How To Save More Money At Bath And Body WorksOne step inside a Bath and Body Works store and your senses are on love overload. You’re drawn into the store because of the look and feel, but how about those scents that change with every season? It makes you have to visit regularly. And I’m here to make sure when you visit you save the most.

With 4 kids who have friends constantly stopping by our home, we use a LOT of hand soap. I like to stock up on the Bath and Body Works foaming hand soap, and then make my own to refill it for pennies on the dollar (further stretching my money).

When my kids were little I made them each wear a hand sanitizer on their belt loop so that they could sanitize-on-the-go.

And if you’re a candle fan, then you’re going to love the tips below to save the most… because they are expensive at the regular price of $24.50 each.

Plus, any of the products you’ll find inside a Bath & Body Works store makes a wonderful gift for your friends or loved ones because they (1.) are consumable so they don’t become clutter and (2.)can be used regardless if you have kids or not, if you’ve gained weight, or if you work or stay at home. They are a little luxury that reminds you that you’re feminine and help you feel beautiful in your body (hello SPARKLES!).

It can be hard to find the right gift for someone you love and lots of people don’t want more “stuff.” A consumable, inexpensive luxury item that will make your sister happy, won’t make her fat, and give her pleasure as she uses it is a no-brainer, right?!

Let me show you how to make it an even more affordable luxury so you’ll know when to find the best Bath and Body Works deals to stock up and save.

Bath and Body Works

The Best Deals Happen In December, January & June through July

The best Bath and Body Works deals happen at three specific times during the year:

  • For Candle Lovers: The first Saturday in December is annual Candle-Day. A one-day event in which the Bath & Body Works candles go on sale for $9.50 each (reg. $24.50). That’s 62% Off.
  • For Everything Else #1: The day after Christmas through the month of January is the Semi-Annual Sale. For everything else (not candles) you’ll save 75% Off during the Semi-Annual Sale that starts the day after Christmas and lasts through the entire month of January
  • For Everything Else #2: Starting the second week in June through the month of July is the other Semi-Annual Sale. Again, you’ll get up to 75% Off (most) everything except candles.

Curious why Black Friday is not listed as one of the best shopping days?


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While Black Friday is an incredibly popular day to shop (and their store is always packed), Bath & Body Works really only offers one deal that day: the VIP Bag (I’ll tell you more details about what’s inside it at the bottom of this article). You won’t also find stellar deals on the soaps, lotions or candles. It’s just the usual sales, which means the best time to stock up is when you’ll save more by shopping during the three other times of the year. If you want the fun bag and some gifts, then you’ll want to stop by on Black Friday and get a bag or two.

Just think about having your gift closet full of great smelling goodies for your family, friends, and teachers too!

Bath and Body Works

Save The Most By Overlapping Sales & Stacking Coupons

It seems like there is always some kind of sale going on at Bath & Body Works (you can check the “offers” page here to see what current sales are happening). And that’s when you want to “stack” the Bath and Body Works coupons on top of that sale to save the most.

You’ll see sales such as:

  • Buy 2, Get 1 Free
  • Buy 3, Get 2 Free
  • Buy 3, Get 3 Free
  • 2 for $10 (side note: after you purchase the first 2, any additional ones are at the sale price)
  • 4 for $20 Or 6 for $26 (typically the hand soaps)
  • 2 for $20 Candle sale (this happens outside of December)
  • 50% Off Select Body Care

Here’s some coupons that typically arrive in the mail or your inbox: (NOTE: you can learn how to sign up to get bath & body works coupons here)

  • $10 Off $30 Purchase
  • $10 Off $40 Purchase
  • 20% Off Entire Purchase
  • Free Full Size Item (this is a Free Product Coupon)
  • Free Item with $5 Value (this is a Free Product Coupon)

To save the most, the first thing you want to do is look for “overlap” between the dates on your coupons and the dates of the sale happening. Look for the days they “overlap” so you can shop on that day.

One more important thing you need to know before you shop is the order your cashier will use your coupons:

  1. Dollars off ($10 off $40)
  2. Free items (Free item with purchase)
  3. Percentage off coupons last (20% Off Entire Purchase)

You are allowed to stack one of each type of coupon in each transaction. So you can use up to 3 coupons at once (plus the sale!).

NOTE: Some stores allow you to use a coupon up to 3 days before the date it starts or up to 3 days after it expires. Call your store to find out if they’ll allow you to do that too. That means your “overlap window” would be a little longer!

Here’s An Example:

It’s important to know how to use the coupons so that you’re not caught off guard at the checkout counter and stuck overspending. Plus, there are certain coupons you cannot use with a sale. For example, you cannot combine a sale and a Free Product coupon together. So the free product is just a free product, you cannot use it as one of the “Buy 3” for the “Buy 3, Get 3 Free” sale. You have to choose a separate item, and you’ll get that for free.

