I’ve heard the excuse a million times that I have a small closet; I don’t have room to store anything. There are plenty of ways you can make your space more organized and gain closet space, even if you have a small closet! If you have the right products, and the right tips, you can gain valuable closet real estate without a lot of extra work! You don’t need to renovate the closet to increase closet space. Here are some brilliant ways to gain closet space.

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter!

If you don’t have a lot of closet space, it may be that you have useless things in your closet! Start by taking everything out of your closet, and get rid of anything you are not using. You may be surprised how much you have in your closet that doesn’t even belong in there.

Use The Floor Space

One of the best ways to gain more closet space is by maximizing the floor space.  You should still be able to get to everything, so don’t completely cover the floor, but don’t be afraid to use a cubby or other low to-the-ground storage solutions. Find a solution that best utilizes the floor from wall to wall.

Go Vertical

One of the least utilized spaces in our closet is vertical space. Stack bins and boxes in your closet that you don’t use often! If you have a few high to reach areas, go ahead and purchase a step stool that you can store in your closet, and pull it out to reach those hard to reach areas.

Use Hangers To Your Advantage

You can use hangers for a whole lot more than just clothes! Hangers are great for storing scarves, belts, purses, ties, and so much more. This can help free up some of your shelves as well as floor space! Stack sweaters and jackets on to one hanger. If you don’t use them that often like we do in Florida, you can save valuable space.

Use The Closet Door For Additional Space

If you aren’t using your closet door for extra space, you are missing out big time! Add an over the door hanger, a few hooks, or some other storage solution to your closet door for storage. You can hang your shoes, purses, jewelry and so many other things using these systems.

Find A Way To Store Small Objects

If you tend to store smaller items in your closet, find a container, bin, or something to keep all of these things. This is a great catchall spot for small items that will keep them organized, and off of the floor.

I was given this jewelry organizer years ago and it has been wonderful! I can easily see all the earring and bracelets and I even keep some mementos that the kids have given me over the years.

Don’t Dismiss Corners

Corners can be an awkward space and are often wasted in a closet. When adding storage solutions to your space, make sure to include some corner shelves, rods, or stack bins so that they can be used in those otherwise wasted corners. This will help you use up this space and keep wasted space to a minimum.

Under The Bed Storage

If you are looking for a way to relieve some of your closet storage, consider under the bed storage. You can get a few under the bed bins or even drawers to store your items. Make sure to put the items you don’t regularly use under the bed as they can be a little challenging to get to. This one isn’t really a closet tip, but since it’s a way to gain closet space, it made the list!

Think about keeping your winter clothes under the bed. Since you may want to keep some winter clothes on hand even in Florida, under the bed storage is a great way to keep them but out of the way for the other 360 days of the year.

Keep Your Space Maintained

One of the best ways to keep your closet spacious is to keep the space maintained. Declutter your closet regularly, and don’t be afraid to take things out when you get new items.

Leave Room To Grow

Your needs will change, and you will continue to get stuff even if you stop shopping. One way to make sure you don’t lose closet space in the future is by leaving room to grow in your closet. Make sure that you don’t fill every crevice of your closet, and make sure you leave a little space. When you leave room for your closet to grow, you are making less work for yourself and keeping closet space.

Don’t Forget Behind the Door

Every square inch of your closet is valuable real estate. Get creative and use it up. We have a weird closet where the back of the door goes up against a wall. Instead of having a jewelry chest, I lined the wall with Command Hooks and hung up my necklaces and bracelets. This is great because they don’t get tangled and I can see them easily.

You don’t have to have a large closet to have a lot of extra space! If you follow these tips, you’ll not only have a clean and organized closet, but you’ll gain more closet space then you ever knew you had.

YOUR TURN: What’s your plan for your closet? Let me know in the comments below!

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