Penny Saving Challenge – Save $670 This Year Collecting Pennies!

So you may have seen those silly 365 Day Money Saving Challenges, and they sound all glamorous, “Save Over $1,000 this year!” but when you look at the nitty gritty details, you have to sock away around $50 EACH WEEK by the time November comes…. ummm, I don’t know about you, but if I had and extra $50 laying around each & every week, I would already have plenty of savings.

Then a gal in our Hot Deals Facebook group, Tenci Alexander, posted a photo about socking away pennies each day in order to save $670 this year!

Now THAT I can do!

So here’s how it works:

On day one, 1/1/17 you put $.01 in a jar. Then each day after that you put the same penny amount as the day that it is, compounding your penny savings and giving you a total of $667.95 by the end of the year! The most you would ever have to drop into the jar is $3.65 on the last day. Now, that’s easier to swallow.

The most you will ever put away in a week is $25. I can do that!

Penny Saving Challenge Label

I’ve even created a little label to put on your penny jar so everyone can participate. Our family is doing ONE family jar, even though everyone is excited and wants to try having their own.

I also created some sheets to keep track of the date and amount in case you get behind (yep, I am a realist).

$670 Penny Challenge Sheet 2017


Penny Saving Challenge Jar Label

Download the Penny Saving Jar Label HERE

~Happy Penny Saving!

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