Being a loyal friend and filling the role of a bridesmaid is a special time for you and the bride.

We all know that planning a wedding can carry a lot of stress and you don’t want to be worried about financial obligations.

We are going to relieve some of your stress by providing you with some tips on how to save some money and keep you within your budget.

Start Saving Right Away

Being offered the position of a bridesmaid can be very exciting, but it also comes at a cost.

A bridesmaid can spend up towards one-thousand dollars before the big wedding day.

To be prepared and not feel financially burdened it is best to start putting money aside as soon as you hear about the proposal.

Set Your Budget

Be realistic and figure out how much you will be able to save before the wedding day.

Write out a list including the dress, shoes, makeup, hair, accessories, events, travel, wedding gift, and unexpected expenses.

Decide how much you will be able to spend on each category and then stick to your budget.

Communicate With The Bride

I am assuming that you have been titled the role of bridesmaid because you are a trusted friend to the bride.

If this is the case, then you should talk to the bride about the budget that you have created in the previous tip.

Let her know that you are so excited about being apart of her wedding and that you just need to fit it into your budget.

Check the Registry Early

Checking out the bridal registry right away will give you a chance to buy those items that fit into your budget or plan for a more expensive gift that you would like to purchase.

If there is a costly item that the couple need then you might be able to convince the bridesmaids to chip in on the price and present one substantial gift from all the bridesmaids.

Either way, you will save money having a plan rather than waiting until the last minute and being forced to spend more money on a gift that is available or left on the registry.

Shop Around For A Dress

Purchasing a dress at a bridal shop can sometimes be around three-hundred dollars.

If the bride is set on a specific style, then search the internet and try to find a dress with the same or similar fashion for half the cost.

Present it to the bride and explain that your option would fit better into your budget.

Find A Local Tailor

Alterations at a bridal shop can sometimes be pricey so before you hand over the dress check out some local tailors and get an estimate on how much it will cost to get it hemmed.

Remember you are only going to wear this dress once and you just need it to fit.

Don’t Pay Full Price For Shoes

Before you head out to the store, in search of a pair of shoes, first check your closet.

Some ladies have been known to have shoes for all occasions.

If you already have a pair that will match your dress then wear them and end your potential search.

If you still need to go out and shop then check out outlets that sell stylish shoes for a fraction of the cost in your local mall.

Do Your Hair

It can cost a bit of money to get your hair done at a salon or get your makeup done by a makeup artist.

Check out some YouTube videos and test out some looks before the big day.

If you feel like you may need assistance, then ask a family or friend that is great with hair and makeup to help you out.

You can also stop by your local mall and see if one of the makeup ladies can do your makeup by purchasing one of their items.

Resell The Dress

Admit it, that bridesmaid dress will never be worn by you again!

So, there is no need to throw it in your closet. Instead, wash it on a gentle cycle and immediately resell it.

You probably won’t get back the amount you paid for it, but you will get back some of the cost.

These tips should help you over the upcoming months to save some money while still being a great friend to the bride.

Once all the planning and setting-up is complete, and you fill the role of bridesmaid don’t forget to have fun and enjoy yourself at the events and reception.


YOUR TURN: What tips would you give future bridesmaids about saving money? Let me know in the comments below!

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