Let’s take it a step further with more details:

Say you have a coupon for a Free product (up to $5) with a $10 purchase, as well as a 20% Off Entire Purchase coupon, and a $10 off $40 too! (You got some coupons in the mail and some via email.)

Hand soap which regularly costs $7.50 each is on sale 4 for $20 ($5 each, 33% off) or 6 for $26 ($4.33 each, 42% off)
You’d buy 10 soaps making your total $43.33 to reach the $40 threshold (so you can use your $10 off coupon)

Here’s the math:
10 Soaps = $43.33 (before tax)
minus $10 (from $10 off $40 coupon)
minus $4.33 (from free product coupon)
Subtotal = $29 ($43.33 – $10 – $4.33)
minus $5.80 (20% off coupon)
Total before tax = $23.20 for 10 soaps (worth $7.50 each before the sale)
That’s only $2.32 each! (for $75 worth of products, that’s 69% Off!)

Now let’s do one more example with a BOGO Sale:

Again, let’s say you have a coupon for a Free product (up to $5) with a $10 purchase, as well as a 20% Off Entire Purchase coupon, and a $10 off $40 too, just like the example above.

With a Buy 3, Get 3 Free sale, you’ll need to purchase a 7th item in order to get to use your coupon for the Free item (you’re buying 6 items with the sale, Buy 3, Get 3 Free).

The body care items (shower gel, body cream or lotion, fragrance mists) are the typical ones you’ll see on sale for the Buy 3 Get 3 free. These body care items range in price from $12.50 to $15.50.  Again, just like in the example above, you’d want to buy just enough to reach the $40 threshold (so you’ll be able to use your $10 off coupon). To spend the least, you’ll want to purchase items that get the closest to that $40 number. That means you’d want to purchase one item at $12.50, one at $13.50, and one at $14 = $40.
NOTE: the lowest priced items will be the “Get 3 Free” part of the sale, so choose 3 more $12.50 items to get for free. Don’t forget to choose your free $5 product to use that coupon also!

Here’s the math:
7 products: 4 @ $12.50, 1 @ $13.50, 1 @ $14, plus $5 free item = $45 Total (before tax)
minus $10 (from $10 off $40 coupon)
minus $5 (from free product coupon)
Subtotal = $30 ($40 – $10 – $5)
minus $6 (20% off coupon)
Total before tax = $24 for 7 items (each worth $12.50 at the least!)
That’s only $3.43 each! (That’s 47% Off!)

Bath and Body Works

How To Know What’s A Good Price To Pay

Sales feel all FUN right? But how do you know how not to get swayed by those sales and what is a good price to pay? 50% Off seems like a great deal… and that’s essentially what you’re paying when you buy during a Buy 3 Get 3 Free sale. But add in your coupons on top, and you’ll be skipping away with some great deals!

Plus, even during the Semi-Annual Sale you’ll see various sales simultaneously happening the entire time. First you’re tempted by the 75% Off select items. And then $3 hand soaps. But the best deal is the $5 signature body care items (these are the ones that are regularly between $12.50 – $15.50). You’ll need to do the math (like we did above) but here are the best prices you’ll find so that you know ANY time of year when you see these prices, it’s time to stock up:

  • Hand Soap: $2.50 or less (reg. $7.50, lowest sale price $3)
  • Body Lotion: $3.50 or less (reg. $12.50 – $14.50, lowest sale price $5 each)
  • Shower Gel: $3.50 or less (reg. $12.50 – $14.50, lowest sale price $5 each)
  • Fragrance Mists: $4.00 or less (reg. $14 – $15.50, lowest sale price $5 each)
  • Aromatherapy scents: $4.50 or less (reg. $13.50 – $15.50, lowest sale price $5.50)
  • Wallflower refills: $3.00 or less (reg. $7.50, lowest sale price $3.50)
  • Candles: $8.95 or less (reg. $24.50, lowest sale price 2 for $20 outside of candle day)
  • Anti-Bacterial Sanitizers: $1.30 or less each (reg. 5 for $8, lowest sale price )

Don’t forget to always buy based on the threshold coupon you received ($10 Off $30 or $10 Off $40) so that you save the most.

Bath and Body Works

Don’t Bet On The Clearance Section

At most stores, I love to visit the clearance rack to look for the best deals. But Bath And Body Works doesn’t have a clearance section like you see at other stores, they set aside all their retired (about to be clearanced) products to be sold during the Semi-Annual Sale to make way for new scents. At the Semi-Annual Sale, you’ll see those retired scents at 75% on a first-come, first-served basis.

However, at any time, you can check the online area for “retired fragrances” and find the discontinued scents that you won’t find in stores. Thankfully they will also be included in whatever current sale that’s going on (for example: Buy 2, Get 1 Free, or Buy 3, Get 2 Free, etc).

Bath and Body Works

Use Discounted Gift Cards To Lower Your Spending

Gift card retailer websites like Cardcash, Cardpool, and Raise can save you even MORE money on your Bath and Body Works deals. They sell gift cards that people have turned in because they weren’t going to use them.

