Dollar General is one of those stores that can be a treasure trove for great Dollar General deals.

You just have to know the Dollar General secret savings for scoring those deals.

A lot of coupon success depends on the individual store, even the individual store associates, but ultimately the success or failure of saving money at Dollar General comes down to our own personal responsibility.

We enjoy hearing all your uplifting comments about your Dollar General success stores, and we are paying attention to Dollar General shopping tips you’ve learned along the way.

So, we’ve taken the plunge on your behalf to help uncover everything that could possibly be overlooked when planning your coupon shopping trips.

Here are our 7 Dollar General saving hacks to help you save money when shopping Dollar General Deals.

Dollar General deals

1. Getting Paid to Shop IS Allowed

Getting paid to shop is an exhilarating experience that keeps us wanting to coupon some more. The official lingo is “overage” but not every store allows it.

Dollar General is one of the good ones for these types of Dollar General secret savings. They do allow for that overage to be applied to the rest of your purchases.

Never heard of overage?

It is when the coupon value you are using to pay for an item exceeds the price of that item.

For example, if you are purchasing a toothbrush for $0.99 and using a $1 manufacturer coupon to pay. That extra penny is “overage” and would be applied to any other item you are buying.


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Learning a store’s specific policy can be your best friend when faced with a discrepancy in the way your coupons are being handled, or declined, at the register.

We suggest bringing a printed copy of the Dollar General Coupon Policy with you to take into the store to help you keep saving money at Dollar General.

Dollar General deals

2. Store Coupons DO Exist (For Stacking)

The best Dollar General couponing tips I can give is to maximize your savings by purchasing items when they are (1.) on sale, (2.) use a Manufacturer Coupon and (3.) stack a Store Coupon.

Dollar General has about 20 store coupons available at any one time. The problem is that they are mostly for DG store-brand items.

Log in to your account and keep watch for store coupons on main stream items that you can stack with a manufacturer coupon in order to save the most. The store coupons are listed right along with all the digital coupons, but they have a “DG Store Coupon” logo on them in order to identify them properly.

Most of the DG Store coupons are digital coupons, but one or two might be printable too.

**NOTE: See below for ways to access a few MORE exclusive DG Store Coupons.

Dollar General deals

3. Exclusive Store Coupons

Like most retailers these days, Dollar General has some online perks available only to its registered users. DG Store Coupons

By signing up a Dollar General account, you will be able to use their Digital Coupons at the register (by entering your phone number into the key pad) and you will also want to sign up for Mobile and Text Messages in order to access exclusive Store Coupons on Dollar General deals with these Dollar General saving hacks.

Text “SAVE” to DGTXT [34898] to sign up for Mobile Alerts. You can also access these exclusive Store Coupons inside the Dollar General App.

Text Message Coupons and Mobile Coupons are Dollar General store coupons (SQ) and are accepted in the store straight from your phone. These coupons can be combined with a single Manufacturer Coupon for the same item (stacking) in order to maximize your savings. That’s one of the great Dollar General saving hacks!

Bonus Facebook Coupons. If you haven’t already, check out Dollar General on Facebook. You may just find a few “surprises”, like $2/$10 coupons and other fun specials and rewards available for “Fans”.

Do you like these Dollar General shopping tips so far?

Dollar General deals

4. Best Day to Shop: Friday or Saturday

Almost weekly, Dollar General deals include a $5 Off $25. They are usually available on their website, or they text them to you. It’s a great way to get these Dollar General secret savings!

Here’s the catch, they are only good for one day, and it is always a Friday or Saturday.

Most of the time they apply to the entire transaction, but make sure you read the fine print. Occasionally it will be $5 Off a $20 purchase for specific Dollar General brand merchandise (such as only DG cleaning products).

But still a great way to be saving money at Dollar General!

Dollar General deals

5. Instant Saving CAUTION

I often warn you about making sure to pay attention at the register when you check out in order to ensure you are not paying more for something you thought was a lower price. It’s one of the great Dollar General couponing tips to keep in your mind when checking out.

Dollar General has a common sale that conflicts with coupons. It’s called their “Instant Savings” sales. These are Dollar General deals where you can get instant savings when buying a certain number or dollar amount of a particular deal, such as “Buy 5, Save $5.”

You need to pay particular attention at the register because the total could go UP instead of down as the coupons are scanned! How aggravating when you are expecting it to go way down!

The instant savings section found in the weekly ad is just that, instant savings. It does not involve any type of coupons, store or manufacturer. Simply put, it’s a discount given by the store for purchasing said amount of products.

Pay attention to the register when purchasing these deals and bring it to the attention of the cashier if your coupons are causing your total to go higher instead of lower. The manager on duty may need to intervene and a super Dollar General shopping tips reminder!

If you are not using a “Total Dollar Off” coupon (such as a $5 Off $25 purchase), then it would be smart to purchase your instant savings items in a separate transaction whenever possible.

Dollar General deals

6. Dollar General Dots

Did you know that Dollar General uses a colored dot and symbol system when marking down their end of season sales clearance items? I call these the Dollar General secret savings!

These discounts start around 50% off and dive all the way down to costing only a penny. Yes, 1 cent!

At the end of the season, there will be markdowns on clothing, household and seasonal items. You’ll be seriously saving money at Dollar General when you find these deals!

This happens with every holiday, so around/after Valentine’s, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, plus summer household and clothing clearance.


Feel Less Stress While Paying Off Debt


Download this FREE Guide to have more peace & less stress while getting out of debt.

Who wouldn’t love to refill your stash of beach toys for a dime each, or get next year’s Christmas and Easter cards for a penny each!!

Those are my Dollar General shopping tips that I love to tell everyone about! Watch and Win!

Dollar General deals

7. Dollar General Market

Competition to the Walmart Neighborhood Market, the Dollar General Markets are popping up all over the place. And they have a pretty good selection too.

Plus, all the sales going on at the regular stores happen simultaneously at the Market and you have a better chance of a bigger selection. Which is a a great reason to keep these Dollar General couponing tips in your mind while shopping!

Find a Dollar General Market near you.

Dollar General deals

Bonus: Specific Order For Checkout

Like a few other stores, the order in which you present your coupons is an important factor in your total savings. That’s what makes these Dollar General secret savings so special!

For example, the dollars off total transaction coupons are generally limited to the amount of your transaction AFTER other Dollar General savings.

Are you ready to learn these Dollar General saving hacks?

Present your coupons accordingly:

  • Store coupons (may also be a mobile text store coupon on your phone)
  • Dollars Off ($5/$25) coupons
  • Manufacturer’s coupons
  • Enter your phone number in the card scanner after the final tally of your order, and before swiping your debit card or handing over cash so that any other Digital Manufacturer coupons will deduct off.
Like any other store you shop at, you first have to learn the rules. I hope these Dollar General shopping tips helped you learn how to get the best Dollar General deals and Dollar General secret savings for your family!

Saving money at Dollar General can be done with a little strategy and these Dollar General saving hacks!

With these Dollar General shopping tips in hand, we are confident you can maximize your savings and shop successfully for Dollar General deals!


Your Turn: What other Dollar General deals and savings tips would you share with others? Please comment below and share the love!

Dollar General deals
Secret Ways To Save Money At Dollar General