Have you been daydreaming of a clean and organized home? Most of us think we don’t have the time or even the motivation to get up and get it done. Cleaning and organizing your home doesn’t have to be a tedious task, and I’m not saying it’s going to be fun, but it will be less painful. Here are a few clever ways to clean and organize your home.

Do A Little Cleaning And Organizing Every Day

One belief about cleaning is that you must spend hours each day cleaning each room and spend days organizing a space. If you are watching a TV show, use commercials to do a little tidying. If you don’t have ads or commercials, then get up after each episode or during the credits.

Look for openings in your schedule to tackle some of your cleaning tasks, and before you know it, you’ll have a clean and organized home.

Don’t Over Complicate Your Systems

Having organization systems and cleaning routines in place can make cleaning and organizing easier. However, if your cleaning routines aren’t realistic and your organization tactics are too time-consuming, you won’t do them at all. The secret is to keep things simple. Instead of having a lot of bins that you have to go through each time you want to get something out, consider open faced bins or drawers for storing your items. Do a few simple cleaning tasks each day instead of trying to tackle your whole house each day, or even just do one room.

Keep Your Fridge Tidy

A tidy fridge will have a ripple effect that will change the entire kitchen atmosphere. An organized refrigerator allows you to see everything you have, waste less food, and have a clean and organized space to store all of your food items. If you have a messy fridge, food will get lost and go bad without you even knowing it. Use bins and organizers to group like items, and make sure to keep leftovers and food that will spoil fast in easily accessible areas.

Create Stations

One of the most popular stations out there is the gift wrapping station. Around Christmas time, or for holidays, many people put together a gift wrapping station that can quickly be pulled out and put away when needed. While a gift wrapping station is a great way to organize your wrapping supplies, you can create other stations too! Use an under the bed organizer, divided bin, or even shoeboxes to build stations for everything you use frequently. I have a cleaning caddy station that houses all of my cleaning supplies by room. When I’m ready to clean, I grab which one I need and take it to the room that needs to be cleaned.

Do One Load A Day

Do you want to know the secret to staying on top of your laundry? You may be surprised to learn it’s quite simple. The secret for staying on top of your laundry is by doing just one load each day. It can be towels, delicates, or even a full load of laundry. Whatever you choose for each day, doing one load a day will help ensure that you are never behind on laundry again!

Do Regular Tidy Sessions

The secret to having a tidy home is to tidy it regularly. Before bed, each night, go through each room of your house and put things away. Bring any clothes from the floor into the hamper, dishes to the sink to be cleaned, and straighten up any surfaces. This will not only start your day in a clean and organized home but also keep your clutter from getting out of hand.

Declutter Regularly

This one might sound obvious, but the best way to keep your home clean and organized is to purge frequently. If you don’t know where to start, start by finding 21 items you can get rid of every single day, and rid your home of those things. Overtime, 21 items will begin to make a difference in your home. After just seven days, you will have purged your house of 147 items! Having less stuff in your home makes it easier to clean, and easier to organize.

Cleaning and organizing can feel like hours of work for such little payoff. The truth is that if you follow these tips, you’ll notice a cleaner home with just one easy step.

YOUR TURN: What one thing can you begin with to clean or organize your home? Let me know in the comments below!

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