Why do we hang on to so much stuff? There are so many things we keep just in case we might need it again. And all it leads to is clutter and mess. Well, it’s time to take charge and let go! Here are lots of things you can get rid of with no regret. It will free up your home and allow you to relax and enjoy what you do have.

In The Kitchen

  • Chipped or cracked dishes.
  • Plastic containers you have saved.
  • Lids that have nothing to go on. Plastic containers without lids
  •  Out of date food.
  • Kitchen gadgets or appliances you never use.
  • Extra mugs and glasses. Keep only what you really need. Same for plates and bowls.
  • Old food in the freezer.
  • Spices you won’t use.
  • Recipe books you don’t really need.
  • Extra pots, pans or bakeware.
  • Food in the cupboards you aren’t going to eat.

In The Craft Or Sewing Room

  • Buttons – get rid of them or sell them.
  • Projects you have started and are never going to finish.
  • Bits and pieces of this and that, which really mean nothing.
  • The fabric you won’t use.

In The Bed & Bath

  • Old linens, blankets, and towels. They just take up space.
  • Half used bottles of shampoo, etc. that you don’t like.
  • Out of date medicine.
  • Flat, worn-out pillows or cushions.
  • Extra coat hangers
  • Stuffed animals that are taking over.
  • Soap slivers.

Personal Care

  • Outdated makeup
  • Clothes that are too small, too big or you haven’t worn in a year. If it doesn’t look good or is worn.
  • Socks with holes or no matches. Stockings with runs.
  • Baby items you no longer need. If you plan on having more children, keep the best and donate the rest.
  • Things like soap, bubble bath that you have that you won’t use. Donate to a woman’s shelter.
  • Mismatched jewelry, single earrings.
  • Shoes that are out of style, don’t fit, or you just don’t like anymore.
  • Hair products you don’t use anymore. Old hair dye.
  • Fingernail polish you don’t like or is half dried up.

Around The House

  • Books that you are keeping in hopes of getting to them. Books you have read.
  • Magazines – pull out articles you really want and toss the rest or donate to a senior center.
  • Old encyclopedias and reference books. If it’s online get rid of it.
  • Ink pens that don’t work, broken crayons and dried out markers.
  • Most of what’s in your attic. If you forgot it was there, get rid of it.
  • Bulky things you rarely use and can rent or borrow.
  • Boxes from things you have purchased.
  • Knickknacks that are just cluttering things up.
  • Old toys, broken toys, ones that are no longer played with.
  • Used candles
  • Old furniture that is broken or stored back for “someday”.


  • Anything you don’t like.
  • Games and puzzles with missing pieces.
  • Old phone chargers, power packs or cords.
  • Manuals – you can find them online
  • Scraps of all kinds of paper. Wrapping paper, junk mail, old receipts.
  • The artwork you don’t like or is ugly.
  • Computers and out of date software
  • Plastic bags
  • Hobby items you no longer enjoy.
  • Old paint and chemicals.
  • DVDs you won’t watch again or can easily get online. Same with CD’s, VHS, old cassette tapes.
  • Old photos you hate.
  • Old greeting cards.
  •  Plants or flowers that are past their prime.
  • Broken or ugly yard ornaments.
  • Sports equipment you no longer need or is broken. Same with outside play equipment.
  • Old diaries, calendars, newspapers, etc.
  • Kids art- pick a few special ones, take pictures of the rest.
  • Leftover DIY material.
  • Old computer games and accessories.

Clear out anything that you simply do not need. If it makes you unhappy, sad or feeling guilty, get rid of it. If it’s taking up lots of space and you hardly use it, sell it or get rid of it. Clear out your email, your camera, your Facebook of pics, people and things that clutter your life. Decluttering is very freeing! Getting rid of stuff means you have time to enjoy the things you want!

YOUR TURN: What items are you ready to get rid of without regret? Let me know in the comments below!

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