Do you have a graduate in your life? If you do, chances are, you’re probably looking for the perfect gift to show your support for them and how proud you are of their accomplishments!

I’m so excited to share with you these amazing and affordable gift ideas for the graduate in your life!

Read on to hear my top affordable gifts for graduates.

A Heartfelt Card (And Some Money To Go In It)

It’s no secret that graduates love money! So, why not give them some funds to spend and a heartfelt note to show them just what they mean to you?

Cards are a wonderful way to show what’s in your heart and every graduate loves to feel loved. Which is especially true after all the hard work they have been doing for the last several years!

A plus side to card giving? You can not only decide what kind of tone you want to take (funny, sweet, sentimental, etc.), but you can also decide how much money you want to give to them too!

Try and remember that the thought counts more than the amount of cash you can give, so write your heart out on the card of your choice and don’t stress too much about how much money you can actually give to them.

If you want to get a little crafty with it, check out all these creative ways to give money as a gift!


Flowers scream congratulations! And congratulations is exactly what we’re going for, right?

When you take the time to send someone their favorite flowers, they will know that you put a lot of thought and effort into their gift, and that will mean a lot to them.

The great thing about flowers is that they don’t have to be expensive at all! Even if you just go to your local supermarket and pick up a dozen roses, it will show your graduate how much you truly care.

Make sure to check out local florists and stores before looking online though. Those kinds of flower sites tend to mark up their prices for fancy arrangements and delivery charges.

A Practical Gift Card

A gift card is a perfect way to tell a graduate that you love them!

However, if you go the gift card route, make sure you pick something that will be a practical purchase for them.

If you get them a gift card that can be used anywhere, they might be tempted to buy things they don’t really need when they should actually be focusing on what’s important for the future.

Lead them in the right direction by getting a gift card from a grocery store, their favorite food spot, a business style clothing store, or a kitchen gadget store.

By choosing these things, you are giving them the opportunity to better themselves and use your money to their advantage.

You’ll feel good knowing you played a part in the successful future that’s ahead of them!

A New Wallet Or Bag For Work

If they are graduating, that means they are also going into the working world.

If you want your graduate to be equipped with everything they need for their new career, you can’t go wrong with a new wallet or bag for work. Plus, these items really don’t have to be expensive to look good!

Find a fun computer bag or a nice leather wallet to compliment their work attire.

They’ll look good when going on interviews and on their first day, and they will likely thank you for that later on down the road!


Most graduates want to do some traveling! So, why not aid them in their dream by getting them some great new luggage?

Again, if you’re shopping in the right places, these items don’t have to be costly.

Luggage can be used for a fun road trip but also for any business trips they may be going on in the future.

Add a toiletry bag with some toiletries and a packing list! And your gift is complete!

A Gas Card

Interviews, new jobs, and running errands, oh my! With all that driving around, your graduate will love that you gave them a gas card!

Because they are preparing for their future, graduates often drive to several locations (even far away ones) every day.

Help them out with some free miles for those days when one interview turns into ten.

As you can see, there are plenty of exciting and practical gifts you can give to your favorite graduate!  As a bonus, none of these have to break the bank!

When you put a little thought into what your graduate actually wants, you’ll notice the things on this list popping up every time.

Send your graduate my congratulations and tell me how they liked their gift from you!

I’m betting they’ll be ready to give you a big hug for all your thoughtfulness!


YOUR TURN: What unique & affordable gifts have you given to graduates? Let me know in the comments below!

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Affordable Gifts For Graduates