
  5. Polish Chrome: One simple dryer sheet ran over chrome faucets will get them sparkling clean.
  6. Baseboards: Clean your baseboards to remove the hair and dust that accumulates and help repeal those in the future.
  7. Scrapbooking: You can add texture to a page with a dryer sheet, and your page will smell fresh and clean!
  8. Gift Envelopes: Talk about cute! Fold a dryer sheet into the shape of an envelope and use your sewing machine to sew a decorative border. Tuck a cute note (or scripture verse) inside! Get specific instructions here.
  9. Loose Hairs: The static will help pick up loose hairs on your sink and counter by rubbing a used dryer sheet across them.
  10. Clean Your Iron: Have residue on your iron? Just heat it up on low and iron the dryer sheet until the residue disappears.
uses for dryer sheets
  1. Dashboard: Keep a couple used dryer sheets in your car to wipe down the dash and help prevent dust from sticking.
  2. Plants: Place a sheet in the bottom of your flower pot to cover the drainage holes without letting out any soil. Plus, the sheet can be used to gently dust the plant leaves.
  3. Quilts: Use them instead of paper when doing ‘paper piecing’ for quilts. First ironed them smooth, then trace your pattern onto the dryer sheets. They’re lightweight, don’t add bulk to your quilt & they smell great.
  4. Calm Pets Down (for a storm): Remove the static in their fur by rubbing down your pets with a used dryer sheet before a storm. It will help to relieve the stress they feel.


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  1. Fan Blades: Clean the blades of your fan easily by rubbing a used dryer sheet down them. The dust will cling to the sheet instead of spreading throughout the room.
  2. Whiteboard Erasers: Simply use in place of a full eraser (mismatched socks also work great too).
  3. Emergency Swiffer Pad – Place a used dryer sheet on your swiffer broom to pick up that dust and dirt.
  4. Candle Soot Stains – Freshen those candles up for the next light by taking a used dryer sheet and swiping up that soot out of the candle jar. It will look good as new. Use a wick trimmer often to prevent it occuring.
  5. Clean Hairbrushes – Rub a dryer sheet through the tines of the hairbrush to remove hair, dirt and debree.
  6. Safety Glasses Dust Repellant– Take a used dryer sheet and gently rub the outside of the lenses to repell dust.
uses for dryer sheets

A Super Easy Way To Re-purpose Your Laundry Room Trash: Make A Fire Starter

Combining used dryer sheets with dryer lint make an excellent fire starter.

As you are unloading the clothes from the dryer, take the used dryer sheet and wipe the lint trap. Take an empty toilet paper or paper towel tube and fill it with the dryer sheets and lint.

Once filled in the middle, fold the ends inward so that the contents are kept inside. You now have an instant fire starter.

These work great in the fireplace or when building a camp fire.

I personally do not use dryer sheets for our clothing., but with all these uses that work so good, I buy them when they are cheap!

If you are sensitive to perfumed scents for your clothing, but still want to remove the static, simply use 1/4 cup vinegar in the softener cup of the washer. It’s cheap and even removes soap residue from the washer!

As you can see, if you can reuse something you’ve already used, now there are some uses for dryer sheets ideas that I love! It’s like getting a second purpose out of something for FREE! And who doesn’t love a good freebie?!

Plus, when you’ve used your dryer sheets uses for cleaning, you’ll see just how convenient and affordable they really are to use!

So since you’ll be saving so much money on all these tips, you’ll want to save those used dryer sheets!

Your Turn: Do you know of any other uses for dryer sheets that isn’t mentioned above? Share with me below!

uses for dryer sheets
Over 40 Other Uses For Dryer Sheets That You Need To Know