Looking forward to some Disney trips?

Part of enjoying your Disney trips in a budget-friendly way is having all of your travel essentials before you enter the park.

Disney parks have everything you could ever dream of to make your experience magical.

However, some of these “essential” items can be found for much less!

In fact, you can find many of the travel items you need for your Disney vacation right at your local dollar store.

By purchasing these items at the Dollar Store instead of the parks, you’ll be able to keep more of your Disney dollars in your pocket to put toward the things that count, like Dole Whips and Mickey Ice Cream Bars.

Here are the items you must buy for a Disney vacation at the dollar store.

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Sanitizing Items

If you run out of hand sanitizer or wipes while in the park, you can bet one of the various shops at Disney World will have some available for you. They may even have Mickey Mouse on them!

However, should you need to buy them on your Disney trips, they’ll cost you ten times as much!


Create A Plan For Your Money

These FREE Budgeting Spreadsheets will help you keep a pulse on your money (from the palm of your hand).

Thousands of people go through those parks every single day, and that means there are germs everywhere!

It’s nice to have some hand sanitizer handy to avoid germs and wipes to use after enjoying a messy snack.

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Wipes: Baby or Sanitizing (or Both!)

If you’ve ever had an experience with a melty Mickey Bar, then you know you’ll need some form of hand wipes on hand.

The stickiness combined with germs is enough to make me want to throw up.

Listen, they just come in handy so you don’t have to make extra trips on your Disney trips to the bathroom to wash up!

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I know what you are thinking, sunscreen from the dollar store? Well, unless you have some on hand then yes, you are gonna need it in this hot Florida sun.

Please don’t pass up a tube or spray bottle if you don’t have any because they will cost you close to $15 in the parks! Yikes for sure!

Remember, there is a way to get sunscreen for a fraction of the price when you use coupons. But, if you are headed on your Disney trips within the next 6 weeks, then you probably won’t be able to score a bottle for next-to-nothing, so you’re better off getting one from the dollar store.

My Mom always said, “A bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush!” Be prepared with your cheap sunscreen and be glad you don’t get a sunburn!

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I won’t lie, when I head to the parks, I have been known to indulge in a Mickey treat or two.

However, I don’t think it’s necessary to eat all your snacks from the snack stands.

The dollar store has a variety of snacks and even containers to bring with you on your Disney trips!

Keep some snacks in the hotel room to avoid late-night cravings on your Disney trips. Also, bring some in your backpack to the park to prevent rumbling tummies while you’re waiting in line.

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Water Bottles

There are a few places in the park where you can score water without the price tag. It gets hot in Florida, and you can bet it’s going to be hot on your Disney trips. Any restaurant that serves drinks in cups and not bottles is a great place to cool off and drink free iced water!

Save money on water by bringing your water bottles and filling them up in the parks. The dollar store has tons of water bottles you can choose from, and you might even find a few with Disney themes!

Plus the great thing about bringing dollar store bottles is you won’t feel bad when your child loses one. It might be a good thing to buy a couple of extras just in case. Afterall, they are only a $1!

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Drink Mix

If your family gets tired of water easily, then pick up a couple of boxes of drink mixes as well for you Disney trips.

Bring bottles of water with you, then, when you’re thirsty, simply add in a drink mix packet and shake! (I bring along packets of sweetener to add to mine also.)

There’s nothing better than lemonade on a hot day and you won’t be tempted to buy that frosted lemonade frozen treat that’s quite expensive!

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Florida weather can be a pain! One minute it will be sunny and the next it will be pouring down rain!

Disney ponchos are a whopping $10 each!

Be prepared and buy your ponchos from the dollar store ahead of time, and bring them with you on your Disney trips.

They don’t take up much space in your backpack, but they sure are nice for keeping your clothes dry in a 10-minute sun shower (or when you ride Splash Mountain).

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Plastic Bags

As I mentioned earlier, Disney allows you to bring snacks inside the park.

Sandwich bags are great for more than just a tasty sandwich.

You can use them to put in spare clothes, leftovers from lunch, or even your sunscreen.

You can pack all of your essentials in plastic bags, and avoid making a mess in your backpack while you walk around the park on your Disney trips.

Yes, I had a sunscreen bottle explode all inside my backpack, and no it was not fun cleaning it up. Keep a few extra bags inside yours so you don’t experience the same problem 🙂


Almost every ride leads you to the gift shop when you exit!

Avoid the temptation on your Disney trips by purchasing a few fun gifts for your kids before you go from the dollar store!

This will save you a ton of money, and you can skip the hefty price tags.

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Glow In The Dark Items

I honestly think there is nothing better than when the sun goes down and you get to clasp a glow-in-the-dark necklace around your neck.

As the nighttime parade or fireworks begin, the park will be selling similar objects for $8 or more each.


Create A Plan For Your Money

These FREE Budgeting Spreadsheets will help you keep a pulse on your money (from the palm of your hand).

If your kids enjoy the glow in the dark things in the parks, be sure to pick up a few glow sticks or other light-up toys for them to use at night.

They can still enjoy the light-up magic without the Disney price tag on your Disney trips.

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Princess Stuff

If you haven’t bought a Disney costume or accessory in a while, let me save you the trouble.

The parks will charge hundreds for sunglasses, jewelry, and even princess dresses in the park.

Head to the dollar store and look for some accessories and get your dress-up items ready before you even head on your Disney trips.

Your daughter will still be a Disney princess, but you don’t have to waste hundreds on the paraphernalia.

There are so many great finds at the dollar store that can help you save big on your Disney trips!

Make sure to check this list before you head to the park to make sure you have everything you need for your Disney trip.


YOUR TURN: What other souvenirs for your Disney trips were you excited to find at the dollar store? Let me know in the comments below!

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Must-Buy Dollar Store Items For Your Disney Trips