FL Hurricane Sales Tax HolidayThe State of Florida issued a Sales Tax Holiday from Today (5/31) through Sunday 6/8, to help residents stock up on Hurricane Preparedness Supplies! Nice!

This works just like the Back To School Sales Tax holiday we see in August. So long as the individual items you are purchasing are less than the threshold limit, you will save from paying sales tax on these items:

  • Reusable Ice (less than $10)
  • Flashlights or Lanterns (less than $20)
  • Candles (less than $20) (go to Bed, Bath & Beyond and get Yankee Candles, may as well have your house smell nice while your out of power)
  • Fuel Tanks or Containers (less than $25)
  • First Aid Kit (less than $30)
  • Batteries (less than $30)
  • Cooler (less than $30)
  • Weather radio with battery power option (less than $50)
  • Tarps or other waterproofing material (less than $50)
  • Tie Down (Bungee Cords, or Rachets) (less than $50)
  • and a Generator (costs less than $750)
  • View the entire list at the FL Dept of Revenue Website

How much will this benefit YOUR budget? If you were to purchase each item on this list (excluding the generator), you will save around $20 in Tax Alone. Add coupons to the mix and you will save even more! Find coupons to use in our Coupon Database!

Are you a camper? Then now would be a good time to stock up on some of those supplies that can be used for your family camping trips!


  1. How it works – The exemption is on individual items, so if you have 5 flashlights and they are each $19.99 (which is under the $20 threshold), your total is around $100 and it is ALL tax free! So, the combined total does not affect anything. Yay!
  2. Exclusions – Tax Free Days do not apply if you are inside a theme park or entertainment complex. So don’t buy that cute flashlight or Disney Backup Generator at Disney or Busch Gardens and think you are going to save money…you will pay tax while inside those parks.
  3. NOT AUTOMATICPrint this page and keep it handy before you check out, separate your items so you can pay separately for them to ensure you don’t get charged sales tax. This was approved by the state of Florida super quickly and didn’t give retailers a chance to program their cash registers properly.