Is spring cleaning at the forefront of your mind these days? What if you could clean up and tidy your home just once, and then never need to do it ever again? You may be thinking this is impossible, but organizing consultant Marie Kondo claims that her method of tidying will be a one-time thing you’ll never need to do again!

With over two million copies of her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up sold throughout the globe, does it work? We are going to dive deep into decluttering the Konmari Method, to help you keep your home clutter free for good.

Let Go Of Anything That Doesn’t Spark Joy

One of the first things Marie Kondo teaches in her book is let go of any item in your home that does not spark joy. She challenges you to visualize what a life without clutter would mean for you and make this dream become a reality. Kondo claims that once you get rid of the things that don’t bring you joy, you will have the free space for the things you love.

Someday Will Never Come

It may be embarrassing to admit, but the truth is that “I’ll do it someday” is just an excuse to hang on to things we don’t need. We hold on to things for the promise of things we may need eventually. However, the truth is that someday doesn’t come. While it is good to be prepared, it also comes at a cost. When we let go of these items, we also find that we never truly needed them in the first place. If in the future we need these items, we may be able to borrow it from a friend, or we can replace it.

Tidy All At Once

One of the key methods to tidying according to the Konmari Method is not decluttering a little at a time, but instead tidying all at once. She states that she’ll dress up for the event, and do it all in just one day. While this might seem overwhelming to some, the truth is that once you start tidying you build momentum. After getting rid of the easy stuff, you’ll be motivated to take on the hard stuff. If however, you break it up across multiple days, you will end up losing that momentum.

Tidy By Category, Not By Location

Instead of tidying your home room by room, the Konmari method focuses on tidying by category. Her categories include clothing, books, papers, komono (misc.), and sentimental. She stresses that you tidy in this order, leaving sentimental items for last. In her book, she asks that you put everything in each category in a pile on the floor and go through it one item at a time to determine if it sparks joy. By doing it with this method, you are forced to touch each item and sort through everything first. For items that were “missed” when putting together the pile, she states you must discard them.

Discard, Then Put Items Back

One of her biggest takeaways is to discard the items you own first, then put them away. While it might sound silly, it works wonderfully. The space you are organizing will usually be overflowing with stuff. Until you have gotten rid of the excess, you won’t know how much you indeed have left and what you need.

You Have Everything You Need To Organize Right In Your Own Home

While surprising, it is true! When organizing, we are often told to get bins and cute labels to organize all of our belongings. After purging so many items, we often find extra containers and storage solutions in the house that will work just as well. She also challenges you to get creative with your storage solutions. A cardboard box will work just as well as a dollar store bin.

Decluttering the Konmari way may seem weird and even tedious at times. The truth is that this method has transformed many homes across the world. By tidying this way, Marie Kondo says you’ll never need to declutter your home again. If you haven’t read this book already, I highly suggest reading it. It may not declutter your home for good, but it will teach you the art of efficiently decluttering.

YOUR TURN: Look around your home. Do you have items cluttering your home that don’t bring you joy? Let me know in the comments below!

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