So you want to spring clean your house, but you are limited on time. You need to get it done quickly and would like to see it happen in one day. Sound impossible? It doesn’t have to be, but you have to have a plan!

Getting Started

Gather up your supplies and have a cleaning bucket what you carry them with you. Make sure that besides your cleaners, you also have rubber gloves, trash bags, microfiber cloths for dusting and paper towels. Have your sink, washer and dryer emptied out and ready to go.

If you have young children, arrange for them to go to a friend’s house if possible. Place, in a central location, a donate, trash and recycle box. Have a basket that you can use to place things in which don’t belong in whatever room you are in. Now you are ready to go.

Get The Washer Going

Before you start cleaning go around and gather up any bed linens, throw pillows and throw rugs that need to be washed. Get a load started so these things can be all ready to put back in place at the end.

Get Busy Decluttering

If you have a top floor, start there. The first thing you should do in any room is to declutter. Make a quick sweep of the room. Place anything that doesn’t belong in that room in the basket to put away later. Consider each item on dressers, end tables, and bookshelves. Do I need or what, that? If not, put it in the right pile to dispose of later.


When cleaning a room work from top to bottom, why dirty up what you just cleaned? Dust the ceiling and light fixtures first. Microfiber cloths are nice, as they collect the dust instead of spreading it. Use a long-handled duster to reach corners and high spots. Dust pictures and any decorative items. A lint brush is handy for doing lampshades. Dust blinds. If they need to be deep cleaned, plan that for another day.

Windows & Glass

Once your dusting in the room is done, then you can move on to windows and mirrors. Spray and wipe them down Clean out window sills too. Spray and wipe down. Vacuum up dirt, dust and dead bugs. In bathrooms now is the time to spray and wipe down counters.

Cleaning The Kitchen

Follow the general guidelines above, but there are some things to get going before you start cleaning. Have hot, soapy water ready in the sink for kitchen vent filters and stove grates. Move everything off your counters onto the table. Now do your dusting and window washing.  Wipe down cupboards and cabinets working your way down the to the stove backsplash and countertops.

Clean your appliances on the outside. Scrub up what’s been soaking and put it all back together. Only tackle the inside of the fridge if you have the time. Put away everything on the table. As you put things back, again ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” Save cleaning out the cupboards for another day.

Clean The Bathrooms

You can do each bathroom individually or do the tasks needed all at one time. Either way, start by putting toilet bowl cleaner in the toilets to soak. Spray down the shower walls and clean them, then move onto the tub, faucets, and fixtures. Wipe down the counters and mirrors. Now go back and clean the toilets. Floors are all being saved for last.

Floors & Carpets

Now that you have cleaned your rooms it’s time to deal with floors. Spot clean carpets, and while the carpet cleaner is doing its work, you can work on hardwood floors and baseboards. Magic sponges are wonderful for baseboards! Clean the baseboards in each room and sweep hardwood floors. Mop or use Swiffer to clean the floors. Then go back and vacuum your other rooms.

Finishing Up

Gather up all trash and dispose of it. Put all donate items in your car immediately. Make the beds and put the clean rugs and pillows back. Take your basket of miscellaneous items from the various rooms and go from room to room putting things away. If there is no place for it get rid of it.

Put out some fresh flowers, put something lovely in your essential oil diffuser and relax. You earned it.

YOUR TURN: Have you ever done a Spring clean of your whole house in a day? Let me know in the comments below!

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