You have kept your home warm all winter and may have run up the electric and gas bill to keep that furnace going.

Now that the summer heat is arriving let’s talk about ways to summer-proof your home to keep your family comfortable and keep some money in your pocket.

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Check Windows And Doors

The first thing you will want to do is inspect all your windows and doors for cracked seals.

If you are unable to replace a window, then use some caulk around the edges to seal in any cracks.

If you close a door and can see the light from the outside creeping in, then you need to use some weather strips around the edges of the door.

You can save money by preventing the cold air escaping through those cracks.

Program Your Thermostat

If you have an old thermostat, it may be worth investing in one that you can program. Set it to work around your schedule ensuring that you aren’t cooling your home when you aren’t there to enjoy the cold air.

This programmable thermostat is only around $50 and has a 4.5-star rating.
This programmable thermostat also has excellent ratings and works with Alexa for just under $100.
And this is the Nest Learning Thermostat that everyone raves about (with over 12,000 5-star ratings) for about $200.

Have it raise a couple of degrees during the hours you are not home and let it turn off during the night when the weather is cold.

There are even some newer thermostats that you can control from your cell phone (we have one that came with our A/C unit and we LOVE it. When we leave the house and forget to turn the air warmer, we can quickly log into our Nexia account and turn it down remotely. So neat!).

Let’s do the math 😉 If you buy the $200 top of the line thermostat, then you’ll need to save $17 per month to “break even” in one year. In other words, the unit will “pay for itself” in one year if it reduces your electric bill by $17 each month. According to the reviews, it’ll pay for itself well before a year.

Switch To Compact Fluorescent Lamps

If you are not using CFL light bulbs then now is the perfect time to make the switch.

These light bulbs will save you energy while also reducing the amount of heat that other light bulbs produce.

CFL’s only use one-fourth the amount of energy that a traditional incandescent bulb uses.

Because it uses less power but provides the same effect, it can help reduce your energy bill significantly over time.

Keep money in your pocket by making the switch to energy efficient light bulbs for every room in your home.

Get Air Conditioning Unit Serviced

Before the summer heat creeps in it may be a good idea to get your air conditioning unit serviced to prevent having to make emergency repairs.

It is no fun having an air unit stop working in the middle of a sweltering summer.

Be on the lookout for deals and promotions that are happening in your area to help save some money on the service.

Also, remember to check your air vents and get them replaced to keep the air moving freely through the vents.

Keep Blinds Closed

Blinds can save a lot of money by blocking the sun and preventing rooms from heating up during the day.

Adding blackout curtains can add more insulation to your home, keep the place feeling cool, and your energy bill lower.

Keep the blinds closed and the curtains drawn especially during the hottest hours.

Open And Close Doors

During the day keep exterior doors closed to keep the air conditioned air within the home and prevent hot air from entering.

Also, during the day close interior doors to rooms that are not used to avoid cold air conditioned air from entering those rooms, this will keep the rooms feeling a little colder.

You may also want to close the vents within those rooms to redirect the air where you would like it.

At night open the doors so that the air moves freely throughout the house.

Grill Out

Breaking out the grill is not only fun, but it also takes all the unwanted heat that the oven produces and keeps it outside.

By using charcoal or propane, you are also not using the electric within your home.

Grab some hamburgers, hotdogs, and steaks and cook outdoors on the hot days when you want to keep it nice and cool for everyone indoors.

If you are looking to not heat up the oven, you could also try using a crock pot or one of those new instant pots.

Keep Pests Out

With the summer heat comes unwanted pests. Help keep the pests out by setting up insect traps near the corners of the room and near windows.

There are plenty of pest control products at your local stores that you can use around the exterior of your home to prevent them from entering.

Be proactive so that you don’t have to end up calling an exterminator later.

Summer is a time to have fun with family and friends while also relaxing.

By being proactive and taking control of the energy used within your home, you will be able to relax knowing that you are taking necessary steps to help keep some extra cash in your pocket during the summer heat.

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YOUR TURN: Is your home ready for the summer heat? Let me know in the comments below!

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