When you know you’re going to go shopping, order a discounted gift card and you’ll save an extra 5%-10% on top of whatever deal you get. That seriously feels like you’re cheating.

You can purchase discounted gift cards while you are INSIDE the store (before you get in line to pay) once you know approximately how much you are going to spend.

(BTW, who wouldn’t want a Bath and Body Works gift card?!!)


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Bath and Body Works

Don’t Buy Gift Sets (You’ll Only Save 25%)

Now that you know when to shop, and what to pay, I want to point out another enticing thing that seems like it would be a good deal so that you avoid paying more than you should: Gift Sets.

While these seem like the best item to purchase for a gift, they are all matching items, packaged together and tied with a pretty bow… unfortunately they are also more expensive than purchasing the items individually and grouping them together yourself.

Bath and Body Works will give you free cellophane to create your own gift set and that way you can make your own personalized grouping of products… now that’s super special.

You can leave the store with several gifts packed up and ready to give. Easy Peasy!

Bath and Body Works

How To Get More Coupons (Plus, They Have A Grace Period)

The best way to get more coupons is to use the ones they send you. Yep. Loyalty has it’s perks. You can also make sure you give the cashier your email and phone number so that the company knows your buying habits and sends you more coupons to keep you coming back.

One time when I was shopping for my husband, I had them add his name to the mailing list and he started receiving coupons also… in addition to the ones I was receiving. BONUS!! Plus, he regularly receives different ones than I get, so that’s always fun to see.

And don’t forget that most stores are super generous with their expiration dates and allow you to use your coupons 3 days before or after they expire. You just need to call the store to check and make sure before you head up there.

Bath and Body Works

Exchange Scents At ANY Time (For ANY Reason)

Bath and Body Works has a generous refund policy also because you can exchange their products at any time for any reason. 100% Happiness Guaranteed. That’s so nice because that means if you give a gift to someone, they can go exchange it for something else.

It’s a good idea to keep your receipt (even though you don’t really need it) because it’ll make the process go just a little smoother (and you won’t have to worry about getting your full money back). I like to ask for a gift receipt so that I have an extra backup just in case.

This is especially helpful when you get the VIP Tote Bag promotion offered during Black Friday because you can exchange anything in there for a different scent.

If your exchanging a product they still carry, you can just exchange it out for another product. If the scent has been discontinued, you’ll most likely get the markdown price of 75% Off back as a credit to use for another product.

Did you know that if you have a Wallflower that won’t work, most stores will let you exchange it for a new, basic model? Yay for FREE, right?! If your local store won’t, contact customer service and they will send you one in the mail (no charge).

Don’t Miss The Big Candle Day Sale In December

Once a year, Bath and Body Works has a huge sale on their 3-wick candles.

Regularly around $24.50, you can snag them for just $9.50! That’s such a great price and some great Bath and Body Works deals!

Don’t forget that you can stack your coupons on this sale so don’t miss out. This sale is only held for one day only on the first Saturday in December.

The Black Friday VIP Bag Gets You 78% Off

As I mentioned above, the only extra special deal that happens at Black Friday is the VIP Bag Deal. And you can only get it when you spend $30. So it’s a purchase with a purchase.

The bag is always A-DOR-able and is filled with over $100 of brand new scents. There’s usually seven or eight full-size items inside like a full-size lotion, fragrance mist, and always one of the candles (valued at $24.50 all on its own).

That’s worth it to go and wait in line on Black Friday because you might be able to knock every lady off your Christmas shopping list in one fell swoop!

Oh, and I want to mention that I used to worry about what scents were inside and that I’d have to gift them all to friends because I’m so picky (I don’t like any “food” scents like pumpkin spice or cookie anything, although one of my favorite scents is the Lily and Green Tea, it’s floral and clean smelling… but I digress…) but you can bring them back to the store and exchange them for any flavor so that never became an issue. Yay!

These money-saving Bath & Body Works tips are going to be saving you hundreds this year!


Feel Less Stress While Paying Off Debt


Download this FREE Guide to have more peace & less stress while getting out of debt.

Free Gift Wrapping (In Store Only)

Did you know that you can get your purchases gift wrapped while you’re in the store? And for FREE? You can!

Just let them know if a purchase is a gift and they will gift wrap it for you with tissue paper, ribbon and even a card! Or you can get a free cellophane bag with a ribbon. Yay for saving time and wrapping supplies!

As you can see, with these Bath and Body Works tips, you’ll be saving more money on your next shopping visit.

And, you’ve learned how to use the Bath and Body Works coupons the right way so you can save more money.

Plus, know you’ll know when to find the best Bath and Body Works deals so you can stock up and save.


YOUR TURN: What other Bath and Body Works tips would you share with a Bath and Body Works newbie? Let me know in the comments below!

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How To Save More Money At Bath And Body Works