Would you pay $54.75 for a drink on the Starbucks Menu? Of course not! (just in case you didn’t think that was a real thing… it is.

A Texas guy paid a record -setting $54.75 for a single drink ordered directly off his local Starbucks menu.)

Since I’d venture to guess that you want to save money at your favorite coffee house, instead of wasting it, I’ve got several surprise ways for you to save at Starbucks!

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1. FREE Refills (Switch-A-Roo’s Allowed!)

Another reason you definitely want to join their rewards program (did I mention it is FREE to join?) is because, in addition to earning rewards, you get FREE coffee or tea refills on the same visit. AND you can switch it up and change to an iced tea or coffee or back and forth so long as you are on the same visit.

I have spent an hour working at Starbucks before to utilize their wifi and right before I leave, I get a free refill to go!

If you are not a Rewards Member, then refills on the drip coffee and iced tea are only $0.50 (hot tea refills are free!). The “same visit” rule applies here.

Regardless if you are a member or not, you can switch things up and get a refill of coffee, even if you ordered tea (and vice versa).

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2. Use Rewards Towards Highest Priced Item

In addition to receiving a FREE item for your Birthday (and pay attention, that reward expires one day after your birthday), make sure to use your Star Rewards on something of higher value.

Do not let me hear that you used it on a tall coffee (that’s one of the least expensive items on the menu)!

Instead, splurge, and get something expensive like a $4 grilled cheese and enjoy that for FREE!

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3. FREE Flavors!

In the mood for a new flavor? Don’t bust your budget with a “thick syrup” that costs extra such as Mocha or White Mocha.

Instead when you get a drink that is already served sweet, ask to substitute the “classic” syrup with another clear syrup such as raspberry, hazelnut, caramel or the more common vanilla. Those don’t cost anything, unlike the other syrups that cost around 40¢ each flavor.

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4. Always Ask For “Light Ice”

Starbucks is notorious for customizing your drink.

Want an Iced Grande Skinny Caramel Latte? You got it.

No matter what you order, if you get an iced drink, make sure you always asked for “light ice.”

There is no reason to significantly water down your drink or waste all that cup space on frozen water. It can reduce your drink by as much as 50%!

By asking for “light ice” you will get more of your actual beverage versus paying for a watered down drink.

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5. Never Buy Bottled Water

Water is key for a good cup of coffee. And Starbucks triple-filters their water.

So rather than pay close to $4 for a bottle of water, ask for a Venti Ice Water and get it for FREE!

NOTE: I would never ask for this item alone. I only get this when I am ordering other items.

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6. Use a Discounted Gift Card

For this savings idea, I actually have three options you can utilize:

1. Similar to what I suggest with using gas gift cards in order to never pay that inflated “credit price” at the gas station, you should never pay full price at Starbucks when there are so many ways to get discounted gift cards first. Once you get a gift card, you can connect it (or load it) on to your Rewards Card. So… you’re probably wondering where you get them. Cardpool ALWAYS offers a $20 Starbucks Gift Card at a 10% discount (or higher). That means you are paying $18 for a $20 card BUT THEN you can get another $5 Off using my referral link! That means you’ll get a $20 gift card for only $13! That’s a FREE $7 (and essentially 65% Off)

2. You know those Grocery Apps we are always talking about such as Ibotta?! You can convert your rebate balance into a Starbucks Gift Card. That’s free money!

3. Groupon also offers Starbucks Gift Card Deals about every couple of months. And they can save you up to 50% Off! We’ve seen offers to get a $10 gift card for only $5, or get a $15 gift card for $10. Those are huge discounts! Check here to see if there is a current promotion going on, and just in case there isn’t, you’ll want to make sure you get our daily email because we will alert you when one is happening!

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7. Share With A Friend

If you’re meeting up with a friend, you will definitely want to ask to share!

Simply order a Venti sized beverage, then ask for two tall cups.

An Iced Venti beverage is 24 ounces and costs $2.95, while a Tall is 12 ounces and costs $1.95, that means you will save a buck by splitting a large instead of getting two Talls!

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8. Sweet Receipts!

Watch the bottom of your receipt!

About every other month, Starbucks offers a promotion called the “Sweet Receipt”. When you purchase a drink in the morning, you can bring back that receipt after 2 p.m. and purchase any bakery item for only $1.

9. The Puppaccino Bonus!

Note: This is not a “company wide” perk that is owed to the customer.. so I don’t want anyone going to their store and giving them any “sass” if they don’t do it…

If you have your puppy with you either in the Drive-Thru or In-Store, you can ask if they carry a Puppaccino (essentially a Frappaccino for dogs) and they will give you a “short” size cup filled with whip cream. YUM! (and no, you will not earn any stars for it… because it is a FREEbie!)

~Happy Starbucks Menu Saving!


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