Winn Dixie has some super deals starting Wednesday with the new ad. See the list below and don’t forget that you might be able to use the Publix or Target special coupons from Sunday’s paper if your store accepts competitor Qs!

Shopping Tips for Winn Dixie:

  1. Winn Dixie allows stacking of (1) Manufacturer’s Coupon and (1) Store Coupon per item.
  2. See the entire Winn Dixie Coupon Policy for more details.
  3. Some Winn Dixie stores will accept competitor coupons with certain limitations. But not stores participate. Check this list to see which stores are considered competotors for your local store.
  4. Learn about Winn Dixie eCoupons and how they work.
  5. This is how I’m earning a FREE Tank of Gas each month, now that the Fuel Perks program has been replaced by the Plenti program.
  6. In the list below, you’ll find:
    Manufacturers coupons are colored RED
    Store coupons are colored GREEN

    Rebate offers are colored BLUE

Items at stockpile prices are marked with a True Couponing Shopping Cart!
 Freebies and Money Makers are even cheaper than stockpile prices and marked as a True Deal.

Here are the Top Deals this week!


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