Spring is just around the corner, and before you know it, it’ll be time to break out the cleaning tools and give your home a deep cleaning It’s nice to get every room in the house spruced up and aired out. Deep cleaning your living room can be tough. It’s one of the most visited rooms in our homes and one of the first rooms our guests will see when they visit. This is why giving your living room a good spring cleaning is so important!

If your living room doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic, you may not need to do all of these. Remember that these tips are guidelines and should be adapted to fit your home and your family best! Here are some tips for deep cleaning the living room and getting it uncluttered.

Getting Started

Gather everything you are going to need in one central location. Grab a box or bag for trash, donations, and recycling. Now get a basket and go around the room and gather up anything that belongs in other areas of the house. Now you are ready to begin. Remember when cleaning always work top to bottom. You don’t need to get dust and dirt on what you just cleaned.

Walls & Ceilings

Start by dusting the ceiling well. Remove pictures and art from the wall where you can. Sweep out and dust webs that are in the corners. Now dust down the walls from top to bottom. If any of the walls have spots that need to be cleaned do this now. A magic eraser is great for things like dark smudge marks or crayon. Go over the light covers, door knobs, and switches. Remember to dust the air vents too. Wipe down the door frame and front of the door when you come to it.

Dust and wipe down picture frames. Use a damp cloth to clean the glass of the picture frames. Now move on to the ceiling fan. It may just need dusting, or it may need to be cleaned with something more. Clean the light fixture now too. Remove and wash gently with glass cleaner or warm soapy water.

Windows & Curtains

Take down curtains and draperies. If they are going to the dry cleaners, bag them and put them in the car right away. If you are going to machine wash them, put them in the washer and get them going. Remove and clean blinds. You can clean mini blinds by placing them in warm water with a simple cleaning solution in the bathtub.

Wipe down windowsill and panes. Use your vacuum attachment to clean out the window sills. Remove your screens. You can take these outside and gently hose them down. Wash the windows from the inside and outside.

Clean The Furniture

Check couches and chairs for anything that may have gotten down in the cracks. Wipe down leather furniture and vacuum fabric covered pieces. Use upholstery cleaner for any spots that are heavily soiled.

Moving On…

Next will be the lamps and knickknacks. A lint brush is great for cleaning lamp shades. Wipe lamps and decorative items down with a microfiber cloth. Now is the time to get rid of knickknacks you don’t want.  Dust your end tables and coffee table. Use a nice cleaner like Murphy’s Oil Soap for wood surfaces.

If you have bookshelves, go shelf by shelf and remove the books, cleaning, and dusting as you go. Sort out what needs to be donated and what is trash. Make a pile.

Clean Your Electronics

Unplug all your electronic devices. Dust them and wipe down cords. Dust and clean the television screen. Make sure all cords are in good working order and that there are no tangled-up messes. Clean under and behind electronics.

Finishing Up

Lastly, clean the floor. Vacuum all rugs thoroughly. You may need to rent a steam cleaner. Air out rugs and vacuum them well too. Shake out and clean doormats and make sure you clean the outside of your door as well. It’s where the dirt begins. Replace any that need to be replaced.

Now your living room is clean and ready for a new season. A clean home is a peaceful and restful one.

YOUR TURN: Where would you start cleaning in your living room? Let me know in the comments below!

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