When was the last time you set foot in your guest room? Odds are, unless you have a lot of guests, it’s been a little while! Our guest rooms sometimes become a storage room, spare bedroom, and office all in one! Today, we are going to spring clean our guest rooms to make them ready for the next time you have guests!

Open The Windows

If it’s not too cold outside, go ahead and open up the windows. This will allow a little bit of fresh air into the room, and make it smell fresh. If you can’t open your windows, then burn a few candles or diffuse essential oils.

Wash The Sheets And Curtains

Strip all the guest bedrooms of their sheets and curtains and get them washed! If you start this early, you’ll be able to remake the bed by the time you are done cleaning! If you haven’t cleaned the mattress pad in a while, make sure to wash this too. If your pillows need a refresh, you can go ahead and do them now as well.

Make Room In Drawers And Closets

Sometimes our guest rooms turn into extra storage for all of our junk! When you have visitors, you need to give them a space to put their things! Empty out a drawer in the nightstand, and empty as much of the closet as you can so they can hang their clothes. I leave a couple of hangers in the closet and relocate the rest of the items, so there is plenty of room for guests.

Wipe Down Surfaces

One of the best places to start is by wiping down the surfaces of your guest room. This includes fan blades, dresser tops, nightstands, windowsills, and any other surfaces of your room. You want to work top to bottom, so you don’t spread dirt and dust around the room. Wipe in an S pattern to avoid streaking, and use the appropriate cleaner for the job.

Wipe Down Light Fixtures

While you are wiping down surfaces, don’t forget about your light fixtures! These light fixtures are full of dust and dirt. If your light fixture is on the ceiling, don’t forget to take down the lampshade and give it a quick clean.

Clean Windows

Use your favorite glass cleaner of choice and wipe down the windows. Since these rooms aren’t used regularly, they may be looking a little gross. If you need to, wipe them down two times.

Wipe Down The Baseboards

Your baseboards are one of the most neglected parts of a bedroom. Since they are on the ground, we tend to just pass them by. Give these a good scrub and get them to shine.

Empty The Trash

If you have a trash can in the guest room, go ahead and empty it now. If it’s been awhile since you’ve had guests, the trash is probably pretty old. After the trash is emptied, go ahead and clean the trash can. Trash cans hold a lot of nasty materials in them, and it doesn’t take long for them to get dirty. After you’ve finished the trash can, go ahead and add a liner to the can. You can use an old plastic grocery bag or anything else you’d like to use.


Now that you have finished cleaning the rest of the room, it’s time to vacuum. All of the dirt and dust from the higher surfaces may have fallen onto the floor, which is why I suggest vacuuming last. Make sure to move pieces of furniture, if possible, and move things off the floor to get those neglected spaces.

Remake The Bed

By now, your guest room should be clean, and your laundry should be done. If you haven’t been able to finish all of the linens by this point, make your bed based on what is done. Don’t forget about throw pillows or any other accessories you have on the bed. If you like to keep extra blankets for your guests, go ahead and take the time to get those ready now.

Your guest room should always be ready for guests, and now your guest room will be clean, organized, and prepared for anyone who comes to visit.

YOUR TURN: What other things do you do to make your guests feel cozy while staying in your guest room? Comment below!

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