Being a mom means it’s hard to take time to treat or spoil yourself.

Between keeping up with the kid’s school stuff and sporting functions, keeping your home semi-neat, running errands, cooking meals, and maybe (especially in my case) running a home business, there just is no time left for yourself. 

Take it from me, in order to stay sane, you need to make it a priority to schedule time for yourself to treat yourself or spoil yourself.

Not only because you deserve it, but because it forces your brain to reset and that helps to make you more productive.

Read that last sentence again! That actually means that we need to take a break in order to keep up with everything else we ladies have on our plates!

But just because we need to do it, doesn’t mean we can afford it.

But there are ways to treat yourself at home without even spending money because you deserve it.

And, with these DIY treat yourself ideas, you’ll be feeling better than you have in days and you should because only you can take care of yourself!

Plus, with these ideas to spoil yourself, you can get back to feeling like you which is being the best wife, mommy, grandma, sister, (and hard worker) you know you are.

Let me tell you how to spoil yourself without breaking the bank.

spoil yourself

Take A Hot Bubble Bath

I know I am not the only one who can feel like a brand new woman after a nice, hot bath.

Sometimes I will use fun bath bombs or bath salts during my soak.

They leave my skin feeling refreshed and soft, but beware, as some bath bombs can sometimes stain the tub (causing a whole other level of “Dang! Now I need to clean the tub, guilt”)…. so always choose white ones and grab a big cup before you jump in the tub so you have something to rinse out the tub before you leave the area.

Bath products can be expensive, so it’s especially best to stock up when you find a good deal.

Taking a bath is a simple way to treat yourself at home that doesn’t cost much money. Plus it’s a forced way to make yourself take time to sit and relax.


Create A Plan For Your Money

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spoil yourself

Read A Book

Taking quiet time for yourself to just relax and read a book can do wonders!

Sometimes, I will even read while I am in the bath! (Daring, I know!)

You can easily get books for free from your local library or borrow them from friends and family. In fact, here are 10 ways to get books for FREE!

Sitting down with a nice book can help you unwind after a long day, and help shift your focus on something else besides your to-do list.

Sometimes DIY treat-yourself ideas can help get you back to feeling like you again so that you can feel better and refreshed to tackle tomorrow.

spoil yourself

Make Your Favorite Beverage

It’s no surprise that I love a great cup of coffee! Especially when I know how to get crazy good deals on K-Cups!

Just sitting down for a moment, sippin’ on a hot cup of joe and breathing in the aroma, without having to do anything else, is just amazing.

If coffee is not your thing, spoil yourself with a delicious cup of tea or hot chocolate.

Pick up a special flavored creamer (you know, the one no one else in your family likes) or a fun flavor syrup you’ve been thinking about trying, add whipped cream, and make yourself a special treat that you can sit down and enjoy all by yourself.

Take some time for yourself, sit down, and allow the warmth to consume you. It’s one of the best ways to treat yourself at home.

spoil yourself

Take A Nap

Did you know that taking a quick cat nap can restart the rest of your day?

If you’re having a stressful day or just need to take a break, nothing will reset you better than a nap!

If you are afraid of sleeping the rest of the day away, simply set an alarm. A

friend of mine gave me a great tip that works wonders for not feeling sluggish after a power nap: quickly drink a cup of coffee right before you lay down. By the time you open your eyes (approx. 20-40 mins. later) the coffee has kicked in and you’ll perk right back up! Genius!

And guess what else? Naps are free! You can’t beat that kinda deal! Free nourishment to treat yourself.

spoil yourself

Watch Your Favorite Show

In an effort to cut our cable bill, we now have an antenna, plus Netflix and Hulu subscriptions for our TV.

When I want to relax for an hour or so without spending money (or dealing with life’s responsibilities), I’ll turn on a fun show such as The Great British Baking Show or Say Yes To The Dress. You know, something my boys won’t normally sit through.

Watching a show you love on TV is still a nice treat, and it won’t cost you anything extra!

It’s one of the ways to treat yourself to help you be a superhero mommy again.

spoil yourself

Get Your Makeup Done

There is something amazing about getting my hair, nails, and makeup done. But going to a salon can be very pricey!

Most makeup stores or makeup counters in the department stores will do your makeup for free. (My sister-in-law worked at a Clinique counter for many years.)

This is a great way to get pampered, feel amazing, and it won’t cost you anything.

If you are worried about feeling compelled to make a purchase, when you make the appointment, mention that you are on a tight budget and ask if they do makeovers for free. They will be prepared and you won’t have to feel guilty.

Then, when you arrive at the appointment, mention that you are trying out the feel of their skincare and you need time to wear it and try it out before you invest in a large purchase. Don’t dilly dally so that you are respectful of their time, but this is a free service they provide so it’s okay to use it without paying anything.

spoil yourself

Give Yourself A DIY Pedicure

Spending $25 to $50 at a salon to have your nails manicured can hurt your pocketbook.

Plus we all have a ton of nail polish colors hiding in your cabinet. Put them to good use to spoil yourself!

Freshen up your toes and make them feel new again by giving them the royal treatment. Soak first, scrub the bottoms, use lotion on them and then polish those piggies!

Having nicely painted toenails gives you the confidence to wear those fun sandals that have been buried in your closet too. Using fun ways to treat yourself without spending money makes you feel better without any guilt, right?! 


Create A Plan For Your Money

These FREE Budgeting Spreadsheets will help you keep a pulse on your money (from the palm of your hand).

spoil yourself

Go For A Walk

This one might not be a treat for everyone, but I love going for walks.

I’m naturally a fast walker so I love taking walks on my own where I can go at my own pace and not feel like I’m leaving everyone behind.

But sometimes I just want to take it slow and notice the breeze, without the pressure of a hard workout.

As I walk I’ll pray, listen to the birds, or sometimes I put on my headphones and listen to a podcast or audiobook.

Plus, walking gets your blood flowing to make you more productive throughout the day. Another benefit!

Exercise can be a way to spoil yourself so get rid of negative energy that might be holding you back. Make yourself take some time for yourself this week. I bet you’ll enjoy it.

spoil yourself

Do Nothing

I know you’re probably laughing at this bullet but think about the last time you truly did nothing to spoil yourself. You probably can’t remember, can you?

It’s is such a rare occurrence that it really is a treat!

Make a pact with yourself to do nothing for an hour this month, or, heck, even for just 10 minutes.

Sitting alone with your thoughts, without any distractions, can feel amazing.

My best ideas come when I am not trying to come up with them (or when I am in the shower and have nothing to write them down…).

Treating or spoiling yourself doesn’t have to mean spending hundreds of dollars for a day on the town.

If you’re feeling run down and could use a pick me up, give one of these ideas a try.

Because there are ways to treat yourself at home without spending money because you deserve it!

And, with these DIY treat yourself ideas, you’ll be feeling better than you have in days, and you should, because only you can take care of yourself.

We all know you deserve way more, but for now, start small with these ideas to spoil yourself for free.

spoil yourself
How To Treat Yourself Without Spending A Dime