Are you ready for a boost to your meal planning with these free meal planning apps?

Meal planning can sometimes feel like an art form that you cannot master.

Meal planning apps to the rescue!

Whether you are trying to find meals to fit your diet, lifestyle, or feeding several people, there never seems like enough time in the week to sort out what to make and what ingredients to buy for every day of the year.

Now with technology on the rise, we can turn to some helpful apps to make our meal planning manageable.

Here are some of the top FREE meal planning apps that are available right now to make your life (and dinners) easier.

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Just the start to these meal planning apps, this app seems like the ultimate meal planning program. It turns meal planning into a science.

By selecting your favorite recipes, which all look delicious, the app will determine which meals to recommend according to your preference.

In addition, the app is very user-friendly. You can scroll through the images and select the dishes that you prefer, or you can filter your results based on dietary preference, type of cuisine, taste, prep time, and cooking technique.

It’s noteworthy to mention that the app also has a tab to create your own shopping list.

Head to Yummly to download the app.

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Recipe Calendar

Wow, this app is excellent, especially for busy families. This is one of my favorites of the meal planning apps.

This app automatically asks for how many people you are serving, what type of meals you are searching for and diet preferences.

You can either create your plan or choose one that is already established.

Once you decide which program you would like to follow you can quickly add it to your shopping list, and it will automatically show you precisely what you will need to purchase and the quantity.

Head to Recipe Calendar to check out more details.

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Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

This app is a continuation of allrecipes.com.

You can discover real recipes created by a community of over 30 million home cooks.

When you select a recipe that you like you can then add it to your favorites as well as add it to your grocery list.

This apps best feature is that you can choose specific ingredients from the recipes to go on your grocery list. You don’t have to weed through all the ingredients later or while you’re shopping. That’s one reason why this makes it one of the simple meal planning apps.

Head to Allrecipes Dinner Spinner to find out more.

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Today’s Parent Mealtime

This is another favorite of the meal planning apps of mine. This app is easy to use and is fully capable of taking care of all the details. This is one of the simple meal planning apps.

You can select recipes from the many provided which are labeled with beautiful photos of the dishes.

Once you choose a dish, you can then add it to your recipes, your meal plan for that week, and your grocery list with just a couple clicks of a button.

This app creates your grocery list from the recipes you choose and displays pictures of your meals on a calendar.

Head to Today’s Parent Mealtime App to download the app.

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Cozi Family Organizer

Meal planning apps for families to the rescue!

This app has a spot to create a grocery list, search recommended recipes and keep track of scheduled events.

The great thing about this app is that each family member can log in and check the day’s schedule from multiple devices!

So this has to be one of the best meal planning apps for families!

Each person in the family can be color coded to make it even easier to follow.

Head to Cozi to get organized today.

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If your confident with what you want to serve but need a reminder, or a way to relay that information to the rest of the family, then this app will be your best friend of all the meal planning apps.

The app is strictly a calendar where you can list the meals you will be serving for the day or week.

Even your kids can use these simple meal planning apps.

If your family wonders what is for dinner, they can check out the app instead of you being asked multiple times a day.

It’s one of the top meal planning apps for families!

Head to Famealy to get started.

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Make My Plate

This is a meal plan for those who are looking to lose weight or control how many calories they intake every day.

You can choose from three free programs which are determined by the number of calories you want to consume. Or you can select a plan that is specially designed for a small fee.

The app provides you with a meal plan for every day of the week.

For each meal, you can choose from a list of recommended meals.

There is also an option to replace any of your meals with one from a restaurant. It’s neat because it seamlessly adds it to your weekly meal plan.

Take a look at all the details of the app at Make My Plate.

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Now that you have a list of some of the top meal planning apps, you can start saving some money, time and maybe a few calories.

Check them out and let them help you plan some great meals for this next coming week.


YOUR TURN: Do you like the idea of using meal planning apps? Have you used them before to meal plan? Let me know in the comments below!

Seven FREE Meal Planning Apps To Make Dinner Easier