Whether you are attempting to pay off debt, boost your savings, or just add a little pocket money to your budget, we all face a time when we wish there were an easy plan for making some extra money, quick.

So if you’re looking for ideas on how to make 1000 dollars fast, read on!

I’ve found several ways to make some extra cash.

Whether you have an extra hour to spare or an entire day, there is a side hustle on this list for you!

These side hustles can help you figure out how to make 1000 dollars fast!

So let’s get started!

Walk Rufus

When our oldest daughter was a senior in high school, she wanted to make money, but we didn’t have the time to drive her to a “real job”. So she thought about babysitting, but most of our neighbors didn’t need a babysitter. Then we thought about pets. Many of our neighbors have pets, why not ask if she could go play with them or walk them for exercise and save the family time.

She created a job for herself!

Every weekday she walks two dogs (from the same family) for around 20 minutes, takes a photo and texts it to the Mom (for fun), and makes $30 per week.

If she were to get 3 more families in our neighborhood to do the same thing, she would make over $100 each week! For only working 1 hour each day.

I would bet there are tons of people in your neighborhood that work all day and have fur friends that need some love and attention. When my family travels, we pay $10 per day for a family to come play with our kitties.

Make a flyer and pass it around to your neighbors (or see if your neighborhood has it’s own facebook group) to find a family. I’ve also heard good things about the Rover website.  Simply post your profile and your price and make a job for yourself too!

Babysitting or Nanny Services

If you love spending time with kids, then you could make some extra money with babysitting or nanny services!

This side hustle especially booms during the summer months, as parents are looking for someone to watch their kids during the day.

After school hours is another excellent time to offer your services.

Research the cost of day cares in your area to make sure you aren’t overcharging.

Join local Mommy groups for your area and tell your Church that you are available to gain exposure to those in need of your service.

Another way how to make 1000 dollars fast.

Errands And Odd Jobs

TaskRabbit is a great place to look for odd jobs around your community.

This website allows people to pay you for doing small jobs for them.

You might find jobs on here for running errands or even helping someone pack up their house to prepare for a move.

Obviously, these types of jobs require you to leave your house, but for shopping tasks, you could easily bring your kids along!

Uber Eats

Many of my friends use Uber for one reason or another. The smartphone app is SO easy to use and the drivers are prompt and courteous.

Since I always have kids with me, it isn’t feasible for me to have extra riders in my car. But with Uber Eats, you are just picking up food and delivering it!

And with uber eats, you can even get paid in the same day!

Clean Houses

This one may come as a shock, but finding a reasonably priced house cleaner can be extremely hard to come by.

Especially for people on a limited income, hiring a maid service just isn’t an option.

Do some research on maid service rates in your area to find out what they are charging. If you are great at cleaning and charge less than the average price of cleaning services in your area, you’ll have no trouble finding work!

This is a great side hustle for any time of the year, but especially during spring and fall. Most people tend to deep clean their home during these times, so take advantage of the season and make some extra cash! This could turn into residual income too!

Do Small Jobs on Fiverr

Perhaps you could add this to your “How to make 1000 dollars fast” list. If you’ve never heard of Fiverr, this is going to change your life!

Fiverr is a website where people posts small tasks they want to be completed for $5.

This ranges anywhere from writing to making phone calls.

Payments are made via PayPal, and you can take as many jobs as you like.

While this won’t exactly make you rich, this is a great way to find some work without leaving your house. And you can make as much or as little as you want! So if you’re really serious about looking for how to make 1000 dollars fast, consider Fiverr.

Virtual Assistant and Freelance Work

There are millions of people who are working remotely as virtual assistants and freelance workers in their field.

This is a great place to start for a side hustle if you have a lot of time to commit to it.

Virtual Assistant jobs range from scheduling social media, writing articles, to answering phone calls.

If you have a skill or expertise that involves using a computer, there is probably someone out there who needs it!

Search on Facebook for a group to post your services or start by reading my friend Emma’s blog, she’s an ace with making money from VA freelancing job.

Complete Surveys

Answering surveys are one of my favorite side hustles because you can do them no matter how little time you have! In fact, Survey Savvy even tells you how long the survey will take to complete to help you plan to have the time to do it.

You can answer them while you are waiting in line, watching TV on the couch, or even while you’re waiting for dinner to cook!

These sites are free to join, and you can start earning money today. Some sites give you the option to pick between gift cards, but most give you the option for Paypal gift cards which are essentially cash! I recommend signing up for multiple sites so you can get more opportunities.

Here are some highly recommended ones for you to get started:

There are many different side hustles out there to help you earn extra money.

We have only brushed the surface of all the possibilities out there, but these side hustles can quickly help you figure out how to make 1000 dollars fast.


Your Turn: Which method are you going to try to earn extra money? Do you have any you already do? Let me know in the comments below.


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